In Residence Ep 14: “Alexandre de Betak” by Matthew Donaldson

In Residence Ep 14: “Alexandre de Betak” by Matthew Donaldson

I was dreaming of an old house
and I could not get it or find it So, instead of an old house,
I then decided to build from scratch an old house, which sounds very weird What I did was to first buy I spent the first year and a half, two years
almost, buying windows and doors and then beams and tiles and rocks Most of my work, how can I say,
is work for hire in the sense that I mostly design,
conceive and produce events and shows and installations and exhibitions
for designers and houses So I do it, I guess with a personal touch
of course, always but I do it for a brand or a designer The house as you see it
is for myself, my family and my friends and there’s no work for hire there It’s incredibly personal Not by choice of design
but more by choice of life I did want a very rounded house a very warm, very welcoming very soft and sweet, in a way, house I usually love things very angular I design many shows that are very angular I myself don’t draw well
so I studied designing That’s what I kind of do
but I started doing things fairly simple and minimalistic
because they’re easier to draw and when it came to this
I wanted the opposite of that There are many memorable
evenings and nights of pasta at three in the morning before you go to bed,
so you have no hangover kind of thing I did remember many of those Actually, just by the door of the kitchen
there’s a growing area for herbs and basil You can actually very easily
in the middle of the night with nothing in the fridge, if you
had nothing, cook something from what’s there in the garden Why does my wine come out of a rusty tap? Why not? Is there any reason
my wine shouldn’t come out of a rusty tap because I think that’s out of a place
that should be made for both fun and relax and whatever there should be a tap in the wall
with great red wine coming out of it For no other reason than that!

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  1. Watching these videos has re-sparked my desire to become an architect and make beautiful spaces. It might just have been the kick I needed. Thank you Mathew and Nowness.

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