I Got A $60,000 Manicure

I Got A $60,000 Manicure

– Okay, y’all. Y’all know BuzzFeed likes
to try expensive shit. (cash register rings) We somehow landed the opportunity to get a complimentary $50,000
manicure experience at this nail salon in Irvine. So they’re gonna be shutting
down the entire salon just for me, but I’ll
probably be a little lonely. (record scratches) Hey!
– Hey! – Are you busy? – [Curly] Not really, why? – Get in, loser. We’re going shopping! (Curly gasps) – [Freddie] You’ll never guess. – (laughs) Where are we going? – So, we’re going to Irvine, California, and I’m getting a $50,000 manicure. – Why is it $50,000? – So I think a jeweler comes in and you choose what gems,
jewels or diamonds you want, and whatever you choose, that’s
how much the manicure is. – Can you actually tell the difference between a diamond and a not-diamond? – Absolutely not. – Me either. What kind of life do I have to have? Who do I have to marry
where I wake up one day, and I’m like, “Yup, let’s do this.” – Let’s do it! Thanks for coming with me. – Yeah, I’m excited.
– It’s so fun. – I’m also a little gassy. – Aren’t we all? (upbeat synth music) – My name’s Tony Nguyen and I’m the general manager of
Images Luxury Nail Lounge. Today, Freddie will be getting the Glitz and Glamicure Package. The package includes us
closing down the salon. The client comes in. – [Curly] Where are we? – [Freddie] Wait, I
see snacks in the back. – [Curly What kind of
establishment is this? – We treat the client
to a mani-pedi, facials, botox, fillers, whatever
services they need. Basically, a full makeover. – [Curly] Double the trip. – [Freddie] Oh my God, what is this day? – [Curly] It’s gonna be a lot of fun. – I’m sure Freddie will actually remember this experience for the rest of her life. First, Freddie will actually get a consultation with a jeweler. The package ranges from $10,000 and up. The reason why it’s up, because
depending on the diamond that they choose and how many diamonds they select to put on their hands. So, the sky is the limit
when it comes to the pricing. – These are the diamonds
that we’re presenting today. – Oh my God.
– Okay? – Whoa. – How do you tell the difference between a real diamond and a fake one? – With a real diamond, it’s the strongest, hardest stone, so you can’t cut it. Fake diamond, obviously,
it’s very fragile. You can break it. – So how much is each
one of these diamonds? – [Annie] Well, these right
here are around $150 apiece. – [Curly] Each little? – [Annie] Yes. – [Freddie] It’s so tiny. – I feel like I could sneeze
or just breathe a little heavy. (women laughing) – And it would just go. – [Annie] This one right
here is $550 per diamond. You can choose how many
you want on each nail. This one right here in
particular is $25,000. (record screeching)
Hold onto it. – Wow, I run, (laughs) run out. – Just run out. – It’s just me and you, baby! We go to Mexico. – These numbers aren’t even
registering in my mind. I wanna do the $25,000 diamond. – Alright, great, awesome. – Who is she? What is she doing right here?
(Freddie laughs) – One on each hand.
– Yep. – That’s someone’s salary, Freddie. – That’s $50,000. – That’s someone’s salary.
– You can afford it. (all laughing) – I’m gonna have this set
and get it ready for you. – I’m ready. – Awesome.
– Thank you so much. – Thank you!
– You’re welcome. – [Tony] Our salon actually
carry a wide range of polishes from Yves Saint Laurent all the way to Chanel along with Christian Louboutin. – [Curly] Ooh! – [Freddie] Are these rose petals? – [Curly] Look at these beautiful chairs. – What is going on? Ooh, Curly, look at them toes! – Oh, this is my nice foot. (Freddie laughs) Don’t look at my ugly foot. – Everything is so nice. – [Curly] Everything’s so
thought out, every little detail. – You’re like an amazing boyfriend. Can I get my water a little hotter? – First, she wants a $25,000 diamond. Now, she wants her water hotter. I don’t even know Freddie anymore. (both laughing) – During the service of the mani-pedi, she would actually get some
real 24-carat gold on her toes, so she could walk around diamonds on her hands, gold on her feet. – I feel like gold on your nails is definitely like a thing, right? People see your nails. It’s some next-level shit to
be getting gold on your feet. – Do you guys get some ugly
feet coming in here sometimes? Are you like– ♫ Ugly feet, ugly feet ♫ That lady has some ugly feet (both laughing) I think what is really cool too is the attention to detail,
and I think that that’s where maybe a lot of the money goes to. She is in there with tiny
little tweezers putting tiny little leaflets of gold
on that tiny little toenail. – [Freddie] I love this. – [Curly] I know, it’s so beautiful. – My toes are just
dancing in the wind, woo! (mellow orchestral music) – She’s changed. (Freddie laughs) She changed. (laughs) – [Freddie] Oh my gosh. (mellow orchestral music) Now, she’s going in for the massage with what looks like aioli, but it’s not. – You know like in movies where they show the person outside in
the rain and the cold and they’re just watching people
eat inside of a restaurant? That’s me looking at you and your feet. (both laughing) – I have my gold-leafed toes done. I have my acrylics on. It’s so crazy. Even though these aren’t that long, I still feel like a
