Interior Decorating Ideas : How High to Hang a Shower Curtain

Interior Decorating Ideas : How High to Hang a Shower Curtain

Hi I’m Ann Myrick and today we’re going to
talk about how high to hang your shower curtain. This is about the normal length. This shower
curtain was made and so if we wanted to we could have gone higher. We could have had
it made longer so we could have gone up higher. If you buy a shower curtain it is going to
be just the normal length but if you have one made you can go up as high as you want
to. If the shower curtain has like a topper on it. If it has a lot of times, they will
be layered so if there is a layered piece that comes across you probably want to create
more of a curtain look than the shower curtain look so you would go up higher and you would
have the boarder that hung down and then you would have the shower curtain come all the
way down. Your rod, you want to think about the type of rod you are going to use. Do you
want a stainless rod? Do you want a plastic rod? The rods, you can measure your space
and see the length of your shower rod and then you can just put it up as high as you
want but you also want your shower curtain to barely clear the, or to just clear the
floor so look at the shower curtains and if you make one think about how high you want
it to be. I do like a little area between the ceiling and the shower curtain where the
steam can come out so you really want to think about that but there really isn’t a big rule.
Just have fun with it and think about the style and way you want to create the room
to look and then go as high as you like. This is Ann Myrick and that is how you hang the
shower curtain.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS… told me absolutely NOTHING as to what the standard height of a shower curtain is. Don't waste everybodys time if your not going to be specific!!!

  2. Give this lady a break!!!! She seems like a sweet lady who was trying to share her experience to help others….geez!

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