Inside Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s Brentwood Los Angeles House | Architectural Digest

23 thoughts on “Inside Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s Brentwood Los Angeles House | Architectural Digest

  1. Its looks really nice and tasteful though. Way better than Kardashians-Jenners. And I'm into black aesthethics so we can really say that designer did a great job and they have good taste

  2. I have the same house, except mine is a little bigger , but mine is 500 years old, that's what i call eco friendly. It doesn't have a gigantic pool , because we live in the mountain of Switzerland , and we have lakes , extremely clean, beautiful lakes , just like the air around the house and the natural breathtakingly beautiful view . We have solar panels everywhere and we produce our non polluting energy , and we recycle absolutely everything , that's eco friendly . My partner , myself and our kids are all vegetarian or vegan and nothing in the house is of animal origin , that's eco friendly , except for the animals of course . I'm a veterinarian so is my partner , and we turned the grounds around the house into animal shelters , were we rescue not only pets but also farm animals from the slaughterhouses , circus animals , zoo animals , and animals who used to work (read , be used) on movie sets , that's eco friendly . But then again we do not have the IQ of a football player or a supermodel , poor kids, lucky for them they will never have to work a day in their lives .
    No guys this is not an eco friendly house, this is a , look at me i'm rich, house .

  3. wow, nice home. Checkout videos: Australian parakeets likes French music & veggies. Also: Drive in Santa Ana& Irvine & Laguna Beach & La Jolla beach & Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. Enjoy

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