Interior desain apartemen studio minimalis furniture multifungsi Part 4

Interior desain apartemen studio minimalis furniture multifungsi Part 4

Hello everyone, meet again at the powlstudio channel In the previous episode we have designed 3 kinds of apartment interior layouts type studio size 16.5 m2 For those who haven’t watched, can click the link above In this episode I will make another alternative design we will make a separate private room with a kitchen and the Home theater room curious ?? Watch our unique design this time until it runs out Because the design this time will be very powerful … for those of you who want to be designed like this you can write it in the comments column below. LLets get started In this episode I want to make the apartment room more homy and warm. So I added the wooden element to the floor We also still divide the room into 3 room zones among them are walk in closet space, dining room and kitchen, rest room and entertainment In accordance with the division of the room I will put a wardrobe in the front area of ​​the bathroom We can use a wardrobe with sliding doors or swing doors. I put the refrigerator and dispenser across the kitchen. to make it easier to access the goods for cooking refrigerator and dispenser cabinets also function as a room divider between the kitchen zone and the entertainment zone Next to my wardrobe I will make a mirror wall panel that has various functions. One of them at the bottom can be opened into a dining table Multifunctional furniture is very useful for a small room like this. You can check the video on the top right corner. Enter entertaimnet zone, here I will add TV panel for your entertainment needs This TV panel is also equipped with a drawer table Underneath there is also have a storage rack to put your entertainment tools such as a place to store DVDs, gaming purposes, modems and others This drawer table can be pulled towards the side so that it can be used as a dressing table by utilizing the mirror panel that is next to it At the bottom I put a pull out cabinet that can be used also as a chair. This chair can also be used for folding tables that function also as dining tables Powlstudio has now issued an e-book containing 70 pages contains a collection of photos of the interior of the apartment which is equipped with its furniture placement layout You can check the description below for the price and purchase link In this area there are also sofas for relaxing which at the bottom is equipped with a drawer to store shoes and socks. Pull out cabinet can also be utilized as a coffee table that can be placed in the sofa area This coffee table can also be used to store a laptop or other entertainment needs It also can be used as an additional chair for a common meeting room This room besides functioning as a hometheater also can be function as a bed room By lowering the bed that is behind the sofa. When you sleep and need more privacy, This room can also be closed by using the mirror panel on the side which can be opened and closed according to our needs When the room turns back into a home theater room This mirror panel door can also still be used as a room divider door. The next thing we will make is to make the interior of a 2-floor studio type apartment make sure you have clicked on the subscribe sign and the notification because the studio apartment floor will be discussed in the next episode For those of you who need additional interior inspiration, please check the following video playlist. Don’t forget to keep working with passion be original and make a wonderful life … Seee yoouuu … waddaawwww….

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  1. Bagus.. ini seperti yg aq mau bgd klo bs d sekat bgtu… kmrn sempet liat2 wall bed jg.. tp klo untuk yg ukuran ini kayakny maksa bgd yak… krn pintuny jd ketutup ranjangnya… btw thanks designnya powl studio… overall sukaaa…. 😍😍😍

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