hi guys welcome back to my channel and welcome to today's IKEA hacks video today I'm going to be showing you all three super easy and cheap IKEA hacks for you to do if you want anything like me and love a hack video then please subscribe below because I am going to do loads more of these videos for you and I will also link a huge load of the ones I've already done down below so you can go and check them out right so I'm going to start chatting and I'm going to get on with hack number one so for this first hack I am using this basket from Ikea I'm sure you guys have seen loads of other vloggers hack this up but today I am going to do it but instead of using the wooden balls like everyone else uses I'm just gonna go for a really simple paint job on this one I am folding the basket down first of all so that I can get a nice crisp line and I'm using this spray paper Wilkinson's this is kind of like a creamy grey color by folding the basket down when it comes to spray-painting I'm gonna get a really nice crisp line and then I will use this basket or my blankie storage I think it gives a really nice kind of country feel to any home and as I have wooden floors I thought the color of spray-paint goes really really well in our room on my next hack I'm using this cardboard paper tray this is actually meant to be used standing up but I am gonna use these command strips and I'm gonna stick it to the wall I have seen this hack done with the wooden paper trays but today I wanted to make this hack even cheaper for you guys by using this cardboard one and also the grey it's already painted so it's a lot less that needs to be done so what I simply do is put the command strips onto the wall these are the velcro ones so I will put the velcro bits together and then I will peel off the backs and then I will stick on this cardboard paper tray I will obviously use in my spirit level as well just to make sure that I have got it level by adding this little shelf it gives Rory's desk a whole new place for storage because his desk is always such a mess it just really really helps to reduce clutter [Applause] both necks hack I'm sure most households have this unit which is from Ikea I already had this unit so I just went up to Amazon and I bought some little pin legs so I literally flip this unit over screw the pin legs down turned it back over and then just took out all of the boys games and books and added my whole personal touch to it because this unit is going from the boys playroom into my office I feel like simply by adding these legs you're not only making it look like something a bit different so it's not just an Ikea unit but I'm forced making it look a bit more sophisticated


  1. Thank you for sharing those DIY's. They're great! Also, who is the artist who painted that watercolor of the winter scene? I just love that. I had something similar that I lost in a fire years ago and would love to replace with something like it.

  2. Love the idea for putting legs on the ikea storage, I have the same in my room but with 8 holes , maybe try this if it’s not to heavy . Xx

  3. Got to get a few of those baskets and do that, never seen them before, missed them on Instagram. Great idea's thanks x👌

  4. Love the Kallax hack that’s such a good idea! We’ve two of these might get on amazon for some feet for them 😀

  5. These are amazing as usual DIY Queen. Love the spray painted basket and don't the legs on the cupboard transform it. Xx

  6. Your becoming the DIY queen, love the addition of the legs to the unit and rattan half spray. Great ideas x

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