Interior Decorating Ideas : Decorating With Home Accessories

Interior Decorating Ideas : Decorating With Home Accessories

Hi, I’m Ann Myrick and today I’m going to
show you how to breathe new life into accessories you already have. I work–I’m a decorator,
and I work with what, what people have, and my focus is really, I’m a–I’m a creative
person that loves to use what is there and be challenged to come up with new ideas. It’s
important to me to just help people understand that they are sitting on, already in their
house, so many things that they can turn into other things or they could breathe new life
into. This is a basket that I love that you can sit it on a table or put it on a wall
and, of course, with a basket you can put anything in it, but this has just a dried
flower arrangement in it, and this is going to be messy, but just to show you very quickly
how you can change it up, totally, would be you take this–now you can take it to your
bathroom and load it up with toilet paper and soaps and everything, but today I’m going
to use it for a glass caddy. I’m having company and I want to be able to contain my glasses,
and so I’m just going to use it as a glass caddy. So, I have kind of a rough basket look
with glasses. I could line some plates up behind the glasses. I could put napkins in
it, but I just turned it in to like a little caddy for a party. That’s one thing you can
do with that. Now, I have this great little piece that I got, and it really is more life
for dried flowers or like a little planter, but I loved it because it had all the wire–the
little holes in it. So, what I did is instead of, I was trying to think of something that
I could put–I am an earring person, and I love earrings. So, I was trying to think of
something that I could put all my earring on, and what I’ve done is I just hang it in
the bathroom, and I load it up–I load it up with all my earrings, and it makes just
a really cute earring holder; and then when I get finished with that I can use it another
way. Another thing I love to do is; your silver pieces, your old silver pieces, instead of
just letting them collect dust, use them. This one I have use as a flower arrangement
or put greenery in. This one I use to hold a candle and I put it in the bathroom and
it’s just– it makes a real fun, different look. This is Ann Myrick and that is how to
accessorize and breathe new life into your accessories.

4 thoughts on “Interior Decorating Ideas : Decorating With Home Accessories

  1. Argghhh–do people really need to be told to put stuff in baskets, or flowers into old pitchers? We really have lost our imagination.

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