Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Buy a Sofa

Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Buy a Sofa

Hi. I’m Ann Myrick. And today, we’re going
to talk about how to buy a sofa. You want to think about where it’s going to go. Your
space, are you in a small apartment? Are you in a large house with large rooms? Is the
room formal, informal? What is your taste? I’m just going to show you this one, just
as an example. This was a very inexpensive sofa, because I have large boys and friends
of large boys. And I didn’t want anything that was going to really be real expensive.
So you just need to think about what your budget is, what really will work for that
specific room, and think through all the different ideas of what you will really need for this
room. And then, there’s many things to think about with couches. You want to look, if it’s
going to show a back, you want to look at the back and see what the back looks like.
So if you’re walking in the door and you see the back of the sofa, you want it to be a
nice back. This is more of a straight line. This is a very long couch, and this is more
of a straight line couch. But you can get them that have skirts on them. You can get
them with a lot of wood on them. You can get them in three cushions. You can get them in
two cushions. You can get cushions that are sewn on or cushions that aren’t sewn on. And
so there’s just a lot of things to think about. So before you go, the best thing to do is
know what you want before you go to the furniture store or before you go to the flea market
or wherever it is that you’re going to buy your couch. And know what it is that you want
before you go to see them. This is Ann Myrick. And that is how you buy a sofa.

7 thoughts on “Interior Decorating Ideas : How to Buy a Sofa

  1. your sectional sofa will arrive in pieces with the biggest one being the hardest to fit through the doorways right. If you buy online check the size first: widh and height. Check whether that possibly goes through your door (s)

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  2. Why do she continue to make these video humiliating herself. Ugh…she is definately not an interior decorator. So tip advise for choosing a sofa!…… The most important is not how the back looks, its the size of the sofa lady vs your room/space size. Knowing what you want it good advise. What you want maybe not be what they have, You have to have an open idea cause there are many styles & colors. I think you need to stop making these videos humiliating yourself as a decorator!

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