Inheriting Oscar de la Renta’s Studio — And Legacy | In The Studio

Inheriting Oscar de la Renta’s Studio — And Legacy | In The Studio

“We’re brutally honest
with each other —” “Yeah.” “— to a point where strangers
might hear us having a conversation and think
that we hate each other.” “I have a lot of good
memories with Oscar. We worked together for 12 years. So I think I spent more time
with Oscar than actually my dad.” [Laughs] “We inherited Oscar’s office,
which is a little bittersweet. Not much has changed here
except he had a different desk. We had to expand to make
room for both of us. But we were accustomed
to it already. It didn’t feel alien to us.” “But it’s much messier
than when Oscar was here. We have a bucket of
scarves under our desk. I’m supposed to review them,
but I haven’t got there yet.” “Professionally speaking,
we grew up in this company. It was both our first jobs.” “It was just very magical for me. It was a world that I just
didn’t realize it even existed — the whole uptown,
like the ballgowns. Design-wise, I like things
that are comfortable, stretchy, slightly more masculine. And Fernando likes a
little more corseted —” “— well, I just like feminine. I like to see waists.” “So this one was our first custom
V.I.P. dress we made since we came back to Oscar. It’s a black velvet bonded with silk.” “Women relate to these actresses
and celebrities and hardworking women much more than a model. So it brings it to life, I think.” “Yeah.” “This is our sample room.” “Our patternmakers. Our sewers.” “It’s like a luxury to
have a sample room.” “Yeah.” “The magic happens in front
of your eyes, whereas, if you don’t have a sample
room, you have to wait, and you have to send it out,
and usually it doesn’t come back right. So it’s a real luxury
to have this room. We didn’t know
that till we left. [Laughs] Our first season was
a bit of a struggle.” “What happened for two years
when we left the company was, our eyes got trained to want
lighter construction and comfort. We’re figuring out how to marry
our vision with what the brand DNA is.” “I don’t want to make the change
too abrupt because there’s an existing customer.” “It’s very strong clientele.” “Yeah. So we’re trying out little
by little every season.” “The product that they were
expecting from us would never feel too alien because it always
had a hint of what Oscar would have done because at
the end of the day, we learned everything from him. I, personally, don’t feel
intimidated by the legacy of Oscar. If I feel intimidated
by something, it’s his personality. It was larger than life. I think that’s more
intimidating than the legacy. Filling the shoes of the man himself.” “Yeah. He used to go to the sample room
and sing for the ladies, too. That’s something I can’t do.” [Laughs]

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  1. Omg I can't believe I teared up at the end! Great to see the brand is in such good hands with these two who have such strong talent and vision with respect for the man who preceded them. Oscar would be so proud!!

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