today we’re in be given a car cleaning an organization video and I’m excited to take you guys along with me and I’m also really excited because today’s video is a collaboration with Liz from I love being a mommy her channel is so awesome whenever i watch her content I feel like I am watching one of my best friend she’s so genuine and down-to-earth and she’s also going to be doing a car cleaning video as well so after you’re done checking out this one go over to her channel and tell her that I sent you and let’s start cleaning I let’s do this one of the very first things that I will do when I’m finding my car is pick up everything that doesn’t belong so if you started to collect some clutter in your car get all of that out and also check in between your center dash to make sure that you’re not hoarding anything in there so just check all of those little cubby holes and all of those areas that tend to gather things they just honestly don’t belong or a many organizations if if you have DV is in your car and just get an old CD case and just slide them in there for easy organization and less clutter [Music] Oh once you’ve removed all of the trash and clutter from your car you can move on to what I would call the fun part cleaning your car I know this sounds really crazy to even consider that fun but I love it so much because once you’re done cleaning your car it literally looks like a brand-new car I love that so much so I will just wipe down this dash and all of the different areas and all of the crevice another little tip that I have for you is if you have cutest these are perfect for little areas and nooks and crannies that you just can’t quite reach when I’m cleaning my car I’m just using a microfiber cloth it does a really nice job cleaning and it doesn’t scratch any of the surfaces and I’m just using an all-purpose cleaner for cars that actually my husband recommended used to have his own detailing business so you have a lot of tips and tricks that I would have never known next I am just wiping down with a cup holders if you have removable top holders just stick those in the dishwasher and they will clean up really really easily now for all of the details on the driver side there is so much dust that collects on the driver’s side I have no idea why but there’s just tend to collect where all those gauges are make sure you’re wiping everything down even if it doesn’t seem like it’s dirty such as the handle of the leather that is probably the dirtiest place in the car which is the steering wheel in this shifter 50 mg and then next I’m going to make sure that I get into all of the side pockets of my car when I was cleaning out my knife ound like a little piece of melted chocolate in the side pocket and I didn’t even know it was there so make sure you get this pocket nobody don’t pick next it’s time to move on to cleaning the chairs with leather you can use a leather cleaner that is specifically for the leather or you can use an all-purpose cleaner that is gentle and soft on your leather and if you have fabrics piece I would recommend sweeping them and spots and then as you go now onto the floor grab your mats and shake off all of the dirt and dust from your feet we actually have plastic all-weather mats at my husband is move on and I like him a lot because it makes it so incredibly easy to clean up before we had the fabric one and I would have to spot clean any scenes that we would have and I Selig’s if that was really hard so this makes it just a little bit easier so we want to get away enough birthday after you’re done with the mats go ahead and work on the floor you can use the shop back or a handheld vacuum and just cleaning up the floor and picking up any dust and dirt honestly makes a world of a difference when it comes out how nice your car look also get your shot bag and go into the crevices and the crack you can use the toothbrush to kind of clean out these little areas but you can also use your shop and then put back your mat just like you have [Music] and I’m going to make my way into the back of the car we recently had a bunch of plants delivered to our house and they scan the floor up a little bit so i am going to spot treat any of those little stands and get all of that out i’m moving around very much a sound and also just cleaning some of the random plastic pieces in the back of your car makes a big difference you wouldn’t think so but it actually does and then removing anything from the back of your car that you just don’t need then i am using a vinegar and water mixture to clean all of the windows on the car i’m going to be in the inside and the outside of the car windows [Music] and then with my glass cleaner I’m also going to be cleaning your little makeup near and the rearview mirror as well cleaning your car gives such a level of instant gratification and I love that about setting up the car it can feel like a new vehicle with just a little bit of elbow grease and then after I’m done hiding everything up i will put everything back where it goes if you guys missed my latest cleaning tips video I will have it pop up right here be sure to check that out and subscribe before you leave thank you guys so much for watching


  1. Myka, I loved this video, this inspired me to go clean my car out!! I also have kids, and they get the vehicle messy…lol!!! Thank you for posting this!! Love all your videos, and praying for y'all, and your sweet Huxley!!!

