In Residence: Jasper Conran

In Residence: Jasper Conran

This house is built
as a huge piece of theater It’s a power play It’s grand It’s got all sorts of bonkers notions
that run through it This house is designed to impress, clearly It’s designed to surprise You come through a much smaller room and then you enter
into this columned wondrousness Now, modern architecture doesn’t seek to play those games It doesn’t seek to impose
that sort of grandeur on people It’s one of the great beauties of this country, that staircase It looks quite over the top but at the same time, quite simple I think, really, I took my lead from that so I have a balance of under-aching
and over-aching, if you like Pure and impure The axes of the views are incredible You’re just continually given
these pictures, really, I suppose I like tables a lot more
than I like sofas so this house has a lot of tables I can work at it.
I read a newspaper at it I can have breakfast,
lunch and dinner at it I can live at a table all day, really perfectly happily I love the English country house,
if you like, as a notion from a very early age through right or wrong I think that what attracts me
to an object is its character its patina,
the life that it’s led I’m not frightened of things that have been broken
and glued together Time gives an object soul and that I find very attractive I’m very against plasticizing
and new-ifying old objects I mean, have you seen the Sistine Chapel? Ghastly The organ has been there
since the house was built I mean, the records show
that it was put in contemporaneously The acoustics in the rotunda
are absolutely extraordinary If you stand in the middle
of the ground floor and sing it has the most remarkable effect It’s just the sound
goes right through you It had been a school
akin to St Trinian’s This was the end of the line If your children had been expelled
from six or seven different schools then this was where they ended up It’s got the air of naughtiness about it which I like I think boys were being hoisted up
through the windows crawling through the undergrowth To me, home, it’s certainly
where people congregate and have a good time When you’re looking at rooms that I do simplicity is what you walk into but then there’s a bombshell of stuff
that comes along with people It’s a canvas that you paint
in different ways in different forms
at different times The space the emptiness, the silence is all is all that I love

90 thoughts on “In Residence: Jasper Conran

  1. The way he talks about his house is beautiful, you can tell he is in love with it, I mean that shouldn't be hard but still, he describes every detail gracefully

  2. while the architecture and beauty of it and the clean filmmaking are compelling, what is just as beautiful is how much sir jasper loves it so truthfully

    "time gives an object soul."

    just lovely.

  3. Outstanding beauty … Jasper Conran is the master in defined & understated elegance, as he has shown in this Georgian masterpiece of architecture. New Wardour Castle in Wiltshire, England.


  4. Rattling around like a grain of salt in huge house… I can't see the attraction myself… Each to their own I guess

  5. Personally, the walls are too white, a pure cold white, for me, while the walls are screaming for some warmth. Too mausoleum for me.

  6. What an old soul. He is in love with his beautiful house. Must say he got the balance between the architecture & the decor absolutely right. It is not ostentatious, vulgar nor ghastly but yet beautifully over the top with an air of modernity. However there is such a feeling of loneliness about it. Well done!

  7. oprime el pecho observar todo ese silencio obligado en vacío, tanto detalle ceñido a la obediencia de verse el mejor… tal vez si fuera visitado por músicos y amantes de la música, finalmente la casa tendría un Alma. Comparta amigo y amara algo mas que el silencio (humildemente)

  8. I used to work for Jasper many years ago, and some how knew he would have a place like this, utterly beautiful, good luck to him, he taught me so much

  9. It's a lovely, and beautiful… I love the look but I (and my small family) will feel lost if we live in the place like this… somehow, I sense that this man (Jasper) feels lonely

  10. Sir Jasper knows he is the real care taker of this wonder of the world, Sir Jasper if you invite me I could delight you just picking flowers from the vicinity is putting flowers and nature everywhere.

  11. NOWNESS is a channel by rich fuckers who don't share. You 1 % better give back your riches or you will get a revolution.

  12. Well, apparently what I see and what was shown, I'm sorry for some misjudgement on my part.

    It really is a shame that you live in such a big place and do not share. It is beautiful, clean, peaceful, probably one of the best places to study learning and living. No animal, children, family, plants, birds in other words there is no life in this place. Of course I will choose carefully the kind of people who know how to respect the history, the costumes and the energy of the place.

    I would charge a symbolic value for maintenance and common sense since money is not a problem.

  13. I didn't want this video to end. Absolutely incredible. I hope to have an ounce of Conran's talent one day.

  14. I thought he was being ironic but perhaps the hackers saw me watching the video and decided to stripe my floors.

  15. Several people appear to be under the impression that he owns the whole house. He has one apartment out of, I think, ten. He also does not live alone.

  16. I wonder if Jasper is like that with people because I wear his Glasses very classy like him not in a pretentious way. I personally design with my eyes . But I am no professional Designer but I have the eye un pretentiously so to speak.

    Jasper is very genuine in my books. He is liked by ME kkk respectively. He has encapulatin taste bless him. And he knew what he wanted and he got it goodluck to him his Home is Fabuliciously FAB kkkk.

    Fatima May…London

  17. Simply stunning. The minimal furniture allowing the house to truly shine has so much drama, it’s almost cinematic. True, true perfection.

  18. Some people may love it, i find this quiet boring, not color all plane, sad big spaces, that death silence… what a depressing place, good for boring depressing people waiting for the death to arrive. Even those plants are sad 🙁

  19. In the video, I don't know if this is the way he is sitting, Mr Conran's arms looks somewhat short. I don't know if I have been punished for laughing at the video – not to do with his appearance – but in case he is worried I would reassure him that it is the result of poisoning – or perhaps dental treatment (I have a permanent denture behind the gum) but probably food: satanic/arsenic.

  20. The Art of pretension. If you really dislike the Sistine Chapel, wait a couple hundred years, it will be filthy again.
    And that temple jar is a disgrace. Gluing it is one thing, with his money he could have had it done properly.
    I’m not impressed.

  21. How do these dummys hold on to thete family fortunes .if they werent protected the streets would eat them alive.

  22. Finally someone with shit loads of cash, doing majestic things with a beautiful English Country House – stunningly understated

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