‘Inception’ Trailer 2 HD

‘Inception’ Trailer 2 HD

There’s one thing you should you know about me. I specialize in a very specific type of security, subconscious security. You’re talking about dreams? Mr. Cobb has a job offer he would like to discuss with you. A kind of work placement? Not exactly. You create the world of the dream. We bring the subject into that dream and they fill it with their secrets. Then you break in and steal it. Well, it’s not strictly speaking, legal. It’s called inception. We’re ready. I think I found a way home. And this last job, that’s how I get there. Dreams, feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up then that we realize something was actually strange. This was your responsibility, we are not prepared for this! The dream’s collapsing. I have it under control. I need to see out of control. You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling.

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  1. this is the trailer that gave birth to the horn trailers of the 2010s. I wonder whats gonna happen to trailers of the 2020s? alarms?

  2. You know how cobb shot his partner to wake him up because he was in pain in saitos dream at the beginning, well should he not have gone to limbo since it was a dream within a dream?

  3. The music and sound in this movie is amazing… Watch this one with a good set of speakers that have bass in them, turn the volume up a bit, and you'll be completely captivated with the story
    The music will be stuck in your head the next day for sure

  4. just seen this movie….probably the most Tripped out movie i have ever seen (best 2)
    ….one question …i didnt get the ending….

  5. Just watched the 15minute preview for Doctor Strange. Damn If anybody thinks doctor strange is ripping off this movie, they are sorely mistaken. The effects in Doctor Strange are of other dimensions. This movie is nothing compared to DS. DS effects are…I have no words.Inception falls flat compared to DS. They really brought the comic book alive. Also Chris Nolan actually did copy the effects from DS and Paprika so inception actually ripped of DS

  6. This movie has everything: Big stars who were perfectly cast and feel natural in their roles, intelligent writing, an original, made for the screen story, measured, precise directing, smart use of visual effects, detailed production design. Finally, it has a global scale yet it's intimate and personal all at once. And the love story between Cobb and his wife is masterfully heartbeaking, without being exploitative. It's not perfect – nothing is. But Inception is brilliant nonetheless in the context of blockbusters and modern cinema. How Nolan pulled this off will forever amaze me.

  7. Many people think this trailer is the reason why the Braam (the low horn FFF horn sound), but its actually not. This track is produced by Zack Hesmey, it's not got the inception horn, the first two trailers (this is actually trailer 3) was produced by Mike Zarin. They actually contain the right Hans Zimmer Braam type. The Braams origin though comes before Inception. Mike Zarin said effectively Transformers in 2007 trailer paved the precedent for what was to come. That using a sound design element with percussion reinforced the trailer ideas. And he's right. He also talks about how the prominence of this trailer sound though caused sound design to become heightened within trailers, but it was already there.

    Single Braam Sound design has been prominent within trailers before Inception, and was gradually on the increase since the original Alien trailer in 1979 heard through in Kundun trailer in 1997, transformers in 2007 before this trailer. The truth is you can see it on the uprise throughout the digital age, it was going to come because of it's effectiveness within trailers.

  8. They create the dream yet no one has the power to make themselves bullet proof or get any actual supernatural powers. This is a dream, not the matrix. If you can bend a city in half with your mind, then I'm sure you can pull off some Neo or Freddy kreuger type shit. Yet they spend half the movie trying not to get shot in dreams

  9. This movie is like listening to someone explain the rules of a game for two hours without ever actually playing it.

  10. I forgave myself for a failed relationship with an ex girlfriend by watching this movie. It really helped me get over the guilt.

  11. Still get goosebumps but when I first watched it was something else! Soo phenomenal 💯 Leo gives me goosebumps all the time and Nolan movies!

  12. If you must, watch this movie like u watch MATRIX….that is as a mismash of half-drawn plots and plot devices. It is a shoot em up action pic with some indecipherable plot stuff. No one overseas, the big market, will care or want to know what the film is about–just liking the trumped up action, including a Bond knock off. Sad little crap pumped up to dazzle adolescent minds, like usual.

  13. leo you are the CUTEST person in the world and i love inception sm babe! You act awesome and we loveee youuuuu sm!and don’t forget that you are my cutie haha💕 i always think about you

  14. It's going to take forever for people to really understand this movie. It's one of the most under appreciated works of cinema in decades.

  15. Inception is not a bad but paprika came first still better than inception,anime is far superior to any Hollywood movie period!😎😎😎

  16. Does anyone know more movies like this? About the human mind or memory or something like that. I watched shutter island and it was really beautiful bit i cant find more

  17. المشهد الاول يقول
    انا متخصص في الامن الخاص
    المشهد الثاني يقولون لها انها عنده عرض وظيفي ويبغى يتناقش معك ردت عليهم هو يعمل شرطي؟!

  18. Bizzy Bone… All I'll Ever know…. "You create the world… in a dream…. You bring the subject into that dream…" Never knew it was sampled from this movie. Now I want to see this. And I'm trying to figure out how this slipped by me

  19. The amazingness about Inception was the allegorical meaning that man's determination to dominate every aspect of reality will ultimately be his downfall.

    What's awesome about that movie is that it alludes to how fragile our very perception of reality is, since after all "reality" as we know it only consists of the information that is gathered by our consciousness by means of touch, sight, sound, smell, and feel. We never stop to think about the fact that the real, objective reality consists of WAY more than that. In fact, just the simple discovery of different types of waves in the air is proof that, with our consciousness the way it is, we're only capable of experiencing an EXTREMELY small portion of the whole of reality. And the more we push those boundaries of our perceptions the more we risk overreaching, thus destroying how our minds currently experience things.

    I think it hearkens back to philosophers like Nietzsche, who ultimately died literally insane and alone after spending years trying to dissect the different aspects of life. And I think the most important parallel between those people and the movie Inception is that in both cases someone powerful figured out how to use that knowledge to control others. In fact, Hitler took much of Nietzsche's writing and used it to START the Nazi party.

    All-in-all, Inception was amazing because it really made you question what reality is, and how it can ultimately be used. What are your thoughts?

  20. Who is strangely fascinated with the trailer music, WITH the voices and the sound effects!?

  21. dreams feel strange while you're in them. Lucid dreaming wouldn't even exist as a concept otherwise. What a shit premise for a movie.

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