Inside a $32 Million Upside Down House with 130 Ancient Oak Trees | Architectural Digest

Inside a $32 Million Upside Down House with 130 Ancient Oak Trees | Architectural Digest

welcome to 9601 oak pest Road located in Beverly Hills California designed by Noah Walker in 2015 this architectural gem has six bedrooms ten bets and comes in at over 10,000 square feet between the main and guest homes tucked away into the hillside on almost four acres of land the property is complete with 130 oak trees walking trails and truly redefines indoor/outdoor living asking price is 32 million come on in the minute you walk into the foyer you're already enveloped with the surroundings of the land and the mountains and the trees beyond and from almost every vantage point you actually see the oak trees around you so they truly become part and parcel of the residence this is Noah Walker's most well-known accomplishment to date and he's won numerous accolades for this particular home reason being that it really brings in an old-world charm of the 1960s mid-century modern into today's standards meaning you have tons of glazing around doors and windows all completely and seamlessly open and integrate into the structure they've made all the walls sliding so you have tons of Fleetwood's dotting the whole property this provides not only an integration with nature but also fantastic opportunity for entertaining and an incredible indoor/outdoor California lifestyle what we have here is an exceptional gourmet kitchen which once again takes full advantage of the gorgeous views around you one of the best highlights of the home is this Fleetwood window which at the touch of a button opens up and provides an incredible vantage point of your surroundings and everything is beautifully integrated into the millwork of the kitchen where you can have the professional grade appliances and keep the architectural integrity of the house we've got a substantial island with a breakfast bar there's also a breakfast nook that overlooks the grounds one of the most incredible amenities in my opinion in the kitchen is an indoor pizza oven that's actually wood-burning you rarely see these inside a home and they actually use natural wood from the surrounding grounds to heat the pizza oven and you've got fresh pizza nightly for those amazing pizza and pasta nights you've got two temperature controlled wine refrigerators integrated into your kitchen island so you can have easy access to your wine right here in addition to that we've actually got the fantastic pot filler that's kind of a one-stop shop and then voila I charge extra for making pasta but I'll do it for free to do the formal dining room was designed for entertaining as well as drama so what they have here is all the wood from the wood-burning fireplace which is behind us in addition to having a serving console behind the formal dining table that anchors the room architectural eat but in addition to that offers fantastic functionality when entertaining guests what the architect attempted to accomplish and did very well as you've got a very formal space inside the home and with a slide of a door you can actually have dinner lunch breakfast outside as you come out here to the dining Terrace you've got this beautiful several hundred year old oak tree cantilevered over the lap pool it provides a beautiful backdrop in focal point of the property you can entertain here live here and enjoy the backyard the formal entertaining areas of the house are actually anchored by this beautiful fireplace which bifurcates the formal dining room from the form living room and has a really beautiful serene zen-like Japanese aesthetic to it and it's a beautiful and dramatic backdrop to your formal entertaining parties what we'd call the formal living room is anything but formal everywhere you turn you've got accessibility to something of beauty of nature and that's really really organic as I said initially when we walked in one of the hallmarks of the home is just exceptionally large glazing so throughout the home we're going to see these doors that completely open up and disappear where you're truly one with all your surroundings so the focal point of the grounds is really this organically shaped pool it provides a great backdrop for entertaining living lifestyle and lots of family fun in the summer and spring here we've got a Jacuzzi on the other side which is great for the cold evenings and then in addition to that you've got access to the sitting area and the outdoor dining space as well the entire backyard is enveloped in these beautiful Oaks and then you've got the beautiful feel and sound of the water which is so tranquil beneath the huge oak tree behind this it truly is the quintessential California backyard and great for the Elli lifestyle the architect named the house the upside down home reason being that most of the square footage is actually integrated to the hillside below grade which means the entertaining and public rooms are above and then all the bedrooms are down below and exposed to the outside this is the central atrium that sits between the two secondary bedrooms and the master bedroom so if you peek in it actually feels like you're outdoors and you're on the main level with the house however it's actually subterranean let's go downstairs and check it out so what we've got downstairs is a really functional living space this is a family den an entertainment area that's really a little more private and subdued from the one we've seen upstairs you've got the TV you've got the beautiful paneled cabinetry and millwork and then we've got this sensational wine cellar the span of the rear wall a house can hold about 920 bottles of wine between the lower level and the upper wine refrigerators one of the reasons the lower portion is so light bright and airy is because we have these fantastic skylights throughout the property that really provides an indoor/outdoor feel even though you are subterranean we're actually going to pass by the atrium which we saw from up above earlier on the architect once again brought in the indoors and outdoors into one space you've got a central fire pit these doors make up a full wall of glass on either side and then they meet right at an angle here which was actually quite difficult to achieve and once it's open or closed it just adds a beautiful dramatic element to the home we'll start with the sleeping quarters here these huge steel doors pivot out there's hiking trails that start right outside of the master bedroom on both sides it really is a complete game-changer for the house and the way you live the master bedroom really feels like a tree house it's cantilever it above all these beautiful trees you've got really old eucalyptus oak trees throughout the property and when you come out onto your terrace whether it's in the morning at night in the afternoon you do get involved in all this greenery which really provides a beautiful atmosphere for the home we've got dual sinks here and then really one of the most fun features is you've got a tub that sits within the shower we've got this incredible rain showerhead that is like a waterfall and then no house in Beverly Hills is complete without an incredible walk-in closet and once again all the elements and the wood and the finishes in the closet are in keeping with the elements throughout the house originally it was designed to be part of the master bedroom a retreat could be a nursery a sitting room for the master bedroom what they've done here is envision this as an office once again you've got doors that open up to the outside you open the door and then you've got this incredible access to nature greenery beautiful fresh air and four acres of trails around you down the corridor we've got two additional secondary bedrooms and the continuity of all three bedrooms between the master and the two secondary bedrooms is this fantastic path that unites all of them so it starts where the master bedroom is on one wing of the lower level and then ends up here feeding right into the hiking trails that take you up to the motor court the lower level of the home is divided into two sections we saw the family and living quarters of the house now we're going to go into the guest quarters and the more casual area which includes the gym once again you've got fantastic outdoor space you've got a little bit of a larger balcony right off of the gym area it could be used for working out and then once you're done in the gym you have this beautiful spa-like bath here you've got a fantastic shower and then you've also got a dry sauna the home has a fully integrated guest house under roof the guest house has its own living area a little kitchenette there and then we've got the beautiful bedroom down here they've got a self-contained laundry facility this is one of four washers and four dryers in the house in addition to under roof guest quarters we've actually got a 2,000 square foot guesthouse which I'm going to take you to see right now we've arrived at the guest house they integrated this really unique barn style structure into the more contemporary angular structure of the house the barn is designed as a multi-purpose room it's acoustically sound it's great for music great as an art studio great is a really casual family area we're gonna walk in the more contemporary portion of the guest house they carried a lot of the organic elements of the main residence in here so you've got concrete floors you have this really lovely streamlined kitchen but the focal point is always the integration of indoor and outdoor and once you come out here on the huge terrace you have an incredible vantage point and you're completely immersed in the greenery of the lot as you come upstairs you've got what would count as the master bedroom you've got a secondary guest bedroom with beautifully appointed baths laundry facility which is specific to the guest house and then once again we've got decking with incredible panoramic views of all the hills around us nor walkers 9601 oak pass road with its lush green and indoor/outdoor features sunken living quarters of guest house and vast walking trails it's truly one of the most beloved properties built in the last decade and it could be yours for thirty two million dollars

