I Made Over My Friend’s Bedroom For $0

I Made Over My Friend’s Bedroom For $0

– [Ashley] We are gonna give Tara’s room a zero dollar make-over. – [Tara] I’m just hoping that we can rule the confiance in here, you know? – [Tara] I’m gonna kill you. (playful music) – Oh my God. – Hey guys, my name’s Ashley and today I’m gonna give my friend Tara a zero dollar make-over. Basically, I’m gonna work with everything that Tara already owns to make her space as beautiful and as functional as possible. Tara is one of my really good friends, she is hilarious, she’s
the funniest person I know. Super hard working, and just has the best energy in the world. So we are gonna make her
space equally amazing. For the record, I am not
an interior designer, I make no claims of being a professional, I just love homes, and
decor, and all that jazz. So, I’ve been doing a lot of research on room arrangement, and
even Feng shui princliples to try and incorporate some of that knowledge I’ve acquired
in the past few weeks to Tara’s space. Our other friend Jeremy
is also gonna come along to help us with the heavy lifting and all that sort of stuff so, it’s gonna be a good time,
I’m pretty excited about it, and, let’s go see what
Tara’s working with. (Tara laughs) – I don’t wanna look like a serial killer like inviting you to my serial killer den. Hey guys, come in, come check out my room. (playful music) This is where all the magic happens. Magic as in laying watching
Netflix, being late to work. Here we have my night stand, it’s a little bit of a
clustered mess but, it works. Over here you have my
big ginormous dresser, none of the drawers close because they’re so stuffed with clothes. That’s my own personal problem. We have tons of candles, they’re
mostly burnt out and old. So this is like my mini library. I love having all my
comedy books and art books. I have lots of little
Cha Qis around always, but they’re kind of a cluttered mess. I think by biggest fix for this would be just getting better
lighting near my vanity. This is my first apartment so, I didn’t do like, the best job decorating and putting things together, but the potential’s there
because the space is so good. I just need some help. – Alright, Tara has just
handed over the key, it is time to get started
on this space lift. (upbeat music) (knocks) There are really three main components to making a zero dollar make-over work. It’s moving stuff, organizing
stuff, and decorating. The first thing we’re
gonna do is move stuff. Big items like the bed,
the dresser, the vanity, those all need to be repositioned to give this room the
best possible energy. First, we’re gonna move the bed. Ideally, headboards should be positioned against a supportive wall because it visually anchors the bed and also creates a protective energy around your head as you sleep. There’s about 37,000 hair ties
under this bed and two socks. Next step, we are moving the vanity. Tara was complaining about
the lighting near her vanity, and sunlight is the best
light, and it is also free. So, the vanity is going
right under the window. Our project fits! Yeah! (both laugh) – That was actually good. – [Ashley] Another big move is the mirror, originally had her mirror facing the bed, which is 100 percent the worst
possible spot for a mirror. Mirrors have a lot of
chaotic energy to them, because of that, I moved hers so it wasn’t in line with her bed. She also had an extra ottoman
that wasn’t super cute, so I draped a throw blanket over it and now she has this adorable
little dressing station. I put the other ottoman
over by the radiator to kind of cover it a little bit and also to create a mini reading nook. Since we’ve worked so hard, I think we should treat ourselves
to a prank call for Tara. – Yes. – Okay I need to get my phone. (Ashley grunts) What should I tell her? Do you know how to turn your water off? Yeah, that’s it, okay,
I’m just gonna do it. Okay, ready? (phone dialing) – [Tara On Phone] Hello? – Hey, um, – [Tara] Wait, hold on. – Oh, okay, uh.
– [Tara] Hello? – Hey, hey, do you know
how to turn off your water? Your water, your like, um, like, the under the sink. – [Tara] Why is it flooding? – Yes,
– Yeah. – I don’t know
– We couldn’t get the dishwasher off – We couldn’t get the
dishwasher to shut off and I was pressing all the buttons, and now there’s water everywhere. Oh god, I think it’s
going through the floor. – [Tara] No, no, no! Is the doorman coming? Did you call down? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s coming. I’m (Expletive) with you! – [Tara] Are you serious? (Ashley laughing) – [Tara] That’s not funny! I was about to cry, I was
like, “What happened?” Oh my god, I literally almost threw up. I was like, I was like,
“I’m gonna kill you.” – I was like- – [Tara] Ugh, you (expletive). (Ashley laughing) – Well get excited, it looks so cute. – [Tara] Does it? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Tara] Then I’m gonna come
back in like an hour. Good? – Uh huh. – Fashionably late. – Yeah okay, bye! – [Tara] Bye. – Okay, (Ashley claps) Are you ready to decorate? – Mmm-hmm. (both laugh) – Mmm-hmm. (playful music) If you have too many little mementos, and don’t really know
what to do with them, if you just get three pieces
that vary in height slightly, and put them together, suddenly you have a really
cute collection instead of just a random odd pairing of things. I was cleaning up, and I
just happened to find this brand new poster that Tara
has not even hung up yet, and it goes with the color
scheme, it’s super cute, if I can open it and show you. Ah, there we go. I took a pants hanger from Tara’s closet, and I’m gonna clip it
on to the top of here, it doesn’t sound like
it’s gonna look cute, but it’s gonna look cute, I promise. Another thing Tara had
a lot of were candles. She really likes candles and she goes through them pretty quickly. I just couldn’t bare to throw
away this cute little jar. So, this is one of my
favorite hacks of all time. You can freeze a finished candle, and then once it’s
frozen, just take a knife, and kind of like, stab it. Uh, don’t hurt yourself please, and the wax should come right out, ready, I’ll show you right now. So, just like that, and then there you go, we have this adorable jar now and I’m gonna put Tara’s
makeup brushes in it. The biggest change I made
with the night stand, was actually not moving it, but moving all the stuff off of it. I gave her little charging station on the other side of the room because not only does
it make it look nicer and more relaxing, but also, she won’t stay on her phone
all night as it’s charging and she’s trying to fall asleep. It looks really sleek and nice and hopefully she’ll get a better nights sleep because of it. I know this is a zero dollar make-over but I cheated a little bit because I stole this plant
from Tara’s living room but that’s okay ’cause we
just needed a pop of color on this side of the room, and also to even out the visual weight. So I stole a plant, okay? – [Ashley] Ready? – [Tara] I’m nervous. – [Ashley] Here we go! – I see light. – I see light… – Wait, oh my god! (playful music) Wait, it’s so fucking clean, first of all. Oh I love these posters, that were sitting in the
corner of my room for so long! Wait, this looks amazing! Ashley, what! This is all new, wait
this looks really good. Why’d I never think to
use the window sill, I didn’t even know I had a window sill. I love it! Ashley! You’re my best friend! I feel like, I just feel cool living here. – You are cool
– You made me feel cool – Like, you already owned
all of these things. I just sort of put it on display, but you picked out all these items. I know, and I just feel like
there’s so much more room here there’s so many like,
activities you can do here. Just waking up and staring at like a clean area in
front of my face is like, beautiful, I feel like I’m gonna feel really refreshed in
the morning, organized, do one thing here, do
another thing over there, not just like, throw
all my stuff in a pile. – [Tara] Thanksville. – Yeah, I gotta, I gotta leave. – Get out, everyone leave, leave me alone to hang
out in my cool adult room – Except me! – Yeah, you can stay. For like, only for like 15
minutes, then you have to leave. – [Ashley] I have really bad pizza in the kitchen if you want some. – [Tara] Oh, I thought you were gonna say you had pizza breath. – [Ashley] Oh, I have that too. (Ashley laughs) – [Tara] It smells amazing. – [Ashley] Garlic knot breath – [Tara] Ahh. – [Ashley] That’s all folks! – [Tara] That’s all folks, get out!

