Interior de casa señorial antigua menorquina

Interior de casa señorial antigua menorquina

This is the inside of the main house, and as you
can see it is a real journey back in time you will see a house that was really luxurious, sumptuous I would say here we have the kitchen it’s a kitchen typical of its period really interesting, and although it is in a bad condition,
those who love restoration will quickly see its potential here we can see old hand-pressed floor tiles we restored a property in Menorca which had this type of tile and there is a craftsman in Mahon who still makes this type
of tile when we need to repair an old floor and he can assist us with this here we have a staircase with a double handrail from here we can see that it is a house
with very special characteristics, it’s an old manor house here we find a very large dining room or a sitting room as you can see it still has many details which help us to imagine
how luxurious it was, and how elegant the inside of this house was let’s look at more rooms the rooms are really spacious the woodwork is amazing, here for example there is another large sitting room what really grabs our attention is the woodwork with mouldings and paintings there really are so many little details, and like I said at
the beginning, it’s a journey back into the past it’s amazing that we find so many fireplaces this is another clear sign of wealth and comfort here possibly there was papered ceiling which has been removed, a false ceiling here for example a ledge made for the window, all these type of
details tell us of the quality of the house in its day it’s a really delight for anyone who loves antiques he we have another room, it’s like a double sitting room the room we saw earlier was probably the dining room and once again the woodwork reminds us of the
type of house that it once was and it could be once again, because this house is ideal for anyone
who appreciates this type of construction and would like to reform it here we have a really pretty floor, but what has happened
is that over time the dirt has covered it over let’s continue looking at things here we have a room, much simpler, possibly
it was a bedroom or a perhaps a sort of library and as I said these large spaces with
elaborate woodwork really grabs your attention let’s continue looking at more things here again the tiles are hand pressed with a border pattern there are numerous rooms, just this house has more than 700 square metres here we have a room which we cannot get to as it is closed,
but here, one moment, here we can get to the upper part usually here there are large rooms which were drying
rooms to store the food of the house let’s see if we can get in, but
carefully as its a very old house here for instance, it is closed-off but there are more rooms with more space here they probably kept animals well, what we have seen will give you a good
idea of the potential that this house has let’s continue this is the inside of the farmer’s house, the tenant
farmer or payés as we call them in Menorca it has different rooms, it’s spacious we can see different rooms it’s very personal, and I do not want to invade the privacy
of the owners and so I’m going to be very brief I’m amazed by the walls, they are very thick here we have a bedroom with wooden ceiling beams here they have changed some of the beams as these are concrete beams here again we can see the thickness of the walls which are enormous this is the kitchen area, and it has a vaulted ceiling it would be nice to restore to take off
the paint and to expose the stone and this leads to the outside it has a lot of square metres, I’m not sure how many
rooms, I’m not going to go in these rooms but it’s really interesting, let’s go

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  1. Q hermosas casa. Si q viaja uno en el tiempo. Gracias Xr tus videos. Ami me encanta todo eso de la sntiguedad.

  2. Solo un vendedor puede decir eso, je je je, yo diría acabado rústico en muy mal estado, justa para derribar y construir una nueva

  3. me apasiona el tema de las casas abandonadas,algunas es como que la gente se fue en segundos sin llevarse nada,hasta mesas servidas y objetos recién usados,como me intriga el motivo del abandono,seria bueno agregar una investigación en los municipios para llegar a saber quienes las habitaron y el motivo por el que se fueron

  4. HOLA amigo muy buen vídeo y te aliento a que sigas haciendo mas….también me gustaría compartirte una MANSION ABANDONADA EN Argentina Ezeiza espero te guste..

  5. Pero que lugar tan enorme esas si eran casas no como hoy las palomeras de interés social que no cabe nada en su época debió ser muy hermosa como me gustaría vivir en ese lugar 😁

  6. Hay que mantener el estilo, y no botarla, pues es de muchos años atrás, y ya compuesta valdrá un dineral.Felicidades.

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