  2. Loved the toothbrush tip! I use it for certain areas of my home, but for whatever reason I never thought to use it for my car!

  3. Great video, love your cleaning vids. Although poor you getting down on your hands and knees to clean the mats – easy trick is just to drop on some cleaning spray and then spray them off with the hose 😀 much easier!

  4. This was so satisfying to watch 🤗 I love having a clean car, since I am in it ALL THE TIME! It's my home away from home 🚗🏡

  5. Your cleaning videos always make me motivated to clean! What are your recommendations for car seats with lots of kids in the car?

  6. Myka I miss you so much I havent been able to watch your videos until now I just whent a head and click like like like like like all your videos 😄

  7. Love it! It was such a beautiful day in Virginia that I decided to clean my car out and then this popped up on my video list! How crazy haha

  8. I am a tyrant, when it comes to a clean car. I clean my car every Thursday. I am obsessed with a clean car & I don't allow anyone to eat, drink (not even water) or smoke in my car. The state of a car, reveals alot about a person & the state of their home. Greetings from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  9. Myka, you have such wonderful videos. I really enjoy all the tips and motivation! I cleaned the outside of my car yesterday and planned to clean the interior today, so this was very helpful. I always forget to clean the visor mirrors, so I'm glad you mentioned that.

  10. Great video! I have to say your van looked pretty clean compared to my car. I'd have to clean my car before posting a cleaning video. lol I love your videos!

  11. I have been needing to clean my car SO badly…now I want to go do it right now!! Haha thanks for the motivation! But I couldn't agree more..there is nothing like a freshly cleaned car!!

  12. Will you come clean my car 😂 I hate cleaning my car. My husband isn't fond of it either, so I always have to take it to the car wash🙄 Watching this video does inspire me to do it tho! 👌🏽

  13. Great video! I needed this motivation! Did you use one of those aerospace cleaners on the carpet too? Some milk/formula from bottle spilt on my carpet 😩

  14. Bonjour 🙂 est ce que vous savez que vos titres sont très mal écrits ? Lol je vous déconseille Google traduction c'est une vraie catastrophe. Sinon vos vidéos sont super motivante et très sympas

  15. It sounds bad, but I love new car smell and find myself addicted to a combo of new car and black ice little trees. They don't last long and are environmentally questionable (chemical fragrance), but omg I feel like an inhalant junkie around them. Keeping a car clean does eliminate a bunch of the bad odor and essential oil diffusers for the car are probably great alternatives to car fresheners.

  16. Thank you for ur videos Myka! Your videos have made such an impact in my life. You have thought me so much about parenting and have made my life so much easier. Two years ago I gave birth to twins and I had no idea what to do until I found your channel. Thank you so much Myka!!!! 😊

  17. i have baby #3 on the way so we had to get a bigger car but had to cut down on all the extras i had in my previous car, i MISS my leather seats more than anything!!

  18. I want to know what your husband suggested you to use on your interior. I don't use armoral anymore because it attracts dust easy and just looks greasy. Makes everything slippery even when you use a little bit. Only thing I did once was use dawn in water and wiped my whole truck down specially to work on the window.

  19. So I have beige cloth seats in my car and there all a couple of stains from coffee, kids etc. what does your husband recommend for getting those stains out???

  20. Where did you purchase your floor mats? I really need to get some new ones cuz the ones that came with my car get horrible.

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  22. New subscriber on your channel, btw I’m a guy 🙂 😘
    It does feel good driving a clean car inside and out 🙂

  23. Love the video. Quick tip: Cut up pool noodles and place them on the bottom of your car seat so it doesn’t leave lines and marks in your leather

  24. I used to use qtips about 20 years ago to do intricate interior spots, but i learned that a soft bristle brush works better, and its less trash.

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