IKEA Smart Lights are FINALLY GOOD!? Ikea Tradfri Review!

IKEA Smart Lights are FINALLY GOOD!? Ikea Tradfri Review!

– Hello and welcome to the show! My name is Alex and this is TechFlow. Today, we’re going to be talking about IKEA’s
smart lighting system. So let’s get straight in to this. So whether I’m saying this right or not, around
a year ago, I did a video on this system, the Ikea Tradfri, sort of smart lighting,
home implementation type of devices. You have a hub here which communicates with
different devices like non-colour changing lights and colour changing lights and they
also do a smart plug now and different bits and bobs like that, but if you watch that
video I did a year ago of this stuff, when it first came out, well, it wasn’t very good. It didn’t work very well. I told you guys not to buy it. So for the last year, because of that bad
experience, these things have been sat in my cupboard collecting dust, up until around
two months ago where I got them back out to give them a second chance, updated all of
their firmware and this is my experience. So before we go ahead and install of these
lights and see how they work and what they can do, we need to set a base for this video
and that base is the price. What we’re going to go ahead and do is compare
these to the industry leaders – the Philips Hue. So this is the warm and opal white variant
of the lights – so this doesn’t change colour. We’ve got two of these and they’re £9
each, so we’ll add two of these to our basket. So we’ll push both of these off now to one
side. We need to add two of the colour changing
variants here, so let’s scroll down. I think they’re £22 – yep, right here. And now we need the IKEA Bridge. This is called the Tradfri Bridge and essentially
this is what you need – you connect it to your modem and then this goes ahead and communicates with the lights. So for the exact same set up that I’ve got
here with IKEA, for two of these Kelvin changing lights and then two of these colour changing
lights and the Bridge, we’re looking at a grand total of £174.97 which gives us a saving
of, well, around £72 to £73 which, over on IKEA, you could get a fair few more lights
for that. Ha! Okay. This looks like a winner if it works. So essentially you need this puck, which I’ve
already explained and I’ll show you guys how to link it. But as you guys can see, this now works with
the puck so you don’t need the Bridge – all you do is link of all of the lights with this
puck. You can go ahead and change the colour, the
brightness with this puck and essentially, if you take the back off the puck, there’s
a little button under there which you hold near the lights for about ten seconds. The light will flash
and then it’s connected to the puck. So as you guys can see, we’ve got one, two,
three, four lights so far. This’ll be the fifth. So what we’re going to go ahead and do now
is open up the IKEA Tradfri app on my phone and as you guys can see, I’ve already got
one light installed. That’s actually a panel light, which is lighting
this side of my face. I’m not sure if you guys can see that or not
as I toggle it on and off. What we’re going to go ahead and do is add
this puck which controls the other five lights in this room. So to do that, we click the settings icon,
we click on to devices and then we click the plus button. It’s going to ask us what we are trying to
add, so we’re going to add the remote control. And then once you’ve done that, you’re going
to want to go ahead and find the gateway with its ethernet port and power plugged in to
it, to a power port. By the way, it’s powered by USB, which is
awesome. Hold this for ten seconds next to the gateway. You’ll get a prompt on your phone saying “device
found” and then it’ll ask you to wait for a quick second and there you go. It’s done. You can then go ahead and rename the remote
controls, so I’ll just rename this “office control.” So next it says to turn on your light, well
we’ll use this one as a demonstration. It’s already on. We’ll go ahead and click next on here. We’re going to say this controller because
it, well, looks like this one – it’s the one we’re using. We’re going to click next and now it’s asking
us to hold the puck near the bulb again like we did the first time and hold it for ten
seconds. I’m going to take the cover off this light,
press and hold for ten seconds and you’ll see the light dim and there you go – as you
guys can see, please wait for a moment, device found – and then shortly after, it will ask
us to re-name our new bulb. And now you just go ahead and repeat this
step for every single one of the bulbs. Cool. All of our lights are added. So there we go, I’ve added our five bulbs
in to one room in the app which I’ve called “Main Office” as you guys can see right here. If I go ahead and click the button, it toggles
off all of the lights in here and I can turn them back on again. I can also go ahead and change things like
the colour temperature of, well, these bulbs. So you can go all of the way from warm white
to, well, white white or light white and then you can go ahead and change to all of these
different colours. So you can have purple, orange, pink. Absolutely, well, pretty much anything under
the sun that you need. And these lights should be exactly the same. So I should be able to go on to PC Left and
change that there and then go on to PC Right and change that just as easily. There we go – those are the colour changing
bulbs. They’re pretty bright – 600 lumens. A problem for these cheap smart bulbs is actually
getting them right when they are in colour mode which, yeah, these ones are more than
adequate. I’m happy for the price that I would have
paid for these. And then, as far as these lights are concerned,
these aren’t the colour changing ones, however, you can get an extra 400 lumens of brightness
– you can change the brightness of these lights. No colour changing though, but you still get
the control on here. So if we turn that off, does it work with
Google Home? (Beep) Turn on the office lights. – [Google Home] Sure, turning thirteen lights
on. – Okay, so I think the burning question is:
Do you save yourself the £70 from Philips Hue and get this IKEA set up? You’ve got a few things that you need to consider. The main one being the type of lights that
you need. Now, if you go over to IKEA’s website – I’ll
drop the link in the description – you can see what type of bulb fittings they have. Now they pretty much cover everything all
the way from bayonet to sort of GU10 to candlelight but when I’m saying the “type of lights,”
I mean that Philips Hue do loads of lights. They do bloom lights, they do LED strips. These are things that you can’t find yet anyway
over on the IKEA system. They make more industrial lights like light
panels that work absolutely fine with this system. So it depends on what lights you want. But as far as the actual usability of the
system goes, for saving yourself £70, you can’t really go wrong in 2019. I wouldn’t have said that two years ago though
but these guys, well they’ve definitely caught up. So we’ll leave the links in the description
but for now, my name has been Alex, this has been TechFlow and we’ll catch you in the next
one. Adios.

100 thoughts on “IKEA Smart Lights are FINALLY GOOD!? Ikea Tradfri Review!

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  7. We have bought all lights for our new apartment from IKEA, Tradfri. We’ve been really happy about them, works best HomeKit, even though it works a little slower on Alexa, but it does the job.

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  12. You do know you can add ikea lights updated to latest firmware to your Philips Hue app and use all the hue dimmers/hardware with them. No need for ikea own controllers anymore.

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  30. Setting up Tradfri is not complicated just a little frustrating. Install the Ikea app and the Apple home app. Set up the Tradfri Gateway powered on and connected to your router then set up the remote control. You can then set up bulbs or the wireless smart socket. Once you can see the devices in the Ikea app go over to the Home app and use the devices from there. To get someone else using the Home app invite them from your App on your phone.

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