Interior Cleaning Tools For All Surfaces, Even Suede! – Chemical Guys

Interior Cleaning Tools For All Surfaces, Even Suede! – Chemical Guys

What’s up guys? Today in the Detail Garage, we have this Scion
FR-S. If you watched our previous video, you saw us detail those WeatherTech floor mats. You guys were asking for the full interior
detail, so today, we are giving you guys what you asked for. This car has all kinds of dirt, it’s got debris,
all kinds of belongings and personal effects in there, so to start off our detail today,
we are going to remove all of the owner’s personal effects, this way we are not getting
them dirty. We will put them in a nice, safe area and
then we will start by vacuuming to get rid of all that heavy, loose dirt and debris. So let’s get started. So, I’ve just finished bagging up the owner’s
personal effects and I’ve stored them in a safe area and now we are going to move on
to the vacuuming process. But before we do that, I want to mention a
few things about the vacuum: We’ve cleaned off the tip of vacuum because we are going
to be working on the suede seats and they are very sensitive and we don’t want to scuff
it or scratch it and we are also making sure that we are not bringing any contamination
into the interior. Also, we are going to be introducing three
of our brand new brushes. These are our All in the Details Detailing
Brushes for your interior. We have three different sizes: one large one for
big areas like the crevices of your seats, one medium sized brush for the intricate areas
on this car such as the center console, and then one final brush which is very small for
vents and smaller, hard to reach areas. I’m going to be using those to help me vacuum
to get off as much of the contamination as possible and get this car looking its best. So, let’s get started. Alrighty guys, we are about to
wrap the detail on this Scion FR-S, but there are a couple of more steps that we want to
take on the interior and that’s the dash, the steering wheel, and a couple other areas
where there’s some dust remaining. We are going to use some Total Interior, which
is safe to use on all interior surfaces to clean it and protect it. Now, to control some over spray, I’m going
to spray it directly onto the towel and then I am going to start here on the dash and just
wipe off all the dust and anything else that was blown inside the car because as you have
your windows down it draws in dirt, debris, things like that. But what this is doing is it’s cleaning it
and it’s also protecting it without adding any kind of shine so you’re not going to have
any glare or anything that’s going to collect any kind of dirt or grease over time. You’re just going to have a natural finish. Now, also I mentioned that this car has a
suede interior, so one last step. There’s just one small spot on the suede interior
on the passenger seat. You can also use Total Interior to wipe up
that kind of mess without changing the sheen or texture of your suede seats. So, if you guys want to learn more about these
products, head over to our website, If you like this car, be sure to give it a
thumbs up and we will see you next time right here in the Detail Garage.

30 thoughts on “Interior Cleaning Tools For All Surfaces, Even Suede! – Chemical Guys

  1. Great video, always learning with you guys!
    Power of your vacum? I am looking for one (battery) and i do not know which one is ok

  2. Oh my fucken god!!!!
    I was just looking in your channel for a video like this yesterday!!!
    Totally read my mind lol
    Thank you for the upload today!
    P.s my daughter just bought me some chemical guys stuff for Father's Day ❤️
    I started buying chemguys stuff last year and I've been addicted ever since!
    A crack addiction would've been a cheaper lifestyle but I don't give a #%&&$&$

  3. Damn I didn't buy that chemical guys total interior since it was a Wall Mart going to buy one now tho since it's worthy enough to be on you tube.

  4. Nick the type of guy to shower and scrub his body in straight lines to not create any new swirls and scratches

  5. Good video, you make things simple to do. What this video highlighted to me is what is the customer thinking when they bring a car in for detailing, leaving all their stuff including clothing in the car. I'm sure the vehicle would need to be booked in as the customer will be without the car for some time, so why would you not remove those items and leave the rubbish that will be cleaned in the detailing. Well done.

  6. How much of my soul does this company want from me !
    First order was last week
    Browsing today shopping cart is at $70 ….

  7. I Really enjoy watching this video!!Thanks Nick I'm learning a lot I Need to get some of those brushes!! Nick I Noticed you Mentioned to Sand the tip of the Vacuum Attachment to avoid Damaging the Suede fabric What type of sandpaper did you use on them?…

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