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  1. I feel like the atrium would be way cooler if it was an aquarium. Imagine all the large salt water fish you could put in there. Instead of sliding glass doors use still reinforced glass and then fill it with water, easy.

  2. I like it that they let the grass grow a little bit and not mow it directly after it got higher than 2mm

  3. Definitely not a house I'd want. Hell to the no. Too much glass, and aside from the distance, no privacy

  4. There's no way i'm gonna live in this house after watching lizard right outside family bedroom at 08:30.

  5. not gonna lie: the guest house would be more than enough for me. would take it, who needs a pool anyway :"D

  6. These home have become very popular because of the Pixel Parker TV show so they are selling a lot of homes. What worries me about this home is the lot looks as if it had a nice home there taken badly. I would pull la county recorder chain of title for this lot and see how the deed was transferred from the prior home tor the present.

  7. Oh fun, another one. My budget's a little tight this time might have to sell my private Bahamian island

  8. I… actually really like this? Usually the houses on here aren't really my cup of tea. But this one is (or rather these ones are) pretty!

  9. Is it just me that thinks that the guy looks like the actor who plays Vision?😂 Anyways, the house is very pretty tho.

  10. Nope I didn't like it, opening all those windows would eventually get the windows really dirty, and with my OCD it would drive me crazy having to clean the glass all the time. Same with the leaves in the pool. Also, not a practical office if it is sunny but there are no curtains, sunlight would always reflect off the TV and screens. Just generally seems like a very unpractically designed mansion.

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