I’m Having a House Party! | Shop & Plan With Me!

I’m Having a House Party! | Shop & Plan With Me!

– Special thanks to Empower
for sponsoring this video. (upbeat R&B music) Hey guys what’s up, it’s Raven. Welcome back to another vlog. Today is gonna be all about getting ready for my house warming party. If you’ve been watching my vlogs, you know I’ve been talking about this. This is going to be my first ever time throwing a house party, like
really period in my whole life. So I’m trying to make
this house warming party really cool, really lit, really good and you guys know me, I’m
kinda like a little bit of a Virgo perfectionist so I’m
trying to put a lot of thought into this and my mom has
been helping me plan it. So, today we need to definitely
go over the plan once again. My mom has a whole
Google Doc and everything and we’re gonna have to go shopping. I know we need to buy some liquor. We need to buy some decor items, some kind of like party set up type items. And one of the major, major key factors to the success of this house warming party is the fact that I am getting my new outdoor kitchen put
in, literally, right now. Kind of last minute because
the party is literally like a week away or something like that. But, yeah, so my outdoor kitchen is being installed right now. They’re literally working on it right now. They just started this morning. So yeah, they’re putting
the base in right now and then I already have
all of the appliances and everything, it’s like in my garage. The grill, the fridge,
the sink, all that stuff. They said it should only
take about four days to complete it so it should be done and ready in time for the party. So, yeah, with trying to
get the house together for the house warming party, get everything together for the party and also just get the
house together in general just to live in, I’ve
obviously been spending a lot and also just trying to
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been spending a lot more. So I would definitely
recommend it to you guys if you guys are looking for ways to keep track of your spending and earn more money and save more money. All the links and everything
will be down below if you guys want to check it out. Okay, so like I said,
(loud banging) my mom, sorry for the banging,
they’re building the thing, but my mom made a whole packet (laughs), menu, shopping list, plan for the whole party. We sat down and talked about it, like you guys saw in that other vlog, we went to lunch and we kind
of started making a plan but I’m not sure exactly
what else you added so– – Well, I just wanted to
go over the menu with you and then, like a list of things we need, what we already have, what we have to get. And today I think it’d be a
good idea for us to shop for the non-perishables and the
things that won’t go bad or things we could put in the freezer ’cause this is a lot of shopping for probably about 50 people. That’s a lot.
– Yeah, so far I think I invited about it was like up to like 60,
65 people that I invited. So far I have about 45
people who for sure RSVP’d with a handful of people who just haven’t officially RSVP’d yet but I think it’s gonna be about 50 people. – So there’s the menu. Instead of doing several
different appetizers we’re just gonna do one huge grazing board that’s gonna have fruit,
veggies, dips, nuts, olives. We’re gonna have some layering going on. There’s gonna be some greenery, it’ll be my first time
doing this so (laughs). But anyway, that’s the first thing–
– okay so menu, – is–
– menu, first thing is the charcuterie. – Cheese, meat, fruit, nuts… – The big layout.
– Candy, pickles, olives, all kinds of stuff. So the main dishes, we got
chicken, beef, and shrimp. A barbecue brisket that
your daddy’s gonna smoke and chicken, I’m gonna do, I
was gonna do chicken skewers but that’s a lot of skewering. That’s a whole lot of skewering. – You always been wanting to
put something on a skewer. Every time (laughs).
(Mom laughs) – So we’re gonna do chicken
wings, mango jerk chicken wings. Do you like that?
– Yeah. Okay so that’s all the food. Chicken, brisket, shrimp,
sides, charcuterie, drinks.
– Ow. – The fun drink is gonna
be the margarita machine so I wanted to have something
like fun, like for the party, like, I don’t know, like a little, add some pizazz to the party so I decided I wanted to get a margarita machine. I think I picked like, strawberry
and regular margarita mix. (upbeat music) So, it’s good that I got
my bar stools in already ’cause that adds a lot
more seating for the party. It’s kind of sort of like in the way but I think it’s fine. But the main area,
(loud banging) I’m gonna be using this whole island and my vision
(construction saw buzzing) was for the whole like,
(loud banging) my vision was for the
whole charcuterie appetizer theme where, I guess we’re
gonna be suing these… I don’t know, I’ve obviously
never done this before. – [Raven’s Mom] Okay. We got the charcuterie.
