27 thoughts on “Inside Azure datacenter architecture with Mark Russinovich – BRK3060

  1. China will buy Microsoft one day in order for the Chinese government to have backdoor access to every business.

  2. Dam speak the truth and Microsoft is on point now!!!! Kudos to Microsoft!!! Awesome times ahead at MSFT!!!! WOOT!!!

  3. We are all witness of what Surface is in reality. For example "Death Screen" due to one broken resistor on 66% of surface devices.
    Quantum computer made by Microsoft? Well, you need first to fix surface resistors and then you can made Quantum computer.

    OMG, AI and now Quantum…

  4. Hmm, that VM crash demo with counter -> Does it mean that if a user is connected to a website using a socket and the VM hosting that site goes down, the user would not lose their connection?

  5. Mind blowing what Microsoft is doing. Extremely impressive presentation and a very qualified Technical CTO.

  6. "UNREGISTERED VERSION – Please support MobaXterm by subscribing to the professional edition"
    Microsoft keeping it classy.

  7. Downvote, because I really fucking hate it when assholes do that whole "you did not respond to me to my satisfaction so now you have to do it over" bullshit.

  8. When will the Azure Cosmos DB Multi-Model support be available, or is there a blog post with more details?

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