IKEA introduces wireless charging furniture

IKEA introduces wireless charging furniture

The Sweden-based multinational furniture giant
IKEA has launched its Wireless Charging collection of furniture, which has built-in Qi-enabled
wireless chargers for mobile phones. The Wireless Charging collection will be rolled
out globally, with U.S. stores seeing availability beginning in late spring. The furniture uses the most popular wireless
charging specification, Qi, which is supported by brands such as Samsung. If a smartphone does not have native wireless
charging capability, such as an iPhone, users can purchase a Qi-enabled charging covers
for use with the IKEA wireless charging furniture. To charge , simply place your phone on the
little plus sign. It will be charged by inductive charging technology. Many smartphones support the wireless charging
standard (Qi), but sometimes it needs to be activated in the phone’s settings. Other
phones will simply need a charging cover to make them work. Apart from providing wireless chargers for
tables, floor-and table lamps, desks and simple charging pads, IKEA is also selling a DIY
kit that lets users embed wireless chargers into furniture of their choice. The wireless charging probably isn’t the
best thing for the lifespan of your device’s battery as it generates excess heat. Anyway
it is very convenient to use.

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  1. People claims wireless charging causes excess heat? To me that's not entirely true, I uses wireless charger and I dont notice my phone getting any more warmer than when using a conventional wired charger

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