Incredible Cob House Tour – A Sustainable Green Building

Incredible Cob House Tour – A Sustainable Green Building

hey everyone we’re here on main island in British Columbia and we’re checking out the Cobb cottage this is a two-story 800 square foot cottage and it was built with Cobb which is a fantastic natural building material and Cobb is just a simple mixture of sand clay and straw this is the very first Cobb house in British Columbia that’s fully permitted and load-bearing and it was built in 1999 by Cobb works we actually found out about this building on Airbnb and it’s the fourth most wish listed property on all of Airbnb around the world so it’s really interesting for us to see how much interest there is and natual buildings like this so let’s go take a look inside we’re going to give you a quick tour when you come in there’s the main entrance here and the washroom is just down the hall over there and this is the main living area in addition to using Cobb for the walls they’ve used other natural materials so there’s a nice stone floor natural wood for the railing and other pieces of furniture there’s two different sources of heat in this house there’s electric baseboards and they do have a fireplace this house is on the grid so they do have a well septic tank and it is plugged into power if you come around here is the kitchen there’s a simple little bar fridge down there over here there’s a little eating nook this kitchen has lots of nice counter space and a ton of light coming from the windows and there’s even a skylight right above the sink and then there’s a pantry right here [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] so now we’re upstairs in the bedroom and I think my favorite part about this is that there’s two doors and two separate balconies again there’s some really nice lighting in here there’s several porthole windows on the side of the bed there’s a really big skylight and then tons of windows all around another really nice feature is this curved roof rafter and a nice wooden ceiling and then over here there’s a pretty miniature desk area and the closet and there’s also a nice big bed here with built-in storage pretty much all around it there’s a nice bathroom here with everything you need and definitely the coolest part of the bathroom is the shower they’ve built a little nook it’s almost kind of like a mini cave for your shower and a nice slat wooden floor what I really like is that all the walls and surfaces are rounded and it gives the space a really nice organic feel and that’s what I really love about Cobb as a building material is that you can be creative and sculpt it to build really unique and beautiful spaces like this if you want to learn more about Cobb we made a longer more in-depth video about this amazing natural building material we put a link in the description of this video if you want to check it out hope you enjoyed checking out this amazing natural Cobb building please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe to see more like this

100 thoughts on “Incredible Cob House Tour – A Sustainable Green Building

  1. Can a 3D printer be applied to this cobb technology the same way they're starting to do with cement now boy that would really be something

  2. Απλά υπέροχο! Μραβω ! Ο χώρος του ειναι βιώσιμος και ευρύχωρος και ευχάριστος !

  3. Always the little Fridge is set on the floor! WHY? Set it up at chest height so one does not have to bend down to see into the back of the fridge.

  4. Amazing….Is there any way to cntact with the maker ?
    This is very geniou,beautiful, incredible.every single detail is perfect. unbelievable.
    Thanks for showing us this.

  5. Beautiful home. Perfect for the peaceful life in nature.
    It's good that the owner is renting out the house to visitors. In this way many more people can experience this home from inside.

    Cob buildings with bamboo fiber, or hemp fiber, or carbon fiber would be very strong. Might be even stronger than the concrete that cracks from temperature changes during the winter time.

  6. Typically,what is the average cost to build a cobb house? Personally speaking,I like what I am seeing. Looking forward to more of your videos. Mary Warren 😊🙋

  7. Is a Cob house practical in a hot humid environment? I wonder if the heat and moisture affect the structure

  8. How does this hold up in storms? I want to build something similar for my mom but we live in Texas and we have quite a few tornados out here.

  9. These are the living many of indian villagers live thats too less fancy, plus many of them dont use electricity, cooking gas (lpg/cng/propane). I was born and brought up in city, but in last year i got chance to visit a village which have this kind of and less fancy very basic house, and i was surprised how (although out of option) the villagers, made most use nature and its ingredients.

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  12. always had an issue with composting toilets
    like the fact that it's a flush toilet!
    this house is so nice
    the ambiance is great!

  13. Joj kao iz bajke gospodari prstenova. 👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏😘😘😘😘

  14. I really like the house and all the natural details. It's a good video, but I do wish there had been more details. I'd like to know costs, how it stands up to differing climates such as very humid and rainy weather, and what that small building is outside. I have many questions and would have loved a slower, longer look at each space inside and outside.

  15. This can't be real!
    It looks like a gingerbread house, only looking at it for a minute is enough to make you happy for a day!!!
    I LOVE IT!! 💜💛💙💚💜

  16. We have houses in villages built the same way in Kyrgyzstan throughout centuries. Nice houses though…

  17. There is something that feels warm and appealing about this building. It is organic, naterial, stress releasing.

  18. In Australian colloquial cob or cobber means friend , mate….And strangely all the cob houses I've seen look 'friendly'.

  19. Vamos! Una casa hecha con adobe , material que se viene utilizando en el mundo desde hace siglos. Mas viejo que Matusalem

  20. Can you rent this home for a period of time? I love these kinds of homes! Log cabins, tree homes & the earth homes are STUPENDOUS! Thanks so much for sharing! I've never been to BC, I think I may have to take a vacation!!
    Peace Out! With Love! 💓💓💜💚💜💚😘🌹🌹🌹🌹🌷🌹

  21. Looks so much like a story book house 🏡 and that’s the reason it is loved. It speaks of a simple happier time with less worries fun and imagination makes it exciting to think of actually living there.
    So Builders do your best to make more of these always keeping these qualities in mind. They will sell like Hot Cakes

  22. How does cob handle -40 temperatures? Could it crack from freezing, especially with Alberta schnooks with sudden up and down temperatures like a sudden difference of up to 20 degrees?

  23. OMG! I am a housekeeper, I clean holiday rentals for a living and this dream house would be a dream clean for me. It wouldn't feel like work, I would run to it to clean it and ready it for the lucky holiday makers who have the good fortune to stay here. Just beautiful xx

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