Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Accessorize a Dining Room

Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Accessorize a Dining Room

Hey, I’m Ann Myrick and today I’m going to
show you how to accessorize a dining room. And I would say a lot of times just have fun.
I’m a decorator and a lot of times people will say well Ann is that done? People do
that and the thing is it really doesn’t matter what people do, it matters what you do and
what you like. And you know, dining rooms can be very formal and only be used two and
three times a year. Or dining rooms can be used for children’s projects, for every night
dinner. I mean there’s just an extreme of how different they can be. So make the dining
room work for you. This is a small little dining room and I used. I liked to focus on
what I have so I used a small table and then I brought in these two colorful chairs. This
is just, I already had this, this was a bread basket where I filled it with Spanish Moss
and put yarrow in it. So sometimes I will, if I want some color on the table I will use
that. There isn’t a lot in this dining room so there isn’t a lot of extra tables that
I can put a lot of things on. I will say that a lot of times I think people tend to put
too much in their dining room and then tend to just kind of overkill the dining room.
They buy sets of furniture, the set has three and four pieces and in the small room they
cram it all in there and sometimes it’s better just to have a nice table, nice chairs and
let that be it. Another way is if you have a fun collection of vases you can use great
candlesticks, really look in your cabinets, see what you have. But I had this great fun
collection of McCoy and a lot of times I’ll put just greenery from outside plants in here,
or I’ll fill them up with interesting pieces. So just have fun, walk around look in your
cabinets, see what you have and just have fun playing until you work it so much you
get to the point where you really like it. This is Ann Myrick and that’s how to accessorize
your dining room.

2 thoughts on “Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Accessorize a Dining Room

  1. I love your advice…I'm so glad you don't say to go out and buy a SET of something…Now…If I could only figure out how to arrange my Living and dining room!!!
    But thank you 🙂

  2. uhm.. if i were you, i'd put a square little stool there at the left side of the table … and based that design on the chair .

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