Incredible Stunning Rodanthe Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living

Incredible Stunning Rodanthe Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living

Incredible Stunning Rodanthe Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living

100 thoughts on “Incredible Stunning Rodanthe Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living

  1. There isn't enough storage. One little closet, little or no kitchen cupboards. Fine for a hotel room but not to live in.

  2. Me encantó!!!
    Yo quiero una. Una casita así pequeña , con lo necesario para vivir tranquila.

  3. I could make do with that. I don't need a lot. The problem I have with tiny houses is that I'd be paranoid about somebody hooking it up and driving off with it while I was away or finding squatters in it. Lol It's hard to find any place where you'd be comfortable setting it up and leaving it if you had to.

  4. Another video to make me appreciate my regular sized home. Interesting but I really thought these homes were started to save $$.

  5. Domki. Są fantastyczne potrzebuje taki. Domek co. Zrobić. Żeby. Go. Mieć mam. Koty i potrzebuje kawałek. Ziemi. I. Wasz. Domek

  6. it looks like a bowling alley and it looks way too tight in there I don't know why people are not trying to step up their game they're so many builders out here now why wouldn't you try to do something super unique that has never been done before instead of always playing it safe And what's with the white nurse too much of it it doesn't even go well with the dark cabinets even though most people think that it does there's such a lack of style and vision

    I have no idea what you guys charge for this house I'm sure it's a pretty penny but it's like a downsize version of some cookie cutter different color same shape same layout same floor plan have traditional developments high for one would not buy it if I had money

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