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– Hey guys, it’s Morna and in this video I’m gonna be talking about
industrial design jobs. Specifically, I’m gonna
be sharing with you how to find out where
industrial designers work in your city. I think this is an extremely
valuable process to go through if you’re looking for
an industrial design job or industrial design internship. To go through the process of
scouting out the landscape of where industrial
designers work in your city, and hopefully you’ll find out
not only where you could work, but where you want to
work, more importantly. So I hope you guys find this
video helpful, if you do, I’d really appreciate
it if you’d share it. So before we get into the how-to, I wanted to share a story with you because, and it’s really
sort of the inspiration for this video and it’s based on a really valuable experience
that I had in school. So after my second year of
industrial design school, I worked for my school in
the ID department as kind of an admin assistant, and one
of my tasks was to update their mailing list, their contact list. And on this list included, the
whole point of the list was to include all the different
places where the students, the industrial design students could work in the greater Toronto region. And my job was to go to the
website and check it out, what kind of work they did,
like what industry, what type of place it was, what
kind of work they did, and then obviously all
the contact information, and then also look for new
places that weren’t on the list. And what that experience did
for me was it, by the end of that summer, I had a
list of top five places that I felt were a good
kind of fit for me, that I felt were doing interesting work, and places where I wanted to work. And the real benefit there
was that, after our third year we had an internship which
we had to find ourselves, so I had like pretty much
a year in advance I knew where I wanted to be,
I knew where I wanted to do my internship and then
it was just really a matter of focusing on my portfolio
and getting those interviews at the top three places. So, I felt it was really beneficial, and so that’s why I’m making this video, so let’s get into the how-to. Step one, create a spreadsheet in Excel. In the first column can be
the name of the company. Second company is what
kind of work do they do. For example, do they do medical devices, are they sports equipment, are they a furniture company, et cetera. And the third column is
location and I would include location in your spreadsheet
just because if a company’s gonna be like two hours away in traffic, it might not be at the top of your list. So step two, find where
industrial designers work. What are the names of the
companies where they work? When I’m doing this kind of
research, usually I will set myself a time limit. For example, in this case
I gave myself 60 minutes to complete the task of
looking for company names. If I’m giving myself a time
limit for this type of task, it keeps me focused and
it can then kind of become like a race to see how
many names I can find. If you start looking at each
individual company website, you’ll probably find yourself
going down a rabbit hole and an hour later you may not have found very many companies. So focus only on company
names in this step. There’s many different types
of searches you could do. These are the three most useful
searches that I’ve found. The first is Linkedin. Search industrial designers in your city. Go to each person’s profile. Look at their resume
or past work experience and collect the names of the
places where they have worked as an industrial designer. So, you’re gonna collect
the names of the companies and put them in your spreadsheet. And now, also if you don’t
want to be seen looking at other people’s profiles,
you can search in private mode. Number two is a Google search
and here you’re gonna be searching as someone looking
for an industrial design job. So for example, industrial
design jobs plus the name of your city, and essentially
you’re gonna be looking at job postings and collecting
the names of those companies and then putting those
in your spreadsheet. So the third is another Google search and here you’re gonna look
at it from the point of view as someone wanting to hire
an industrial designer. So, the search would be something
like industrial designer plus the name of your city
or hire industrial designer plus the name of your city. And put those company
names in your spreadsheet. Now this search, this third
search will give you names of consultancies in your city. So in this phase I spent about 60 minutes and found the names of 50
company names in Toronto. If I had spent more time, I would have definitely
found more companies. I should also note that
even though I know companies in Toronto, the only thing that I included on my list were company
names that I found. Now if you want my notes and
a list of those 50 companies in Toronto, they’re available for download in a link below this video. So step three is to go
through the list of companies on your spreadsheet and start
filling out the information of your spreadsheet. So visit each website, look at the types of projects they do. What are they about? What industries do they work in? What do they design? Who works there? Read the bios of the
people that work there, and also where are they located, and put all of that information
on your spreadsheet. Step four is really just
reflecting on this process and asking yourself what are the places that stood out for you? Are there any places where you
could see yourself working? So hopefully you have a
better sense of what kinds of companies are out there in your city and what the job landscape looks like for industrial designers. So I hope this was helpful
and we’ll see you next time.

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  1. Hi Morna,
    Greetings from India. I just wanted to say that your work is awesome. I just wish that the videos poured in at a faster rate 😀 😀

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