100 thoughts on “I Made Over My Friend’s Bedroom For $0

  1. Lmao. Obvs gonna look nice when it's already nice. Just waisted my time watching this. She just rearranged it.

  2. You gave away where she lives. When you entered the building in the beginning I saw the address

  3. My mom doesn't trust me with a butter knife anymore. because I was stabbing a bottle of frozen Gatorade and I missed the bottle and sliced my finger open and it didn't stop bleeding for 3 days straight.

  4. I like the use of fung sué (i butchured the spelling im so sorry) but like i love the focus on energy flow and stuff

  5. Did she even need a makeover to begin with? Lmao her room was fine. That "mess" is basically just a "lived in" look.

    Repositioning the bed and mirror was good though, in a fengshui perspective. I'm always baffled when someone places a mirror facing the bed. Like, that's weird??

  6. I watched this video hours ago. I was inspired to clean my room.

    I accidentally ripped a pillow.

    Chicken feathers are everywhere.

    My carpet is gone.

    Nothing is in my closet.

    I have two trash cans full of trash.

    I have gotten rid of so many things.

    I'm not kidding. I don't know if this will lead to improvement? Please send help.

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  8. Honey… you showed exactly where she lived. And you find the area based on where she was outside. Please dont get this girl murdered.

  9. I like it but I wish it was more thought-through. Like… the books under the TV?? The plant she just moved from another room? There's not enough space and maybe not even enough of sunlight during the day for it. Or the vanity under the window? I bet that in the morning there won't be more light. You have to consider the orientation of your windows, the angle and also the time you (or she) will be using it the most. But overall it's a cute room, especially if it's her first appartment 🙂

  10. Guys ik how everyone is talking bout this but it’s a 0 dollar makeover she is not supposed to buy anything that’s why it looks the same. Kinda

  11. Me watching his again I realized she said so many activities to do I was hoping you would put an activities meme also love this hope u do more

  12. I have green walls, a blue tv stand, a blue-gray desk, a antique like floral nightstand, and a tan rolley chair…I’m grateful but it’s an odd combination

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