I Just Used Modsy to Design My Office – Here’s How It Went

I Just Used Modsy to Design My Office – Here’s How It Went

– Hey guys what’s going on, this is Seth from the RE tipster blog. Hey, wanted to show you
something I’ve been working on lately, for those of you
who don’t know, I just bought a house a couple of months
ago and this new house is pretty great but the
one thing that I lost when we moved here was
I lost my office space. At my old house I had
this really nice office that I sound proofed and I decked out and I made it just the way I wanted it and I lost that. So for the past month or
so I’ve been working here in this basement hallway
and it’s been okay, but it’s definitely not
a long term solution. So something that I’ve really needed to do is create a new office space here. And luckily we have this
storage room in this house in the basement that’s pretty small, it’s about 11 feet by 11 feet. So not a huge space but it’s big enough that I can finish this out and convert it into a little office. But the problem that I’m having
as I put this all together. I’m kind of an idiot when
it comes to interior design. – Huh, cool. – I just have very, very little vision. I don’t really understand what looks good. When I see something I like
I can say, yes I like that, that looks good but I kinda need somebody to like lead me to the water. I can’t really do it by myself. My wife recently told
me about a website she had heard about called Modsy. Modsy is a site where for
a pretty reasonable fee you can take pictures and find
the dimensions of any room in your house and send it to them and they will put together
some really nice options that you can use to decorate your room with like furniture, with
artwork, how to lay it out. And they have this really cool
software where they create this 360 degree 3D rendering of the room. So you can like see legitimately
what it’s gonna look like. If you do what they suggest. And they put together these ideas based on the budget that you tell them. Based on the styles that you like and even if you don’t
like what they give you it’s really easy to get in there and change up the room yourself. You can change up the
placement of where things are. You can even take out
pieces of furniture or art and replace them with something else. It’s kinda amazing so what
I wanted to do in this video was just let you know about
them because I thought they did a pretty good job for me. And I’ll just show you
how their website works but before we do that
I’m gonna quick show you the room that I’ve got so
you can sorta understand where it’s at now and what
direction it’s going in. I’ll show you what I’ve got. Okay, so as you can see this is the room. We just got this thing
framed out like yesterday so it’s not a lot to look at right now. It’s just a bunch of wooden
studs and empty walls. But I’ll show you the pictures that I took of this originally that I sent to them. And what they were able to do with it. And I think you’ll be kind of
amazed, as I was, pretty cool. Let’s go check it out. Okay, so this is what the
Modsy home page looks like. I do have an affiliate
link to the Modsy website if you wanna help support the RE tipster blog you’re obviously more than welcome to do that. Or if you’d rather not,
that’s cool too, no problem. I’ll include that link beneath this video in case you wanna use that. But all you’ve gotta do
if you wanna get started is go ahead and click on get started. Pretty self explanatory. And first thing you wanna do is select the room that you’re trying to design. So in my case I was doing an office so I’m gonna click on that, click next and then you just click the thing that best describes what
you’re trying to do. And for me probably the
closest description was other because I didn’t even have,
like, drywall in my space yet. So I just explained that right here. Alrighty, click next. And then at this next
screen you can select the thing that best
describes where you’re at. For me, obviously, I was
starting from scratch but say if you’re like halfway there and you just need a little bit more help or if you’re most of the way there and you just need some ideas
for some extra accent pieces or something like that,
you can do that too. But again, I was starting from scratch so we’ll click on that one and click next. And for me the budget that
I set was 2500 dollars. I was already spending
a fair amount of money to get this room like framed
and dry walled and all that stuff so I didn’t wanna
like go terribly crazy. But obviously, whatever your
budget is, just select that. And then the Modsy designers
essentially just keep that number in mind when
they’re selecting things to put in your room so that
they don’t go terribly crazy or over your budget. Because believe me there
are things out there that can be very, very, very expensive. I mean, a couch could
be anywhere from like, a few hundred dollars to like, thousands, and thousands, and thousands of dollars. So whatever your budget
is, just put it there and they will keep that in mind. Then in this next section
you can select what type of style you’re sort of drawn to. Me personally, I’m kind of
like the rustic and warm type. But you can do whatever you want. Or if you’re not even
sure, you can say that too. And then at this point you
can create your account and if you wanna move forward there’s a couple different pricing packages. I believe they’re $69 or $199 depending on the depth of service
you want from them. And then once you place
