Importance of form and function in car design

Importance of form and function in car design

Great design is something that hits your heartstrings at the very beginning in a positive way but then you begin to appreciate
it even more over time as all the functional elements
all fall into place. I still belong to the old school
of form does follow function, I just like this product I’m sitting
in now functionality is so important and I feel very happy when at the
end of the day it looks great but at the same time they’ve
been able to push or steer the function aspect in a very positive way. The idea of designing in
the automotive field will change completely in the next years. There’s so much of a change
now in terms of what is the aspiration of people and what role
does car play in peoples lives that there’s opportunities now to
move forward in new and exciting ways. We have to in car design,
designers have to be looking just outside the field of car design. And in this particular vehicle, this product, this design, this concept. Vignale is very much inspired
by the some of the classic approaches to what luxury is and the fine craftsmanship that we had to look into as we
basically developed this concept. On one side we’ve got the technological side, we’ve got the automotive side with
the sleek dynamic shape of the product and in the interior we’ve got this hommage if you like to Italian craftsmanship. So there’s a lot of inspiration in this vehicle.

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  1. "Great design –" IS DEAD.  And in it's rotting corpse is an army of cookie-cutter look-alike cars.  With the exceptions few and far between, it seems like they forgot how to design unique cars somewhere after the end of the 90s. 

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