I Made Over A Stranger’s Bedroom Based On Their Instagram

I Made Over A Stranger’s Bedroom Based On Their Instagram

– I’m Ashley, and I
think all the cool stuff you see online doesn’t
have to stay online. I’m gonna bring a stranger’s
digital style to life by giving their space a makeover based only on their Instagram account. Let’s do it. (lighthearted music) Hey, guys, it’s Ashley. And I have another makeover video for you. But this time things are gonna be a little weirder than usual. I emailed my office and I said, “Does anybody want a bedroom makeover? “If you do, send me a
link to your Instagram.” And I got a lot of really cool profiles, but there was on in
particular that stuck out, and that was Christina Lan’s profile. She sent me her Instagram, along with a couple
pictures of her bedroom. I was so struck by how
cool her Instagram was. And I was equally surprised when she sent me pictures of her bedroom that was kind of plain in comparison to this digital aesthetic
that she had going on. Let’s try and make her real life bedroom match her online persona. And give her just a really cool space where she can feel creative and energized and it can feel like home. Here’s how everything’s gonna go down. First, I’ll stalk Christina online. I’m gonna use every creepy skill that I have to find out who
she is and what she likes. Then comes the makeover. Christina is gonna leave me
the key to her apartment, and I’ll have one day
to makeover her space in a way that perfectly
fits her personality. Finally, the big reveal. We’re gonna show Christina the new space, and see if I was able to translate her digital style into
a real life dream space. Okay, I have so much research to do. And things are gonna get pretty creepy, so let’s get started. We are gonna stalk Christina so hard. Let’s be real, we all know how to do it. Don’t pretend like you
haven’t done it before, and ended up on your high school crush’s aunt’s Facebook page. You know what I’m saying? We all know how to get the information. I’m just gonna use it
constructively (chuckles). First, let’s go through all her pictures and see what her posting style is like. Her profile compared to mine is like an art gallery
versus your mom’s scrap book. You know what I’m saying? There’s a really obvious color theme here. Purples, peaches. (gasps) Okay, this is cool. Her hair right now is
also orange and pink. I think that is a very
apparent color scheme that we should go with here. In the description, she calls herself, “The astrologist you didn’t ask for.” Which is funny and tells me
that she’s into astrology. So, that’s something that I
can definitely incorporate. She has a link in her
profile that goes to– Oh, wow, she makes music. Okay, so she’s obviously artistic. I think she likes plants, maybe? First picture she ever posted is her palm holding some moss. A lot of landscapes. I think she really
appreciates the outdoors. So, I’m gonna try and
bring the outdoors inside. Let’s see who she’s following. Oh, I think I need to take
out my phone for this. That’s the other thing. Sometimes you can get better information from the Instagram app than you can on the Instagram website. Actually, I know a lot of the
people that she’s following. It seems to be mostly unverified accounts, which I’m gonna assume are her friends. The only three celebrities
I see that she’s following are Solange, Rihanna, and Lorde. That is a really interesting
trifecta of style icons. I think there’s definitely
some sort of common thread. Like, a high fashion, quirky style. Am I wrong? I think that’s like kind of true. Maybe, I don’t know. I could also just be
embarrassing myself right now. Some major takeaways from
stalking are in terms of color, she seems to like orange and pink with a couple of lavender
and blue accents thrown in. She seems to be interested
in nature, she’s a musician, she’s a very creative
and expressive person, which is awesome and something I definitely wanna
incorporate into her room. She doesn’t follow many
celebrity accounts. But I will say, the few celebrities that she does follow have a common theme. So, I do think that is something that can influence how
I design her bedroom. Now that we’ve stalked Christina, it’s time for the really fun
part, and that is shopping. (fun music) All right, we’re about to go into the room for the first time. What are you predictions? – I’m kind of scared. – Me too, let’s do it. (lighthearted music) We’re gonna start the makeover. The first thing I’m gonna do is clear out all of the accessories, all the trinkets, and as much stuff as I
