Interior Car Detailing: Tools & Products You Need To Get The Job Done

Interior Car Detailing: Tools & Products You Need To Get The Job Done

Hi everyone, this is Oscar with Detail Groove
and in this video we’re going to be talking about the tools and products you’ll need to
do an interior cleaning. So this isn’t an actual tutorial on how to
clean an interior, but more so the products and tools you’ll need to complete that task. Now, this is perfect if you’re just starting
off and you want to do this as a side hobby or if you want to start you own car detailing
business, then this will be a great starting points for you. Let’s get started, first things first, I will
say that what I try to do is find tools and products that have many different applications. So I’m not going to use a specific dashboard
cleaner just for dashboard, I’m not use a specific leather cleaner just for leather
cleaning. That’s just going to make me buy more products, take up more space in my van,
and it’s just going to complicate the detailing process which doesn’t need to be done. For instance, this is actually a waterless
wash cleaner but I use it for glass and windows inside the interior, this is from Chemical
Guys. Don’t worry about the products and tools I’m going to mention, I’ll have a link below
and you can see all the tools and products at different price points on each product
depending on your preference, how much you want to spend. We’ll continue to give you more tips along
the way. These two products are actually all purpose clean, A P C. And this one is diluted
ten to one and this one is diluted four to one. Basically what that means is it’s ten parts
water, one parts solution, four parts water, one part solution. So this makes as an aggressive
cleaner and this makes it as a semi- aggressive cleaner. If the interior is really bad, really nasty,
I’ll use an aggressive cleaner, if it’s not so bad, if it only needs a mild cleaning,
I’ll use a semi- aggressive cleaner. So that’s the cool thing about APCs, is that,
you can dilute it to the application you need. So if you have a really really really really
dirty and not just interior but anything, you can dilute it one to one, four to one,
what have you so you can tackle that specific problem that you have with an APC. These are three brushes that I have here which
I’ve tried all of them. Again, you’ll see that I have a bunch of tools and products
but I don’t really use all of them. I do use these in certain parts, but ninety-nine
percent of the time all the work will be done with this brush here. Whether it be leather,
cloth, any type of fabric, plastic, door panels will all be done with this interior brush. Again, towels, mirrors and glass are a bit
tricky to clean, so I would recommend to get a specific glass mirror towel as it makes
life just a tad bit easier. What I don’t have shown here are all my microfiber
towels since they are pretty dirty right now. You will need, and you can go to AutoZone
if you want or your local automotive parts store to buy a bulk of interior towels. Because those are low quality, but the interior,
you know, your towels are going to get completely trashed on the first go if the interior is
pretty bad. Again, I have all those recommendations down
below in the link. You can go to your local autoparts store and spend X amount for twenty
towels because they’re going to get really dirty, even on the first interior cleaning. Next we have all these brushes. This is a
Raze Glaze brush set, but I only use these two brushes ninety percent of the time. These
other ones, very very very rare that I use these. I use these two big brushes for the most part.
That will be for the more detailed areas the nooks, the crannies, the vents, the dashboard
where you got to get into those tight spots. Of course, with a vacuum again, you will need
two attachments that I highly highly recommend; this fat nose brush and skinny nose brush. I don’t know if that’s the actual name of
it, I just call them that. This is great for the dashboard instead of you trying to get
into the cracks and crevices you can easily vacuum the dust out with this. Of course,
this can be for everything else on the seats, flooring, on the real tight spots between
the center console and the seats. This actually a wheel brush, a lug nut brush.
but if there’s an interior that really really dirty, and let’s say in this cup holder there’s
this nasty gunk on there and don’t want anything else to touch it, I’ll bring this brush out
and clean it with this brush. Because this is one of the toughest brushes
I have and it can probably withstand anything. So if it’s really really dirty, I’ll use this
lug nut brush so I don’t get anything else dirty. This is a pet hair brush, this is freakin’
awesome tool. You cannot do interior cleanings without it, especially if there’s dog hair
cat hair, any type of hair. This will just save you so so much time when
you’re detailing with any type of hair in an interior. And then the ol’ trusted toothbrush. You shouldn’t spend any money on this because
you should already have one hopefully and you can just use an old one. This has come
in handy so many times for odd areas that I can’t reach like very tight areas. A toothbrush
has saved me many many times. Now you want tape just so you can tape a before
and after whether it be leather or cloth or the fabric or the flooring, on the door panels.
Just so you can tape fifty-fifty. Then you can see the before side and the after side
after you cleaned it and you can see the difference, take photos, show your friends and family,
so on and so forth. So this here is a McCulloch steamer I think
it’s a one three eight five steamer. When I first started my detailing business, I did
buy a VX5000 and that sucker cost about a thousand dollars shipped to my house. This one cost two hundred dollars and I am
more than happy with this one. The VX5000 was absolutely amazing, but for when I started,
the reasons that I needed it, I didn’t actually need that type of steamer at that time. And till this point I don’t need that type
of steamer. So this one is a two hundred dollar steamer, is very inexpensive, and it does
everything I absolutely need it to do without spending the thousand dollars. Again, the VX5000 is an absolute amazing machine.
This here is my vacuum. Again, this is a very compact vacuum, this is actually a vacuum
this is actually a blower which I rarely ever use. But again, I needed something compact for
my detailing van as it is very small so I need something compact so I think this one
cost around a hundred sixty dollars, I believe so I could be completely wrong. But again you can spend forty dollars if you
want if you’re just starting off. I just needed something compact, so it’s going to be dependent
on what you need. And that’s pretty much it for the interior
products and tools that I personally use. I do have a detailing business and I get called
out for interior cleanings a lot. So for interior cleaning, my main main products that I absolutely
work with every single time will be this interior brush, these three products, and again, it
doesn’t matter if it’s a leather or cloth or door panels or dashboard- these are the
main tools that I use. If there’s any type of hair involved the pet
hair brush. And of course the essentials like the vacuum, hoses, vacuum attachments. And
a steamer depending on the type of material. Because again, there’s been times where it’s
been a filthy cloth interior, let’s say any SUV and I wouldn’t even bust out the steamer
because I have a system in place and I know what to do and the steamer will actually slow
me down. That probably doesn’t make sense because a
steamer should speed me up. But in terms of how I work, it would be the brush, these three
solutions and a few brushes. You don’t need to go crazy. If you’re just
now starting to buy products, if you want to get into detailing business, if you’re
in the early phases of either, start off small, don’t buy a bunch of products. Because when
I started, I did have a specific dashboard cleaner, I did have a specific window cleaner,
a specific leather cleaner, and that just made me buy a lot more products, it took up
a lot more space, and most of those products were replaced by what I just told you here. So then I just had products collecting dust
in my garage for no reason and that was just money wasted, time wasted, and you know I
didn’t get much out of it. This is what I use, this is what I recommend. Check the link below and then you can see
all the options that I show you whether it be more expensive, cheaper, different brands
from the same price range just so you can get an option of an idea of what you should
look for. But other than that, this wraps up this video.
If you have any questions, leaving them down below, comments, subscribe to the YouTube,
subscribe to the YouTube channel as we’re going to be coming out with a lot more videos
and I’ll hope to see you on the next video. So I’ll see you later, take care guys.

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