18 thoughts on “Imperial Roman Architecture

  1. When they show the structures reconstructed they always show them as being spotless. Rome wasn't that clean.

  2. Funny we think about people living badly so long ago. Primitive souls. But the Romans, genius at engineering and architecture, lived way more opulently and were more "modern" or upscale than today. 2,000 years ago. They had the great aqueducts but it still left sanitation and bath facilities a concern. But public baths, some very magnificent. Of course, the biggest thing missing was electricity. These people already had very cosmopolitan lives but with fear of wars. Of course, the era could be more brutal and more dangerous to many including slaves.

  3. thoughtfully done. excellent. can i ask though: shouldnt all those red colors on the bodies be more properly (royal) purple than red? AND, please delete that maddening and distracting counting clock from the bottom of the screen. what is that supposed to do except covering otherwise important background details on the bottom?

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