If Classical Musicians Were Modern Day Pop Stars

If Classical Musicians Were Modern Day Pop Stars

Awesome take, man. Alright, just give me one sec. Let me autotune it and it’s gonna be good. Here, check it out. Sounds good. 6.3 million. Uh… Hot pot and bubble tea. About 40,000 people. And the craziest was when we had a Ferrari… Just flying over the crowd. Yeah, I get recognized a lot. But… Just not in jazz bars. Alright, so next up… We have a very very special award. The Billboard social artist of the year. And the winner goes to… Brett Yang. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much, thank you so much, thank you. Thank you. Wow, such an honor to be here. I want to thank you first of all, everyone, my family, my friends, and everyone that supported me. And I’m so grateful that my Bach album that went to donate to the global warming causes and a space research. It’s a – It’s a fantastic honor. I’m so happy to be part of this contribution.

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  1. I play trumpet and whenever i hear any orchestra instrument go to a high note I cringe because in my head I am doing calculations for how high the not it, how much air I'll need, how I need to position my lips, and what the fingering is(with fingering i also have to think about slid but i dont think we woukd actually use it up there)

  2. Lol, it kind of reminded me of Lindsey Stirling, she's wonderful , but, yeah, remind me this.
    Loved the video, my favorite part is when he plays the violin. . .😂😂😂
    Huh. . . maybe at 1:06 😂😂😂

  3. 2:05 I want to know if that paper was actually a scrap piece or if it was cut in the middle just for the video >.>

    also wow those folding skills

  4. I guess the award of”熱心公益” was from the charitable concert in Taiwan. The mark on the award means FORMOSA CANCER FOUNDATION.

  5. I don’t wanna know how the “leck mich im arsch” music video would be.

    Then again, it wouldn’t be much different from most music videos today, would it?

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