IKEA Kitchen Lighting OMLOPP – How to Install Countertop LED Lights

IKEA Kitchen Lighting OMLOPP – How to Install Countertop LED Lights

installing ikea kitchen on the cob LED
lighting for kitchen worktops the onslaught LED lighting comes in three
lengths 80 60 and 40 centimeters completed with an electronic LED power
supply with wireless receiver one power supply cord one intermediate connection
cord to connect several lights together with only one connection to the main
supply normally to use more than one leg power supply one remote control that
turns on or off all nighting units connected in a chain simultaneously in
this example for our lot LED lights totalizing 30.7 what’s of output 1 power
supply of 30 watts is enough to use more LED lights is advisable to use more than
one power supply now let’s start with DIY images starting
with the unboxing then taking measures and next with the installation itself so
keep watching and if you find this video helpful give a thumbs up and if you have
any question leave your comments below start by finding where you want to mount
the LED light yeah now go ahead and find the center of the
wall cabinet next cut the gutter accordingly to the same length then
stick it in the cabinet now go ahead and screw the LED light
support into the base of the kitchen wall cabinet measure the other side of
the cabinet and trace a line with a pencil you can do this for all cabinets
and one step if you prefer then position the LED light support and Mark the
holsters crew now a great tip is to make a hole within all it greatly helps the
screwing procedure now go ahead and attach the LED light
from the bottom of the wall cabinet start by passing the why behind the
cabinet until reaches the top of it if you do not find room to pass the wire
behind the cabinet you can always make a hole and pass the wire inside have the
same result yeah now position the light and press firmly
until you hear a click position the wire in the gutter and
follow this steps for all unlocked LED lights yeah yeah now with the power supply on top of the
cabinets we’re going to connect all on love LED
lights in this setup i only need a power supply with 30 watts if the output total
of all lights exceeds this value for more than 23 wats i will need two or
more power supplies to connect two or more power supplies we need the inter
connection cable that i mentioned earlier and in the end of this video you
can watch how to connect two power supplies now with all light attached to
the power supply plug the power cord and next we going to pair the wireless
remote control with the power supply yeah yeah present this type of light spot on the
power supply and then press the button on the remote control until both LED
lights blink arrange the cables to stay hidden from view and it’s done now
preparing food and doing kitchen workers safer easier and more fun with or even
light across your worktop to install more than one power supply it’s needed
the and salute or intermediate connection cord connecting one to
another it’s easy it’s possible to divide various LED lights on both power
supplies and then simple connect both power
supplies with the intermediate connection cord attached the power
supply cord then pair both with the wireless remote control and you are
ready to enjoy your kitchen worktop with the on la bled lightning i hope this
video was useful to you if so give a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t
already and I see you in the next videos thanks for watching Cheers yeah

47 thoughts on “IKEA Kitchen Lighting OMLOPP – How to Install Countertop LED Lights

  1. For the ESL student: WATT not WAT, also "led" is not a word, it is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode, or LED, pronounced L-E-D, not "lead" as in the heavy metal. Perhaps your voice recognition program doesn't speak English?

  2. By the way you have to HOLD the button on the remote. How about you say it right and now "help" people to wonder for hours. Thanks for no help

  3. Is it possible to shorten the flex on the Omlopp LED lighting strips? If not, is it safe to fold them up and put some tape round them? I'm linking 3 strips but have found that the smaller transformer does not work with all 3 connected – it causes the lights to flash – whereas they work perfectly with the larger transformer. Any advice?

  4. Is there a way to extend the LED strip wire if one of my cabinets is too far from the transformer? (other than to splice in a speaker wire or something)

  5. I will be moving into a rental unit and you can't drill holes and I think my cabinets go right up to the ceiling. I guess the option is to run the wire along, under the cabinet and right up to the plug. Am I right?

  6. I don't have any space at all above my cabinets. there is a wall soffit (also known as a bulkhead) type of a wall that sits right on of my cabinets. so what are my options as far as that part of the setup goes? where can I hide all of those wires but still be able to plug everything in? 🙁

  7. It is easier to put the led lights on the kitchen cabin and than hang the cabins on the rails. And than do the rest like the video.

  8. your video is pretty impressive. I have one question for that. where can i buy the led light support? is it at the IKEA?

  9. What a messy and over complicated system.
    Wires and Controllers just making a dam mess, talk about Amateur Hour

  10. The remote seems to toggle between different intensity of light and if so can it be configured to just "on" and "off"?

  11. Very helpful, though the speech synthesis was inferior to a real voice, which would have pronounced the main adjective correctly. Over. and over. and over. and over.

  12. Hello, do you know if you Can connect more then two transformers (power supply) together with an intermediate cable? Say I needed more led lights and it passed the 60 Watts would I be able to connect a third transformer with the intermediate cable to have an extra 30 Watts to use as I would
    Like to be able to control every single led with one controller. Thank you

  13. Is there a way to dim these light even further? The remote control only allows for Low, High, On/Off. Thank you!

  14. Hi, I have installed three LED light and when I am connecting them into the power supply they are blinking (flashing) what is the problem anyone has an Idea ???!! the power supply has three input for the LED lighs

  15. Passing the wire behind the cabinet and up is basically impossible especially when there's a metal hanging bracket near the top. The other option of running the through the cabinet is asinine. There's better ways

  16. Customer: "How many people does it take to change a light bulb"
    IKEA (in a computer generated silly voice): "One, but you also need a MILLION MILES OF SPAGHETTI!"

  17. This has got to be one of the shittiest product from IKEA. Its flimsy parts and lousy instructions makes this one the most annoying thing to install. Keep in mind you are working under a cabinet and can barely see what you are doing. The cable channels are a total piece of crap and so are the brackets to hold the lamp to the cabinet.
    It is virtually impossible to install two channels for the wider lamps. I just installed one. I've bought and installed so much IKEA kitchens and other stuff over the years, I am getting close to saturation point with this kind of stupid design.

  18. This is outdated as the transformer has changed. We could not get multiple lights to work. They flashed like a strobe light.

  19. блять. тут даже девочке понятно будет, нахуя это показывать?

  20. I think I have successfully paired the lights with the remote but nothing happens when I try to dim, switch on/off etc. any suggestions?

  21. Why one need this lighting. I dont get it. Why dont u switch on kitchen ceiling light & tada u can see every corner of the kitchen without bump ur head to something

  22. How long the power supply last? Or the power supply charges continually with the kitchen ceiling light? It seems little complicated and a lot of cables and holes and plugs, I am sure you guys can toning of an easier way to have light under the kitchen cabinets. V/r Lexi

  23. This is probably one of the worst teaching videos I have ever seen. Dull, mendacious, (how do you squeeze a fat connector through a 2mm gap?) uninspiring. Awful

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