– This the– – [Raven’s Mom] The grazing
table, it was it’s called. It’s gonna be fine. Okay, then you’ve got brisket, it’s gonna be in a chafing dish. – So, we’re having two of those, right? – [Raven’s Mom] Yeah. – They can set them up this way.
– Brisket, chicken and shrimp, beans, the bread.
– Oh yeah, obviously we set it up to where one
side has the meats laid out and one side has, laid out
– okay, food, right here. – And then, yeah, the separate area you’re gonna want to have plates, cups, silverware, you could use, obviously we can move
this stuff out the way and have all your stuff set up over here so that people can easily access it and not be trying to reach over the food to get a plate and whatever. – [Raven’s Mom] Drink dispensers. – Drinks can be over here or even, if I want to move
my coffee stuff out the way for the time being and
put drinks right here or whatever else over here as well. So anyway, that’s the basic plan. You know, we’ve got
appetizers and the food, using the island for mainly everything. We’ve got other countertop space for all the rest of the stuff and we will have space
to put another table for the desserts and everything. Plus, extra drinks and seating
and stuff out on the patio. So I think we’re good
in terms of having space to set everything up. I think on the day of, it’s gonna be a little bit of a challenge to set it up and make it look pretty and make it look all Pinterest-y and stuff because we don’t really have
a lot of experience with that but I think we’ll figure it out. So now we just need to go shopping ’cause we have a bunch of
stores we need to go to, bunch of stuff we need to get in a limited amount of time so. All right, first off is Home Depot. I want to look at their plants
and just stuff for the patio. I also need some plants
for inside my house. I think I’m gonna actually
try to get some real plants. I always get fake plants. (upbeat music) ♪ Got a little longer ♪ ♪ So it seems ♪ ♪ I’m burned out so to speak ♪ ♪ Come a little closer ♪ – I like these. It’s just I’m afraid that
I’ll just like, kill it and it’ll just be dead in like a week and that’s $100 gone.
– What you have to decide like some of these are straight up and like this one’s like more full. This is a beautiful one. – Go stand next to it for size comparison. So it’s like…
– Six feet. – Six, seven feet. So then there’s these plants which look more tropical
vacationist, these are palm, Majesty Palm, I think is what it’s called. So this, I think would
look good on the patio ’cause it kind of just
gives you that more like patio vibe rather than
inside of your house vibe. All right, so I think I
am gonna try and come back and get two of those big fiddle leaf trees and maybe one of the
palm trees for outside. But I need to find a day when my brother
can come with his pickup truck to transport them because
they’re huge and they don’t fit in my mom’s car or my car so we will get that situated another day, maybe tomorrow or something. Now we are gonna head to Home Goods. (upbeat music) ♪ I’m falling for you ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ – All right, so now we are at Home Good. – You need crates. – $50 on crates that
I’m gonna use one time. This is the thing about throwing
parties, it’s so expensive and then it’s just one day
and then it’s just gone. I mean, these crates
I could possibly reuse in some sort of way
around the house I’m sure. – [Raven’s Mom] That’s cute. – [Raven] I don’t love that this looks so, it looks like it’s missing
a piece, doesn’t it? I mean, they’re modern,
they’re definitely like more of a modern look without the little decorative top part but I don’t know if it’s too simple. Okay, so here’s all the black iron modern looking lanterns they have. I would really like,
to get the full effect, I feel like I would need like six of them. I could get a few of these and
then check Target and Walmart and maybe fill in the gaps. For the candles that go inside, my mom was saying that she has, she already has a set of these like fake LED candles where it’s
just like powered with a remote. So I could borrow her set or I could buy, how much is this? 25.
– 20. – [Raven] That’s five of them. So I’ll have to maybe borrow
an extra candle from you if I get six lanterns. So I’m gonna be using plastic
silverware for the party but when I had brunch at my house I realized that I only
have like four forks so I need silverware just
for my house in general. Home Goods is a good place to get a set.
