Inexpensive Tiny House | Super Interior Design $2000-9000!

Inexpensive Tiny House | Super Interior Design $2000-9000!

Hello and welcome! You watch channel RunmanReCords Design. Today we show cheap tiny houses and design ideas. Simple interior design and tiny kitchen. Beautiful view. Green roof, beautiful hut with sea view. Bright bedroom, wardrobe and book shelves. Thank you for watching! Subscribe to my channel RunmanReCords Design!

18 thoughts on “Inexpensive Tiny House | Super Interior Design $2000-9000!

  1. I honestly hate these montages of a ton of houseS not house and the music isn't helping – do nothing instead!

  2. This obviously contains shots of different houses which makes it really hard to watch. You can never tell which rooms belong to the same house. There are houses I'd like to see in a bit more detail but there's no mention of who, what, where, why and of course how!

  3. cool pic's of tiny homes..wehre is the sick @ 501-502?? faucet, not sink?? lol I did love some of the designs

  4. The number one thing that I despise about tiny homes is having to crawl on all fours in the sleeping area. Making the bed becomes a big job crawling from one side of the bed to the other and one end of the bed to the other. It's ridiculous and I hate it!!

    Hasn't anyone ever heard about bump-outs, you know, like in RVs, where you can enlarge the floor area by bumping out a small wall section in the living, sleeping or kitchen areas. Well, bump-outs can be vertical as well as horizontal!!! That would mean ease of transportation due to low overhead bridges, etc. Sheesh!! I should patent the idea. Hey, I guess I just did.

  5. I am terribly sorry I couldn't bear to watch anymore I got a really bad headache from that horrifying sound that was playing.

  6. Oh! And if you could identify the Home/Model type…Mobile (on wheels) or stationary (attached to the planet) that would be a great help also. And since I am following up my earlier post, I would suggest the identification of the Home/Model, & SF/Length, & Mobile/ Stationary that would be fantastic…Thanks in advance!

  7. These are a nice variety of what you can do, yes the music is to loud, but you also have the ability to mute or turn it down, if you could slow the slideshow down we could see them in better detail. Thank You 🙂

  8. Regurgitated images from other postings to get views. This channel isn't touring any tiny homes and probably doesn't even have an interest. Bad form Runman Records 👎

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