I Gave my Tesla a Facelift!!! Update to 2013 Model S Front Fascia

I Gave my Tesla a Facelift!!! Update to 2013 Model S Front Fascia

(water swishing) – Jack what’s going on? What are we doing bud? (Jack laughs excitedly) Whoa. That was cool. Vamos. I had to take him through the car wash. All right, well, just
dropped off the kiddo. Today is a special day. I am really excited abut it because I’ve been wanting
this for a long time, but I’m just gonna have
to wait a little bit, so here you go. Time lapse driving to L.A. Go.
(fingers snap) So it’s currently over
two hours of a drive because of some crazy
traffic going to L.A. as you could imagine. I’m gonna sit, stand,
have a little coffee, have a little food, and then we’ll get right
back on our journey. (gentle guitar music) All right, that was quick. Hawthorn, thank you for the coffee. Always excellent. Now let’s go sit in the car and wait. (gentle guitar music) All right guys, so made it here to L.A. Gonna charge up a little bit and then go get the front fascia replaced on my used Model S. I’ll do a cost breakdown
later so you can see, if you have an old Model S like mine and you wanna do that,
exactly what it’ll take. And thanks to my friends
at Unplugged Performance for making this possible. Let’s check it out. Here at Unplugged Performance in L.A. Where we’re going to do
some fun stuff to Electra, that’s my Model S. She already has the new rims, which you can see kind
of right behind me here. These are the 21 inch
Arachnids in the silver. Now she’s getting a nose job. So this is the last time
she’ll look like this. (gentle guitar music) Okay, we’re gonna go. 90 minutes is the goal, we’ll see. Three, two, one, go. (gentle guitar music) All right guys, so we’re
almost wrapped up here. I haven’t checked the time yet, I don’t know if we’re close
to the 90 minutes or not, but I wanna let you know that there’s a link in
the description down below that you can click if you’re interested in
getting this on your car. Now I’m at Unplugged Performance in L.A. with Ben, the owner here, but if you’re anywhere in the world, he said that they can get
this to you and a body shop. – Really easy. You know, we’ve shipped at this point, basically every country that
Tesla has cars on the road. Yeah, we put it in the
box, pack it up safely, mail it anywhere in the world, and it can be installed by any body shop. It doesn’t have to be a
Tesla-authorized shop. The way we have it set
up, it’s basic tools, no specialized knowledge
really needed about a Tesla, and our instructions are really thorough. – All right, so there you have it. So check the link in the
description down below if you are interested in
doing this to your car. And if you do, send me a picture,
’cause I’d love to see it. – Yeah, me too. – All right, and thanks Ben. This is a, man I can’t wait
to see the final product here. – Looking forward to it.
– All right. Pfft. (gentle guitar music) – The car now looks
similar to a newer car. And although they share the same platform, there’s a lot going on behind the bumper that makes the new car
and the old car different. Quite an engineering challenge to make this newish kind of Tesla style fit on a earlier generation car, ’cause nothing matches up. – I think it looks fantastic, man. I think, yeah, it’s perfect. And I know when I first ever
saw the new front fascia, I was in love with it, and I didn’t know if I could ever get it without buying a new car. And you know, here you go. And I plan on keeping
this car for a long time, so I think this stuff is worth it. – That’s the most fun thing for me is, you know, people
that have older Teslas, they shouldn’t feel like they
need to trade up necessarily. The new cars are great, but the bones of your
car are still phenomenal and I’m glad you can get
some more mileage out of it and enjoy it. – All right guys, so there you have it. The new front fascia on my Tesla. It’s pretty sick. I’ve never been one to really
do modifications on cars or anything like that, but Ben and the guys here
at Unplugged Performance totally hooked it up and I’m
really thankful for that. I am gonna do a cost breakdown, so if you guys are interested in this, I’ll share with you what that cost. But again, as Ben said, they can ship these anywhere in the world, and pretty much any body
shop can put it on they have. And I love it because it
helps keep it fresh, you know? It’s things, that these things
will get better over time. So hope you guys like it. All right guys, so I hope you
think the color looks good after the new front fascia and
the upgraded Arachnid wheels. The front fascia, I
just got the details on from Unplugged Performance. The retail is 29 95, so
just under $3,000 U.S.D. It’s free shipping in the
continental United States, and the paint and install are
where the things vary a bit because if you live here
in Southern California, you can bring your car to
them, they’re in Los Angeles, and it’s about $1,400 to paint, to match the exact paint
that you have on your car, and install it. And it only takes, as you
saw, just over 90 minutes. So a pretty good deal, in and out. Then, if you don’t live here, and you can’t bring your car to them, it’s still good though,
you can have them ship it. You can order it from them and pretty much any body
shop, paint and body shop, can bring it on, and so the paint and body work will depend on where you live, but they do send detailed instructions. So if you live in another state, another country, whatever. Check the link in the
description down below to see exactly the products
that I used on my upgrade here and tell me what you
think in the comments. If you’re into this kind
of thing and you’re new, consider subscribing. What we do typically, is we break down the data behind Tesla, but every now and then
we do some fun stuff. So I hope you guys liked it and I’ll see you back
here in the next one. (gentle guitar music)