– For service for eight. – [Raven] I don’t think I need
any more dishes or anything. (upbeat music) ♪ I’m falling for you ♪ – [Raven’s Mom] We’re supposed
to be shopping for the party. – We’re also shopping for the home to make the home look good for the party so that counts as part of the party and I had try to DIY a
painting for my kitchen but I felt like the one
I made was too small ’cause it was like half this size and I feel like this size is
what I need for my kitchen. So I’m considering something like this. I don’t know if this looks a little too zebra print, goggy, doing too much. I think it would like it more
if there were more white, like if it was less, like just less… Going on. This painting I would really like but it’s not quite the right colors. Okay, we’re in Target now. Did you really think we
were not gonna go to Target? I’m gonna look at their outdoor decor. (upbeat music) My mom said, “We’re gonna
go to Target real quick.” And I’m like, mmm-hmmm. Look here’s, mommy? Yeah those do look nicer
than the ones at Home Goods. Okay we should have got a basket. – Well I’ll just carry,
you carry one, I carry one. That’s all we’re getting right? – [Raven] Ah well, give me
a chance to look around. – We don’t need anything,
why are we looking? We need anything else in here? – You don’t know what you need until Target tells you what you need. Now we are at At Home, the home super store,
whatever it’s called. We’re back here in like the
summer clearance section. It has some lanterns like on clearance but not any cute ones. I was also looking at big
pots to put those plants in if I get those fiddle leaf plants. I didn’t really see anything that was exactly what I was looking for. (jovial music) What the heck? (jovial music) Okay, I think I’m going
with these lanterns. They’re simple standard classic. They’re a little raggedy but– – [Raven’s Mom] You need
to, super glue them together before you put them out. – [Raven] Yeah, the glass
is kind of rickety in there. As long as these don’t get kicked over I think they should be
fine, they’re $25 each. and they’re like one of the biggest ones, they are the biggest ones here. (wind blowing)
The amount of vlogs that I’ve done just
coming to all these stores over and over again like
I live in these stores. I’ve spent so much money at these stores. Okay, so we didn’t actually
see anything at Hobby Lobby. We’re in Ross right now
and on second thought because the things that I
bought are kind of like this I was thinking like, why did we buy gray crates from Home Goods if I’m gonna be putting this on top? Like that’s, why did we get gray? So I was like, it’d be better if we got just a regular wood tone crates,
just so everything matches. So, they’ve got these at Ross. I think you could even do darker ones. There’s like this set. This is not quite. – [Raven’s Mom] No. – [Raven] That’s like… – [Raven’s Mom] No, it looks– – [Raven] Not brown enough. We’re just trying to make
this whole set up coordinate. And they’re cheaper here at Ross. Nine ninety-nine, seven ninety-nine. There were some at Hobby
Lobby but they were like $20. So we’re at Costco. We need to get, how many bottles
do we need for 50 people? – This is a good, nice
middle of the road red. – [Raven] Okay, two red wines. – I only grabbed two just right now. I’m going back to grab, I was coming to get sweet red.
– Oh, more than two? Really she’s just scamming me, y’all, ’cause she just wants to
take it home afterwards. – No, I don’t drink sweet
so I’m gonna get some sweet. – [Raven] My friends like
Moscato, I know that. (upbeat music) – Where’s the Stella Rosa? That’s the same kind.
– Sweet red. – Yes. – [Raven] Apparently my
friends like Stella Ros. Yes, I don’t know.
– Tastes like Kool-Aid. – [Raven] Tastes like Kool-Aid? So we’re getting the Kool-Aid wine. – That’s okay.
– For the kids. – [Raven’s Mom] You like what you like. – [Raven] The children’s wine
and the grown folks wine. All right, so far we’ve got
the wine, we got the chicken, we got some plates, got some
forks and knives and stuff. (upbeat music) We’re trying to decide
how many bags of shrimp I should really get.
– Got that. 40 skewers, three shrimp per skewer. – Each person gets three shrimp. That’s it, don’t be greedy. – [Raven’s Mom] What’s this
say, it’s 50 in each bag. We get 200 shrimp for two bags. – [Raven] 50 times two is 100, not 200. What are you talking about? – That’s 100 shrimp
– I’m trying to see – for 50 people.
– how many shrimp skewers I feel make it. Yeah, so two shrimp.
