Idiyappam Recipe in Tamil | How to make Idiyappam in Tamil | String hoppers Recipe

Idiyappam Recipe in Tamil | How to make Idiyappam in Tamil | String hoppers Recipe

Hello friends welcome to Madras Samayal. Today lets see how to make Idiyappam. This recipe is quite simple and very easy to make. For this recipe I have taken 1.5 cups of Idiyappam flour. We can use Idiyappam flour direly without roasting. If you are using raw rice flour then roast it slightly Now lets add water, use boiling water. Before adding water lets add some salt Also add 1 tsp of Oil. Gradually add boiling water and mix it with a spoon. Dough should not be soft, it should be thick and little hard. Now use hands and mix well. Now lets transfer the dought to a murukku press. Use tiny hole plate for making Idiyappam. Transfer the dough and close the lid. Grease the Idli plate with some oil to prevent sticking. Make sure the strings falls straight without breaking, If it breaks often then the dough is not at right consistency. We can also add grated coconut in-between and steam. Transfer the plates to the Idli cooker and close the lid. Steam for 6 -7 minutes. That’s it our Idiyappam is ready to be served with sweet coconut milk

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  1. Hi Steffi… I'm 43 years old.but till now idiyappam correct aah vandhadhu illa.Indha method paaka romba easy aah irukku. It's very very hard to squeeze…I don't know what is the reason.i have seen lots of videos in YouTube about idiyappam.but no use . Any measuremnt for water for mixing? please tell very much disappointed in doing idiyappam.

  2. hi ma…. today I tried ur Chana masala recipe…it came out very well…..thank u sis….i am going to try this idiyappam recipe too…

  3. புலுங்கல்அரிசிஅல்லதுபச்சரிசிஎந்தமாவு இடியாப்பத்திற்குஏற்றது

  4. Hai mam , your recepie is super.
    Let me tell our method .
    First we have to soak the boiled rice for 1 or 1 1/2 hour. Then grind it into very nice flour, also add little salt & coconut (for soft idiyappam) while grinding. Then boil in idly pathiram , it's the kolukattai. By keeping the stove in sim one by one put it into idiyappam instrument. We will get soft idiyappam (continuously flowing).
    எங்க ஊரில் இதனை சந்தவை என்றும் சொல்லுவோம்.
    தேங்காய் பால், சர்க்கரை பழம், or பாகு எதுன்னலும் கூட சேர்த்துக்கலாம்

  5. Akka na ipa unga samayal pathuthan seiren…unga voice way of speech ellam super ka….na YouTube vantha first pakrathu unga samayal than…. chicken cutlet super a vanthuchi😍😍

  6. enaku idiyapam than ipo vara varamatdhu..neenga ennikachum idiyapam panni kaatuvingalanu pathte irndhan…senju pakran idhu mari….thnx unga samayal mattum than papan bcz romba easya irkum

  7. Man one request…please enter ingredients in description box….so that who don't understand Tamil will be very useful for them

  8. Your way of cooking is really fantastic….i admire ur kitchen tools…pls share the place u buy the salt container n also the mini spoon which u used …

  9. Hi akka na idiyappam try pannum pothellam yethavathu sothaperuthu enaku nenga siera alavuku soft um vara matenguthu then intha white colour um vara matenguthu yenu enaku theriyala plz rply panunga akka na hot water use panni tha maavu ready panara apram ye vara matenguthu plz ka rply panunga en hubby ku idiyappam romba pidikum ipa na ipadi seiratha parthu avaruku pidikama poirumonu konjam payama iruku so plz rply panunga akka

  10. Hai akka i have tried all your recipes especially choco lava cake is my favorite . Your measuring cups are cute where u brought that

  11. Mam..even mom Tried This But..The Dow was Good..But the Idiyappam were not in Good form to grab with hands..It became Very sticky and lose..Wt to do get like yours mam..😂 help me out mam

  12. Hi steffi… I tried your idiyapam recipe….awesome ya…..1st attempt a super…thanks a lot….😘😘

  13. Hi Steffi.. I tried the idiappam recipe it came out well but it was not soft after will be very helpful if can you tell me what could be the reason for stiffness of idiappam and how to overcome it..

  14. Hi Ma. Love all ur recipes. Very easy to follow. I have tried few recipes and it was delicious. Especially ur mutton ghee roast. Im from Malaysia. Can u do a video on soft Tenggai Paal Appam. My favorite. All the best ma.

  15. இடியாப்பம் செய்றது எப்படினு டிப்ஸ் குடுங்க.

  16. Yesterday I tried idiyappam and came out very nice..even though that was the first time I m doing I got perfection since you explained preparation of dough thoroughly..Thank you..I wanna know from you recipe of aapam

  17. Hello sister , today i tried your idiyappam recipe , it came out so well , this is the first time in my life am trying this recipe , thank you so much ,You know i thought idiyappam is like a very complicated dish to make but the way your explain the process was really very easy to understand..and also when i see your videos in between i get few doubts and surprisingly you yourself will answer before you complete your dish.. Thank you i wish i too cook delicious good recipes as like in future..God bless you

  18. அக்கா எனக்கு சரியான அளவு சொல்லுங்க 1கப் மாவுக்கு எவ்வளவு தண்ணீர் ஊற்ற வேண்டும். 🙏🙏 எனக்கு சரியாக வரவில்லை…

  19. Hi Steffi.. i love all your recipes, but for this recipe my comment would be to add the amount of water also in recipe ingredients. Because for beginners, it is not intuitive. Here the working ratio is 1 cup of flour to 1.5 cups of water.

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