INSIDE the RANGE ROVER VELAR 2018 – In Depth Review Interior Exterior

INSIDE the RANGE ROVER VELAR 2018 – In Depth Review Interior Exterior

there is the new range over feller in my ice this is the best looking range over a long time this car has also the our dynamic package on it it is a Sport package with that you get a more aggressive front bumper side skirts rear bumper and the interior is also different the feather is also available with 21 inch rims the feather is available with 10 they power adjustable seats over the to activate power adjustable seats the 20 very adjustable seats have memory massage heated and cooled functions desk are produces 240 horsepower and 5 on the Newton metres of torque it has a 8-speed automatic transmission the engine is a 2 liter 4 cylinder in-line diesel engine zero to six two and seven point three seconds and the top speed is 217 kilo km/h kilometers per hour that’s about 130 miles per hour when we take a closer look you can see the beautiful length of this Range Rover follow matrix LED headlights the sides of the headlights are finish and black gives it a nice contrast in my eyes daytime running lights smaller headlights the car looks lighter beautiful glossy black grille and our dynamic aggressive front bumper looks amazing this color combination is my favorite it this one has the 20 inch rims finished in glossy black you can also buy the 21 inch range this car is a very good-looking car I love it you have the Blind Spot Assist nice details oh it’s all about the details on this car looks lovely I really like the two-tone color and the door handles on this car it has tinted rear windows lovely design at the back the rear LED tail lights I really like the red LED tail lights at the back this is the best design in my eyes better than the Range Rover Sport and the Evoque you have the automatic tailgate of course the trunk space is really good it has a rev camera of course a lot of space in the back LED lights in the interior you have also a power outlet you can fold the races down the car weighs thousand eight hundred and forty-one Phila grams it has a power gastric tailgate it has auto dimming power folding it door mirrors with approach light the trunk space is 6 on the 10 73 liters we fold the rear seats down a thousand 731 liters it is full of technology you can buy it with autonomous emergency braking adaptive cruise control lane keeping assist 360 degrees parking eight Park Assist graphic camera driver condition monitor with traffic monitor traffic sign recognition Blind Spot Assist you can fully load the Scarlet features then it becomes a very good-looking Corbett which is safe – and we are now in the interior of the Range Rover fella or dynamic to displace full leather – and door panels the light spot assist LED lights in the interior or dynamic seats the gear leaver is open a store card TFT screen for the driver the space in the back is really good and one meter an 83 this is really good you have also armrests with three cupholders – exactly and one little here in the middle the infotainment for the Range Rover Fowler the cellar is available with analog dials with a central TFT display or you can buy it with the interactive driver display the sound system of the Meridian sound system with 11 speakers with 380 watts or you can buy it with the Meridian surround sound system with 17 speakers and 825 watts and we are now in the interior of the our dynamic range overfall are you already know from my other videos that these parts are lit up it is a touchscreen system I will show it in the video you have of course the add up display lovely TFT screen the fellow has two screens and the other Range Rovers Range Rover Sport and the normal range over you will also see the two screens in the future different horse powers starting from 180 or power up to 310 eight years power to on risks with two USB inputs HDMI SD card and a power outlet you can also buy it with the coop two cupholders this is the gear lever that’s right shopping you select you can select then drive or neutral or reverse you have seat adjustments you can again control the FM radio vehicle settings this fellow has a touch pro duo infotainment system with 10 inch HD touch screens you can also buy it with the full-color head-up display languages available for the Feller system language these are the languages available with the own off-road package terrain response to all terrain progress control atpc and you can buy it with adjustable dynamics you have the off-road settings off-road the information low traction control a lot of safety systems available for the Range Rover feller autonomous emergency braking graphic camera Park Assist adaptive cruise control with cue assist and intelligent emergency braking it is available with Blind Spot Assist driver condition monitor Lane Keeping Assist reverse traffic detection traffic sign recognition and adaptive speed limiter 360 degrees camera system parking sensors refuge camera parking sensors we have the echo data cameras Farley modes ambient lighting radio settings phone connection Bluetooth connectivity settings Media driving assist we have the blind spot monitor we have the lane departure warning speed limit driver condition monitor trip computer settings for the display ad up display adjustments it’s now turned on by the way sound settings car settings adjustable seats with leg extensions you have also the adjustable steering view that memory and push-button ignition

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  1. I don't care how many gadgets it has or how much comfort it has or what massage package it comes with, A RANGE ROVER MUST HAVE A 3RD ROW!!!!!! What's the point of having such big n powerful car when u can't carry carrry people on the 3rd raw……For me this car is thumbs down the they have neutralised the Range we love n replaced it with a saloon car …..they need to talk back to the basics of the original range rover we all love not this glorified saloon car

  2. British cars really are the ultimate these days. This has the finest interior of any luxury car period. Audi, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW look dated in comparison. And nothing comes close to the off-road capability of a Land Rover product.

  3. You always make the best videos brother , thank you and keep it up. No need for manual when one buys a new car….Thanks to u @Alaatin61

  4. J' aime tellement cette voiture ; quand-est-ce que cette nouveauté là arrivant chez nous à Madagascar car je l'attendrais ici en cette année là

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