can get out of this room, I’m gonna take out. And then, bring the old
stuff in with the new stuff. And find a perfect cohesive
placement for everything. (lighthearted music) One of the really big takeaways that Kenah and I discovered while we were clearing out Christina’s room, is that this girl knows how
to take care of herself. She has a lot of crystals,
she has a lot of plants, she has a lot of– I don’t wanna say self-help books. But how would you describe that? – [Kenah] Self-care. – Self-care, right. I’m really hoping that this new bedroom becomes a space where
Christina can recharge, she feels totally, authentically herself, and that it’s sort of just an extension of who she is already. Which is a funny thing to do because I don’t actually
know Christina yet. Let’s go do it. (gentle music) I just got a notification saying that Christina tagged me
in her Instagram story. Nervous, let’s see what she said. Wow, remember the room looked like that only a few minutes ago. This is a good reminder
of how far we’ve come. We were definitely right
about her loving crystals because she has one with her at this coffee shop right now. She said, “Wondering what
kinds of unmentionables “ashleymcgetrick is digging up.” (laughs) She must’ve heard us. Her ears must be ringing. ‘Cause we’ve been talking
about how cool she is all day. But she also must know that I went through her closet, oops. (lighthearted music) I totally forgot that I ordered– (laughs) Cut. I totally forgot that I ordered a rug. I got it from Urban Outfitters Home. But I have a little
bit of decision to make because one side is green
and one side is purple. This is a perfect time to send
Christina an Instagram poll and ask her which side
she wants facing up. (energetic music) I got these cute little
suction cup planters. But I forgot to buy succulents. Kenah informed me, I did not know this, that you charge your
crystals by the moonlight? – Yeah, and especially a full moon. – This is all new to me. Is this not like the cutest little crystal charging station? (Kenah gasps) These look so cool! (energetic music) We only have like 10 minutes. Christina’s gonna be here
and I am not at all ready. I am just second guessing everything. I’m nervous that she’s not gonna like it. I’m nervous that she’s not gonna like me. I just have to stay positive. (energetic music) Are we ready for this reveal? – Yes!
(upbeat music) – Let’s do it. Here is your new bedroom. – Oh, snap. What?
(lighthearted music) Okay, I’m already in love
with the color scheme. It’s like you did a swatch
palette of all my photos. And then you just spread
it out on my room. Yo, I am so excited you got a rug. ‘Cause I’ve never had a
rug in my entire life. Oh, this mirror! It’s beautiful. This is probably my
favorite part of the room. What you’ve done to this tiny shelf. This beautiful incense holder, ah! (lighthearted music) – So, TFEs, thoughts, feelings, emotions? – It looks like a magazine. Like, I just stepped into a home magazine. I don’t usually put myself in spaces with a lot of color. And this is inviting
positive change into my life, which is what I need. The thought process behind my board is definitely not how I
go about my usual life. Now I feel like all of this
is so cohesive and beautiful. I mean, you’ve definitely figured out like the me that I want
to present to people. – That’s interesting.
– Yeah. No, you absolutely nailed that. I think, just like internally, this isn’t how I always see myself. So, that’s what it’s so disorienting. – Would you rather your room be like this, or would you rather your Instagram be like your original room? – Now that I’ve been sitting in this, I do kind of want to see
myself as the person I project. So, yeah, you’ve opened up new horizons. – Horizons.
– Exactly (laughs). – Oh, good. – No, I’m excited to wake
up to this much color. I feel like it’s gonna put me in a really good mindset for the day. I’m gonna be ready to
like roll into the office, and say, “I can do this.” – Well, I’m excited. – And I’ll see you around the office. We know each other.
– I know! That’s why I do this. I just wanna make friends (laughs). If you have a bedroom that
you think needs a makeover, or any other space, it doesn’t
need to be your bedroom, give this video a thumbs up, and then comment your
Instagram handle below. And yeah, might be creeping
on some of you guys to see if there’s any other
makeover subjects out there.

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