24 thoughts on “I'm NOT Disappointed With PS5 & NAVI New RDNA Architecture

  1. Madz – Maybe, but your still down playing it. PS5 will easily be able too do 60FPS 4K Native with out breaking a sweat. The gains from having propper cores in Next Gen CPU(Zen 2 cores), Navi(out performing top gaming cards by 10%) is impressive. Been a closed system it may end up been more and APIs tend too be more optimiseed for consoles.

    Just hope Sony opt for 24+GDDR6 ram rather than 16GDDR6(seems on the low side)

  2. Comparing from what we really know and AMD showed, PC NAVI performance is arround RTX 2070.(Because the game they showed its biased toward them, is not 10% faster than 2070). Now, on GPU side of things (CPU aside), the Radeon HD 7970 (best amd single gpu card at the time of ps4) was 56% faster than a Radeon HD 7850 that was the closest card to PS4 hardware at 2k resolution at the time (2013). That was good enough for 1080p gaming inside PS4. How Navi would compare if we consider the best cards out there now?. Again, and surprisingly, RTX 2080 ti is 56% faster than RTX 2070. So graphically speaking,(without considering cpu, mem and SSD) the ps5 level of equivalent hardware on PC now is the same as the ps4 level of equivalent hardware on PC at the time ps4 lauched. And we are still a year and a half away from launch. What i mean is that navi is to 4k what HD7850 was for 1080p. So im not disappointed but im not impressed either. This means that PS5 Will have a pc mid range graphic card at the time it launches. (Data for the calculation is taken from techpowerup web performance summary at 2k for 7850vs7970 and 4k for RTX 2070vs1080ti). The good thing is that it´s going to be enough for 4k native gaming. The bad thing is that it doesn´t have room for much better graphics if they want to keep resolution at 4k. with that said, we have to wait for real specs of navi inside PS5 and the ray tracing implementation.

  3. I think you're probably not understand the position of PS5 currently in console space. That's why they say you're downplaying PS5. Even I feel like you did, LOL.
    Up until now, we have heard one by one PS5 feature and tech that is kinda overkill even on today's technology standard. Bake in VR, RDNA, Custom SSD, and they haven't even reveal their secret sauce yet.

    We haven't even heard anything from Xbox side plan for their next gen console. Sony investment with AMD for Navi made it seems like they have a console exclusive tech. AMD doesn't seems to mention Navi related anything to Xbox. It would be a really big deal if Xbox still uses GCN instead of RDNA.

  4. PlayStation is said to eat 1 hundred dollars off the price. Xbox is all rumors until they announce something, maybe at E3 and even then they will leave question to be answered.

  5. Here's the flip flop. Hey Madz, the truth is people who are biased don't realise they are biased and claim they are not downplaying PS5. It's like an alcohlic unable to admit he is an alcoholic saying, "'I'm not an alcoholic, I can stop any time, I just don't want to." The proof is in your actions as viewed by other people. Listen to them and make changes. Don't dismiss them as if they are at fault because that just confirms how embedded you are.

  6. Not surprised about that, we are talking about consoles, so yes Navi is a bit low powered even compared to Radeon 7. Remember people don't want to spend more than $500.

  7. Mate this is big news! We all expected Navi to be GCN architecture I hadn't saw anyone predicting otherwise, I watched as a console gamer to see what Navi was knowing it's in PS5 and it sounds very impressive! The PS5 and NextBoxes will be very capable gaming systems that's for sure

  8. They are selling you on an ssd because this beast is only going to be under 9 tflops , it will still be a beast but it will be a lil cute kitten compared to the Anaconda

  9. They’re gonna be $499. They’re going to be close As fuck to each other AGAIN and the main difference between Playstation 5 and the next Xbox will have is games and various features each console will have.

    They will not be 13, 14, 15 nor 16 Fuckin Teraflops dumbasses these are consoles not PC.

  10. Great Video. It is important to be clear about what spaces we are referring to.

    1. For PC Space you are 100% correct. NAVI 20 is the best GPU out of the NAVI products.

    2. Benchmarks done during computex shows either Navi 10 or 12

    From a Console Space:

    1. PS5 will be super powerful and i can Guarantee you 100% that its power and performance will be very similar to NAVI 20.

    2. PS5 will have 14 Teraflops of RDNA 7NM architecture performance which will allow for high fidelity 4K 60P and VR Gaming for many years to come.

    2. PS5 Custom GPU will have 20-24 GDDR6 RAM and a clock speed of 1.8 GHZ

    2. ZEN 2 CPU for PS5 will have a CPU Clock speed of 3.6 to 3.8 GHZ

    PS5 Release Date: Late 2020




  11. Both the PS5 and Xbox Anaconda will be day one monster consoles unlike the PS4 and Xbox one which were underpowered "especially on the CPU" when they launched

  12. Sony is entertainment company in Hollywood Microsoft is a Tech company playstation will never have the power and the technology that Microsoft has

  13. Microsoft has some secret technology that they have invented they are going to destroy the playstation 5

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