– Two shrimp per person. (Raven laughs)
(Raven’s mom laughs) (upbeat music) Okie dokie, so I am home now. I loaded everything up into my pantry. So this extra pantry space
actually does come in handy for entertaining and holding extra stuff. So we got the beer,
the silverware, plates, that’s some extra plates and cups that I have left over from another party, so I’ll probably use some of those. All the wine that we got at Costco. That has the two tequila bottles in it. That is one of the
little, what is it called? Chafer thing for the food. So I’m just keeping everything
over here until the party. So yeah, like I said, the extra space definitely comes in handy, so got all that stuff. And then, I kind of wanted to
see what this would look like. So I want to kind of test this out. These are the crates that we got from Ross and then the trays that I already had. Okay, so this looks a mess but if you could use your imagination, having brown paper rolled across the whole entire island pretty much, and then having like
this stuff set up on top, so, you know, you got some height to it. You can also put bread
piled up inside of there. And then of course, having
piles of stuff on here. Having dips and other smaller
stuff in some of the bowls but then since there’s
gonna be paper down, you actually have food
coming off of the tray and everything is filling
up in between, you know? You know? Something like that. If you can use your imagination. I don’t know, this is
kind of the basic vibe of what I’m going for, I guess. And of course, we have the
lanterns that I bought. So, the two ones, the
Magnolia ones from Target, and the ones from At Home. I want to bring these out on my patio now and kind of see where
I would even put these and if they even look
good ’cause I don’t know. I’m not totally sold on
the whole lantern thing and the construction workers are gone. So they’ve finished up for the day. This is what they got done so far today. They just started today so this is good progress
for one afternoon. So basically, the plan is, you
can see how there’s kind of one, two, three, four sections. So this section is gonna hold the grill. This section is gonna be open shelving with just like countertop space on top. This section is gonna be for the sink, so it’s gonna have like a cabinet door ’cause you have to have empty
space underneath the sink for the plumbing, so there’ll
be a cabinet door right there. And then this section is
gonna be for the mini fridge. So that’ll slide into there and then on this part, since
there wasn’t enough space to just, like enough wall space over there to just connect the kitchen to the wall ’cause obviously you
don’t want the kitchen to be butting up against the glass door, he said that it would be
best to just do a little corner moment here and
he’s gonna put diagonal shelves going like this. I’ll insert some pictures of
the actual digital rendering that he did for me so you guys can see kind of what the plan is. So I can just put some cute
little things on the shelves and it’ll be a nice little, a nice little cut off
rather than just having it awkwardly cut off right here. So yeah, it’s coming together. I’m excited I can actually kind of see, like envision it now. For size reference. You guys can kind of see. You know, standing here, it’s just typical countertop height. So yeah, this is what my
patio’s looking like right now. Ziya’s little pool is
just chilling right there. I’m definitely gonna put that away. The couch got moved out of the way but I’ll be more scooted up. Okay, so these lanterns. I think they’re nice lanterns. I think they’re a good size. I was thinking of doing like
one, two, three down the stairs but, I mean, I think that’s cute. I mean, it’s a cute little touch and at night time to actually
have the candles in there and turned on to give
that cute little vibe of the candle light, I
think that could be cute. I honestly don’t even feel
like I need a third one. Like to put a third one
down here on this step. Is that cute? I don’t know. Okay guys, so I think
that’s the end of this vlog. I am so hot and sweaty now from all this running around to different stores. I think it’s like 100 degrees today but anyway, we got a lot done today. Bought a lot of stuff that we needed so I’m feeling prepared, I’m feeling confident about this party. There’s a few more things
that we need to get and just make sure that we set
everything up on the day of. But I will have friends coming in town to help me and my mom. I also think I’m going to actually be the, hiring the cleaning
service that I normally use to clean my house, I think
I’m gonna get one of them to come on the day of the party
to just help with cleaning and setting up and everything like that, so that should be good ’cause it is gonna be like 50 people so it’s a lot of food,
it’s a lot of people, a lot of clean up, a lot of set up so hopefully everything turns out good. You guys will get to see for yourselves coming up in one of my future vlogs. I will be vlogging the day of the party so you guys can see, number
one, how the patio turns out with the finished kitchen and everything, and also just how the
party turns out in general and see who all is coming. I got some friends
coming from out of town, some people you may recognize. So yeah, hopefully everything
turns out good, wish me luck. Give this video a thumbs
up if you liked it. Subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you guys
in my next one, bye.

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