your order I believe it takes about seven to 10 business days for them to put everything together and send you the designs. Now I’m gonna switch over
to a new browser window to show you what mine designs looked like. But before we do that I want to show you what I started with. And these were the pictures
that I originally submitted to them when I placed my order. And as you can see this room
was in pretty rough shape. The previous owners were
using this as a storage room. You can kinda see those
big wooden shelves. It was actually like, really
good for a storage room but I had a need for an
office so we just went ahead and ripped those storage
shelves cause got a lot of other storage space
in the house already. As you just saw a couple
minutes ago we got it framed out and there’s still some electric work and drywall work needed
before we can even get to the point of decorating this place. But my point is this was the
information that we provided to them along with the
dimensions of the room. Which was 11 feet by 11 feet. And to be fair I don’t think this is what they typically deal with. I think most of the time
when they get pictures from people it’s like
at least a finished room of some sort, but just so
you know if you do have a space like mine that’s okay too. There just might be some more back and forth questions needed before they can actually do their work. But anyway, if we go
now to my Modsy account this is what my designs looked like. They actually put together
two different versions for me as you can see this one
they call office design one and it shows me four different angles of what this would look like. And I actually told them
in my initial summary of the room that I was gonna have like a wooden wall along one of
the four walls in the room so that’s why they included that for me. Now as you can see these pictures look
like, really realistic. It’s almost like somebody
was in an actual room and designed it and took these pictures and sent it to me. But these are all computer generated. This is not real stuff. This was just something
that they designed. And it looks like there’s actually more than four pictures, I’m sorry. There’s also this view from the top. They were even detailed enough
to include this little pipe that was going up. That’s actually going to
be behind the dry wall which I don’t think they understood when I originally sent this to em. But they really did a
good job of including all the details that were relevant
to this particular room. We can also go to design number two. So this is like just
totally different concept with different furniture
pieces and artwork. One of the things that is worth mentioning if you do have existing furniture pieces that are either already in your room or you know are going to go in
your room, you can tell them that and then they will include
either those exact pieces or something very, very similar. Just to make sure they’re
accounting for that. I my case I told them
about my desk and my chair that I already had, which
you can see right here. And they just went ahead
and put that in there. So everything is kinda designed around those existing pieces. So that was kinda cool too. Anyway, kinda go around and
see different views of this and as I was seeing
these pictures initially there were certain
things about both designs that I did and didn’t like. Like for example, I
wasn’t really a huge fan of this rug here. So I was fairly confident I
was gonna do away with that. I thought this mirror was kinda cool. The stand up plant was kinda cool. This chair and ottoman
ball thing was pretty cool probably wasn’t gonna include this mirror. I thought this wicker
bench looked pretty nice but I probably wouldn’t
ever actually sit on that. So I sorta wanted to change
that up a little bit too. And then in this first
design here I was definitely a bigger fan of this rug
as opposed to the other one so if I had to chose between the two I’d probably pick this one. I also liked this hanging
potted plant in this picture. So anyway, you kinda get the idea. Now another cool thing you can do here is you can see a 360 view of
either one of your designs. So you can go ahead and click on this one. So you can basically take the
screen and rotate it around and get a really good idea
of what it’s gonna feel like when you’re actually standing in that room and looking around the space. It’s not quite the same
high resolution image but it’s good enough to
understand what you’re looking at. Now if we go back and look
at this other design we can take a 360 look at that as well. Let’s see what that one looks like and then move this one around
and get a feel for that too. So that’s just a pretty neat thing you can do to really get acquainted
with the design concepts and whether or not you like what they are and what the placement of each item is. Now, let’s say you’re looking
into these different things and you’re like, okay, I like this lamp or I like this chair or this shelf and I’m pretty sure I want to buy that and have it in my room. Well, the good news is they
have an entire product list of everything that they
included in your design. So for example let’s say
I like this book case. Well if I scroll down here I can like, see that exact bookcase if I wanna go buy that I just have to click on it. I can see the price, I
can add it to my cart and buy it directly through the website. And the same goes for literally
every single thing you see in this room. If they included it in
your design, you can buy it through their website. And I’m not entirely sure