totally different person. Now, I’m gonna go over there
to get my diamond installed. Curly, what’s up? – I’m just living my best
life right over here. Got like a little, little itch right here. Oh, yeah, that feels nice. (Freddie laughs) All right, back a bit. Oh, there you go. (mellow orchestral music) – [Woman] Are you ready? – I’m ready, let’s do this. – Okay, let’s do this, okay? – [Freddie] I feel like my
actual skin is getting pierced. It doesn’t hurt at all, but
that’s what it feels like. (machine whirring) – [Woman] Ooh, here we go. – Hey-yo. – Ooh, it’s getting hot on my skin. – Queen Freddie’s
complaining about a little bit of heat on her fingertips. (woman laughs) – Wow. – I don’t know if I’m ready. It’s huge! – [Curly] Wow. – It’s so big. – It looks like you are a lady of leisure, like you cannot be bothered
with simple tasks of the day. – (laughs) I think they
pretty much try and avoid at all costs this diamond falling out, because then the feds will
have to come after someone, and then it’s a whole ordeal,
and then it’s a thing. (cash register rings) – [Curly] Ka-ching, ka-ching,
ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching. – Look at these things! I’m carrying around $54,400 just on my hands alone,
plus my $40 ASOS shirt. You know what? I don’t even need to get engaged. – Yeah.
– You know? Like, this is all I need in this life. – I like that better. – I don’t want to leave the salon. Like, will I get tackled outside? There’s more to come. – But it’s ain’t over. – [Freddie] It ain’t over until it’s over. – Yeah.
(Freddie laughs) – Part of the package, we actually sprinkle 24-carat edible
gold onto the dessert, the pastries for her to enjoy. – [Both] Snack break! (lively electronic music) – [Freddie] It tastes, um– – Like nothing. – It tastes like foil. (lively electronic music) – [Freddie] Mm! – Mm.
– Mm! You have gold in your teeth. – Thanks. You go get a facial. I’ll take care of this stuff. – [Freddie] Okay. (ethereal orchestral music) So now, I’m here for this
facial, raw af, happy Freddie. This oil smells amazing. Oh, wow. Ooh, and she’s massaging my nostrils. Oh, yeah. Mm, what’s this stuff? You have the touch of an angel. Oh my goodness, wow. I’m just so happy! (laughs) Come in, huh? – Your phone’s ringing. It’s Dot. – Dot! – Okay, first of all, you’ll
never believe where I am. I’m at this luxury salon. – I just got a $50,000 manicure. I’m getting a facial. – (laughs) You should come! I need your emotional support. Okay, see you soon! – Yep.
– Thanks, Curls. – Bye, Fred. – Oh, snap. – Don’t talk, don’t talk, don’t talk. (upbeat synth music) – Welcome.
– Oh, okay. Freddie? Can I go see?
– Yeah, if you want. – Freddie! Oh my God, where are we? – Cheers! – Cheers! Let me see your nails, Freddie! – Isn’t it wild? – This is madness. Is this your life? – No. (upbeat synth music) – Oh, hi.
– Hi, how are you? – Hi, Jackie, this is my friend, Dot. – Hi.
– Hi. – How do you want your makeup today? – I just want a glam look,
maybe like a fun lip. Let’s do it. – I’m gonna go and see if they got more of this weird soda, you
know what I’m saying? – Cheers again. (laughs)
– You get her, bye. (peaceful orchestral music) How did Freddie even find this place? – I have no idea. I’m just happy I ran into her. – I’m so glad I called her. You know, sometimes you
don’t wanna call somebody? Today, the Lord was talking to me. (peaceful orchestral music) Ooh, look at these nail polishes. Ooh, are you saving me any? – No, where’s your purse? – Should we take some? – (laughs) Yeah, put them in my hair. – Yeah, got it, got it. You’re good, you’re good, you’re good. All right, act like no one’s looking. (both laughing) (upbeat orchestral music) – So I came in, I got
greeted with champagne, I got gold leaves on my toes,
got diamonds on my fingers, then I ate gold, then I got a facial, and then I got my makeup done. Then, Curly brought me a flower that he found in someone’s garden. And now, I’m about to go get dressed and reveal my final
$50,000-plus look to my friends! (dramatic big band music) – I’m ready to see Freddie. – Me too.
– Well, she’s buzzed, so. (Dot laughs) She can come out here wearing a rice bag and she’ll love it. (laughs) – Freddie, come out! – Come on, Freddie! – [Both] Whoa! – [Dot] Aww, look at her! – [Curly] You look super cute. (Freddie laughs) – [Dot] Wow! – [Curly] Looks so good. – [Freddie] Thank you. – How much was everything in total? – Everything in total was
about $60,000, which– – Is like a luxury vehicle. – A luxury vehicle, exactly. I feel fancy. I feel super grateful just
to have experienced this. I got to step in someone else’s shoes, people who actually do this. I’m even more stoked that I could share it with some beautiful friends like you guys. – [Curly] Yay! – All right, so what are we
doing tonight, Taco Bell? – I’m in.
– Yeah! – Let’s go, guys.
– Let’s go. Also, I have a bunch of nail
polish stored in my hair. ♫ Hello, Taco Bell – [Curly] That’s right. We’re going to the Taco Bell. – [Freddie] Can I get a number three? – [Taco Bell Employee] You
want combo number three? – [Freddie] Yeah, long day getting my body rubbed, face rubbed. Now, I have my tacos. – [Curly] Poor, poor Queen Freddie. (Freddie and Curly laughing)

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