Inside Simon Unger’s Cornell cube house — OffBeat Spaces Video

Inside Simon Unger’s Cornell cube house — OffBeat Spaces Video

Giffen Clark Ott, and I’m an architecture student at
Cornell University. We’re in Ithaca at the Simon
Ungers Cube House. Simon Ungers was a German
architect who was the son of Oswald Mathias Ungers. I think this house is definitely
meant for winter when it’s surrounded by
a blanket of snow. It’s extremely evil, which
knowing the state of Ungers’ life in which he was in, it
makes a lot of sense that he built himself a isolationist
concrete box in the middle of nowhere. I like it a lot. But that being said, it’s
like he’s clearly not a functionalist. A cinder block house,
Upstate New York, doesn’t make much sense. As far as just how things
freeze and thaw and crack and leak. But in the winter, it’s dismal
and it’s beautiful. We’re right now in what used
to be the garage space. When I first moved in, no one
had closed this window for a month and a half and it
had been raining. These stairs are definitely
not legal. This is Simon Ungers’
signature staircase. Meaning that this is the same
staircase that he has in his winery a few miles away. This is our kitchen space. I like it a lot. Yeah, I think that everything’s
pretty rigid. And I kind of like the
rigidity of it. I’m not a very curvy person and
I like things when they’re pretty well spaced. So I think that this sort
of makes sense for me. Opposite the kitchen is Rachel’s
bedroom slash the other living space
in the house. This is hers. So when Simon designed the
house, he designed it as if it was a New York City
studio apartment. I think this space just shows
me that I still don’t need this much room. It’s like 800 square feet,
and there’s two of us, and it’s huge. Then this is the
bedroom space. It sort of used to
be an office. This is where I sleep. There are books and things. A bed frame that was
cheaply made. Storage. I think built-ins save a
lot of space and they make a lot of sense. And you can kind of force what
you want with the inhabitant. Which is why a lot of small
spaces actually use them. Yeah, I think this space
is plenty flexible. This is actually a very great
size bedroom, in my opinion. This is the bathroom. It’s kind of standard. Fiberglass tub, sink covered
in toothpaste. I’m surrounded by 150 acres. This is probably the best part
of the house when it’s not with the dead deer skin on it. Out here, you can kind
of see what was allegedly once a runway. Where there’s a sort of a subtle
depression and line that can be followed out
throughout the 150 acres. It treats the landscape as sort
of the whole tabula rasa thing where it’s a bare
object in a field. And then the inside is
as much a field as the outside, I think. ERIKA STORM WASSER: Love
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37 thoughts on “Inside Simon Unger’s Cornell cube house — OffBeat Spaces Video

  1. I wonder what kind of jacket Giffen is wearing!? Great presentation though. Lucky guy to be able to live in an Architect's design.

  2. I liked it so much, I built my own-

    Do a google search of my name (Phil Doubet) to get to my website and add myhouse.html

  3. all it needs is some water proofing on the block and ur good to go..if it was here were I live ,,,id take it in a heart beat

  4. I have been watching a lot of your videos on all these small space houses and tiny homes and off beat spaces and what not and there was the Yurt in Ithaca and This one in Ithaca that Giffen a Cornell Student now owns and I live In Ithaca as well and I knew about this house and have seen it from the outside in person, it has always entrigued me but I think its cool that two of these videos are from My home Town/City makes me want to get into this lifestyle of living even more, great vids thanks!

  5. lol and whats in the mason jar in his room my guess since its ithaca and cornell area its something nice herbal and medicinal greenery…..take all the vowels out of "Ithaca" and thats what you are left with in his jar lol

  6. Interesting… But does anyone know what is the title of the soundtrack?!… That ambient instrumental has been in my head ever since… Anybody?!..

  7. They could have at least wiped down the benches/sinks and made their beds if they were going to video the house…

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