Hey Mercedes “yes please” change
the mood in blue “ok I change the color to blue Ouch Oo Oo Oo Oo Oooo
you have seen all this just a big unbelievable !!!! Ohhh Hey Mercedes, increase the temperature
“ok I set the temperature to 22 degrees” ok we will never get tired we are
always inside this class has and we’ll lower the sound to hear
frankly the color is just incredible it’s an atmosphere on board and
we said it with victory we’ll see just now but you have
the impression of driving a car to 100,000 euros for half less taken
a false must know that she has oh what a beautiful 50000 euros still good
it’s the most upscale version on a diesel engine 116 horses I
believe at first when discovers her on “Victor Stp” thank you Victorvoilà it’s live and
you see huh it’s really absolutely Just huge
the indoor mood she clearly mercedes does very hard on the inside not even compare it
to the Audi A3 wins nor to a bmw series 1and even a bm series 7 in
makes the yachts has dismasted which confines to a class s I want to tell you that
the class of her maybe she’s maybe
but frankly there and she is great high tech is there she has technologies
ahead of his generation is sure that on his category and on others
categories be it sedans roads and even some factories little
hard on the middle screen and so victory but to set the screen of the
better in fact we can customize everything a mayor’s ride because we can
choose the size you see if I’m going remove for example the small map page
allow full screen if I want you put others but we will
do we have the map in full screen the on his tour anyway
still frankly we have reached a pinnacle in terms of the most
technological in a class s more than technology in a class is that it’s
just amazing and which constructor would allow himself
put in the smallest compact all these mercedes technologies has
does it’s just amazing keep the screen the quality of the screen the
finish it’s just bluffing and more a lighting a really atmosphere
very very very very good you have again an iad system
artificial intelligence that is absolutely bluffing look at mercedes
g show okay so the jemaye ventilation to
walk look look at the mood indoor is in nightclub his box
at night really class ac it’s perfect it is it’s bling bling maybe
but that’s what we like aboard this class
ac it’s the side that’s where everything is configurable customizable see me
I have the menu here and you can watch you have two absolutely big screens
in long shadow are 10 inches out of 6 and 10 inches also happen knew
practically 20 inches horizontally it’s clearly unheard of in this
category from there you can customize each screen part
it’s really really bluffing there would have left the middle
here I can really change everything I can put in classic mode too
here I can change it’s screen there all that Oh good
so note down the new class keys at it changes old a lot more
fine with a lot more aluminum to are really very very very elegant
here is another detail that changes on this new class at the key wish victory the keys is better by
the roof is good efb a good trip of victor and see you later so
there we are here the display this road you said ultra complete we see it
very well we put the gps we have a whole security panel and there you see so
live the placard and others where you have
all the information for me it’s one of the most comprehensive at the
head-up display especially on the category then know it was said
often but we are in a class at and for you to break the c 47 through his
very big sister and that she has my opinion she does not have everything we have to us
inside the duct the pretty class s but we have a better interior
you see, we make a little point account is sent automatically to seven
reports of missing out on the seventh report
130 square kilometers with the regulator club management who played 5 4 5
recurring pizza stabilizer that demeans so much better that staging is
well 4,5,5,5 his arrival uphill
not bad the vector get you to eelv next to the flowers and that’s what the
pretty for san francisco we took 13 we come to a trial this
that we really do not want this class a and it is we are in the
shit so at 1:30 of paris v a super nice spot to boost a car like
this one okay I find that this music will wake you up and I’m me
discover his phase s to no utility apart from a leather palm rest
please all that for that is at hand or navigate through what we
really appreciate in this class has got the tunnels on
did not understand for the moment it’s the malawi here yeah yeah that’s the case
that we do not like the tunnel for the sound never anything is a diesel
on the other hand is the atmosphere intervenes six excellent it changes of
car went in a ship spatial you have the arrow of life where she is in
do that and we finally have the reality increased on the screen so here he tells you to
turn you see it’s pretty good inlaid up the gentleman’s attention victory please do not put it
in the water that’s a thousand of 50000 euros
perget your banker if you want still
go without parent this new 40 so victory he still does not know what
I asked him but victor you told me you invented me the city of navigation
infotainment it’s simple it’s intuitive thing to which I am not
necessarily agree with you there is still it remains there is a time of adaptation you
you may be really in the technology of an iphone say ok you have
in apple must shock the tablecloth gast is a little but I’m going to ask you just a
what is your average consumption since we left paris did
a hundred kilometers you go there seconds to find the consumption
average after 30 minutes I will stop the video so after
remember that he still has no cow which he pleads current four league
2 in consumption I think Eric 7-5 6-7 of the world has been gone for three hours
we have a big big big problem its double-x classes and on others
Car I am contest my daughter loves
cling what is not by him what you did not do is a few
cars and acceleration sometimes that requires to hang on
I do not have two wrists as well in the rear driver finally brief we have
wrist and that’s a very big problem quit looking for the side ok I
can hang on yeah but that’s me it was it had a