99 thoughts on “I Gave my Tesla a Facelift!!! Update to 2013 Model S Front Fascia

  1. Unfortunately I find the old "nose" better looking. Newer doesn't necessary mean better (or in this case more beautiful). But this one still looks way better then the fugly nose of a model 3.

  2. Personally I like the old look better. People will probably say it's just because I'm used to seeing car grills, but I think the shape has a lot to do with it. With the crease down the center of the new one it almost looks like a giant pair of lips. Old one looks classier to me. New one looks too plain.

  3. Thanks for the video and the walk around shots. Looks great head on, but I really wish the profile view where the old hood/emblem/new bumper meet didnt look like serious under bite. $4500 vs cost of new car is pretty good.

  4. I just watched this bc it’s a face lift. But then u said ur not a car guy. OHHH SO UR ONE OF THOSE TESLA GUYS. US “GAS GUZZLERS” SHOULD DIE? SEE U ON THE TRACK MR ALL ELECTRIC.

  5. Hi, just wondering if buying a used Model s @ around 55 grand and doing this is actually cheaper than just buying new base Model s?

  6. hey, i just met your wife yesterday at the san juan supercharger, and chatted for a bit. i noticed you dont have autopilot on the model s. i'm in the same boat, but upgrading to OPENPILOT by comma A.I. for under $1000, have you heard of them?? you can add "openpilot" to almost any new car and have the car drive itself.

  7. Wait what? 1400 usd for painting just one part? you must be crazy. Its 3000 – 3600 + 1400 + work, thats atleast 5000 usd for new front. LOL

  8. Looks nice, but I'm not going buy it because I'll still have to order a paint and so on. Too much job after you already paid money. No offense​ it's a nice product, but I would prefer to buy and install, instead of buy, buy a paint, find a mechanic who'll do that, pay for the labor… nah.

  9. awesome looking bumper looks like newer models not older ones , how  much total did it cost you labor and parts

  10. People have to remember there isn't a real large consumer base for this so of course they need to charge a bit more. It's a lot of BS to have those made. If it was really that easy, why isn't anyone in the comments having it made and sold? All this 9000% markup talk yet everyone just complains in the comments and doesn't cash in?

  11. Hi, how is it going. I am thinking of the same modification. May I know if the new front face works well? Do you find any issue on it?

  12. Unplugged is offering Teslanomics subscribers a discount on the new front fascia in celebration of delivering 500 of them. Use code "sullinsearlyaccess" at the link below to get $500 off retail, and enjoy!


  13. Saw the video, thought that is a great idea! Watched the video and clicked the link…..hahahahahahahahaha I almost subscribed to this channel, but this video proves this guy is in just for the take. But wait…..there's free shipping! Oh, well that makes it a good deal. Come on Ben, videos like this only point at your credibility. You basically got free or reduced product to endorse.

  14. Do you have auto pilot? If not, how does that integration look and work with the sensors / radar? It would have been good to show your after market front end compared to Tesla's new front.

  15. I just made an appt to put their new Model 3 front fascia on my Performance model 3 and getting it lowered a little bit.

  16. I have a Tesla model S p85, does anyone know where I can get a cheaper front bumper? I’d rather not drop 3 racks on a bumper when I redid most of my M6 body for 4 racks.

  17. a 2015 tesla goes for about 45k and a 2017 goes for about 55k. why not just buy the 2017 instead of buying the 2015 and spending 4500 on a new bumper and 600 on the center console.

  18. Everyone talking about price in this video doesn't realize that this is basically a brand deal. He probably got this done cheaper or completely free..

  19. A mean, if you're really that concerned about it looking like a 2016 model and up, and you have the cash, then yeah. I'm still queasy on the price

  20. Thanks for sharing the cost to upgrade the fascia. At $4500, it's a bit pricey. But, alot cheaper compared to trading it in. It does look good and happy to know old model S' can upgrade it's appearance to look newer.

  21. You know what funny? People want to change it
    But 30 years or 20 years after
    If you want to have this old version it can be expensive
    And some people who still have it will be proud to say I have this version

    Imagine if someone still have the first personal computer today he is proud

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