how this website makes money other than they like
design consultation fee but my hunch is they probably make money when you buy the products
through the website as well. So I guess that leads to the question, like, am I paying more by buying it through Modsy? Could I just go directly to
overstock and buy it from them? Kinda like circumvent
them and save some money. And I’ll tell ya, I actually
did that for every single item in this product list I
would literally open it up and then open up a new tab
and look on the CB2 website for Ace Natural Basket to
see how much costs directly from their website. And I’ll tell you with every single thing that I looked for, the price matched. So I definitely was not
paying more by buying it directly through Modsy. So if you had that idea I’m
sorry to disappoint you. You’re not gonna save money by buying it else where most likely. The website actually is
making it easier for you if you just wanna buy it
directly through them. It’ll save you a lot of wasted
time searching other places that you don’t really need to look. Now something else that’s really cool that you can do here is
let’s say for example this little wicker bench thing. Let’s say I don’t really like that. Like I’m not sure I wanna
actually buy this for my room. You can go into the room
and edit any single item in the design and switch
it out with something else if you want to. They got this thing called
the Modsy 3D Style Editor and it’s just a fancy name for something that allows you to select
any item in the room and delete it and switch
it out for something else if you wanna do that. So let’s go ahead and
select that bench here. Hopefully you can see it right here. Let’s do this swap feature. So as you can see right
off the bat it gives us a lot of different options
for just like a bench but say if I wanted to get a sofa instead or a chair or something like that. Well first of all you
can go in here and type in whatever it is you’re searching for. You also have the option of
choosing some different filters. Say if there’s like a specific price range that you’re willing to
shop in you can do that. And if there’s certain brands that you’re particularly interested in you can do that as well. They’ve got tons of different
brands to choose from but I’m not gonna do any
of that, I’m just going to search for a sofa
and see what comes up. And it looks like we’re getting some of the same options here. If we keep going we get some
different things to choose from in some higher price ranges. Let’s say I wanna go with something like this thing right here. Now in my case I know
that I don’t have a ton of space to work with, like
probably 72 inches long is the max. And this tells me right
here what the dimensions are and that’s well within
the 72 inch benchmark. No pun intended. So I’ll go ahead and pick this one and replace what I’ve got. And we can see there it is. And we can move it around a little bit if we want to change
where it’s placed exactly. So I’ll just make sure
it’s sitting right there in the right spot. And this pillow right here
I’m just gonna go ahead and get rid of that. And I can move this probably
a bit more if I want to. Now something I can do
once I’ve got that there is take a look at some
different angles of the room. So I can get a better view of
what that’s gonna look like when it’s in place, and there it is. And if I want to render the room to get a better look at the final
higher resolution image of how it’s gonna look. There’s a couple different options. If I wanna see it like pretty quickly within like 30 seconds, they can do a lower quality version of that. Or if I wanna see like
these final copy versions that we just took a look
at a little bit earlier, I can do a high quality version and that will take about
90 minutes for them to do. So I’ll just quick do
the 30 second version and I’m going to choose
this view right here. Click on that. Alright, so there we have it. That’s sorta what it’s gonna look like. Looks like I didn’t quite
get that centered underneath that mirror but you get the idea. If I liked how this looked I can continue to the final step and get higher
quality renderings of this. I’m not gonna do that
though, I just wanted to show you how you can
very easily get in there and swap out certain furniture
pieces for something else. If you don’t like what they gave you. But personally, coming
from the perspective of someone like myself
who is very, very bad at coming up with ideas
on my own, I just thought this service was immensely helpful. If I didn’t have somebody to
really, like, hold my hand and just spoon feed me different options that I could use, like, I
never would have been able to come up with something that
looked this good on my own. So I really appreciated Modsy. And if this is something
you think might be useful to you whether you’re
trying to stage a house or fully furnish a short term rental unit for something like Airbnb. Or if you’re just trying
to spruce up the house that you live in. If you wanna give your
home a quick make over and make it look a lot better than it currently does, give Modsy a shot. Chances are you’ll come
up with some new ideas that you never would have had without them and again if you wanna check ’em out and you wanna support the RE tipster blog there’s an affiliate
link beneath this video and obviously your support
is always appreciated. So thanks again for watching this. I hope you found helpful and informative and I’ll talk to you
again in the next video.

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