a little manly side the handle of the game his victory what
it’s a fact to think about this little blinking of the good a particular sound
those who would not wait we love or we do not like but it’s a little a little
click of precision as if you regret with crowns on tarn in structure you
can go through sira and first it’s that like that here is the plastic one always serve and
that you feel that it’s still good worked well studied the very sound of the
click all she does it does a little beat marc is still strong in an airplane
or a rolls you know the role if one really studied the sound is there the
hardening of the keys we are not still at the level of a rolls in
now the size of the problem is not in luxury and prevent it
know that you have several colors we try three colors red water
gray and white know that here we are does not have a lot of colors but we have
what to get an idea a little bit of the aesthetic appearance in the car
so here we are on a finish intermediate and after we have a finish
amg here in red which rather rather well with the black rims and then
you have the car where our car its white color and frankly to
level configuration I think we have the better configurations that we have
currently on the sr here is a small detail again we are on the
premium aboard this class has and look at the look a little flee style
the one to rely on the touch of the newlyweds what does it do here you are inside this
wonderful class absolutely technological is really the term
who sees him very well and modern go again the finish and
especially how does it look on the doors with this stitching that is
extends on the upper part of the dashboard it’s really all
beauty no you are not dreaming you are when
even inside a class to and yes that’s what’s crazy is that the degree
and brought to the details on this compact
premium mum
very very well done an assembly perfect and here you have a design
very very very very very very very beautiful friends we will try to test the 0 to 100
indeed in diesel and we will put ourselves in sport mode and sport mode it’s here on
go into sport mode that’s good I can blow a little more for
go faster 1-0 130
it’s good here we knew 1 is not the sportiest engine of
diesels far there it’s pope the wind that’s not going to be a dream for sure
we still put in nine seconds maybe to reach 100 km / h
good here is against it is true that start of the first 50 kilometers
time his share still not bad there is a lot of and after nothing else that
is running out of steam there’s no surprise on the diesel that’s okay it’s an engine that
will sell well among the most larger volumes for precisely one
only reason is its appearance fuel economy consumption
on the other hand for the performances will have to rely on petrol versions
or more muscular ie 250 next meetings next
next to alger at 45 mg why not we will see in any case we can not wait to see
that in this interior absolutely like see the bottom i’m going to look at myself
there is left of the steering wheel below you have everything that is so setting
fires that’s it so know already a small aluminum strapping for
here’s giving a side very well is everything that no I say nonsense
before he was below home mercedes the old class was there
now she is more visible is there he did not turn on that much again that’s what
you put cassard saint-herblain term of the month asked mercedes of your
thing and mercedes but the skyrock radio you listen to salary skyrock then we
knew that tartuffe until yesterday and as you say a real research lefebvre on
integration of elements with the state the tablet that go from table is this
that being all cars to others what are we doing and nothing behind
me still definition works very hard we are far from it we are not
on a class s one is on a class to there is a mixture of form materials
of design really it’s really very very well we do filming and everything is
in detail you see the handles doors are really good well
together and well make a mix of polish leather aluminum and that’s
very beautiful there too you have and keys that goes of course I had to say
that’s a little bit what all the world knows but there
it’s already adding that big you see if you saw the steering wheel but you see here
that’s pretty good all the little girl brushed steel part and then one is
just a sit in that so are active so here on and screens and to act
actually on the acquired screen but if I will change the display can change the
order here without needing too much quickly to their taste of what I find these
practices and these practices to note also the steering wheel we are used to driving
mercedes there you have an overstitching red who will have my father I will cry
that we have used so it’s not a surprise but it’s true that there is
a lot of information so it’s true that the old class has
there was a lot of list buttons it was really very very very exposed to
the rage was really then to compare with the old it’s true that
it has nothing to do but against I have the impression that they have put all
the buttons you had on the old network miss pretty much to his life
quiet against the audio part the party rule is a fantasy to her but
also facilitate once we have simulated the small steps of taxis that is said on and
victor on the way back the Paris direction balance time
what are you of the same opinion what this class has for you too
the best premium compact yes definitely that’s more
it’s small and compact firstly all this in terms of equipment that on
Internet on the inside pages
refinement we listen to the casual segment we are
almost in the segment of sedans very very very
comfortable these three killers technically speaking he creates any
time to go to my invention the difference and that’s on ip worth 1
his beloved darling meder lo do not hesitate to give
your opinion in comment what you could more possible with the aca he
10 to 3 or a steve
unity do not hesitate to tell us your plane how
What you like and what you like not in this car
tired of seeing a little bit of your friends on this on Monday
we say very soon to see you soon other mishaps wear well
thanks fine trigger


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