Interior Design | গৃহসজ্জা | ঘর সাজানো | Interior Decoration | Hira Hayder

Interior Design | গৃহসজ্জা | ঘর সাজানো | Interior Decoration | Hira Hayder

[Music] I actually work with beauty and who doesn’t know? every human being loves beauty but for many, such a misconception works… beauty is only a matter of women or upper class of society In fact, this is not true at all the circle of beauty is really big once inside, beauty enters or the feeling of beauty we can penetrate she’s the thing around her her home… she wants to beautify his environment, his country, everything [Music] The first thing I said was that when working on beauty, I want to make my home very beautiful. I mean, I got very little time since I am involved in a business then when I come home the house I want to see first is beautiful [Music] I really like wide space It takes a lot of openness to me and I feel a lot of comforts with my movements I’m in the case of my living room… I didn’t have much furniture here and to say decoration, here are some very selective decoration pieces [Music] And about Curtain… I always make these curtains from my own ideas [Music] Inside the white color I find a softness white color seems to enhance the space looks a lot more clean I like it so much, so with white, I mean my cleanliness [Music] I chose the light color for the wallpaper too [Music] I have a different attraction on wood I always collect many old wooden designs there are many antique designs that I like very much as much as i can like my own mind, I tried to decorate my house by decorating it on wood for which I have these pillars those were the usual pillars that I covered with wood then some light design was done on it [Music] I did something like an arch to separate the living room and the dining room a bit and in this arch I tried to wrap with wood and we have some design inside it [Music] The ceiling that I did in the living room was also made of wood, which is not as heavy when I enter the room, I can feel a lot of wood or a wood environment inside. maybe even on light design, this feeling of wood is available [Music] I love being in nature and I feel very strongly about being close to nature so sometimes all of us in the family get up in this bungalow to stay in the middle of nature the bungalow is wooden as it is here and when we are walking barefoot over the wood then I get another feeling sounds great, so that’s why I wanted to make my family space a little wooden where we all sit together with bare feet, we will walk on wood then maybe it looks like I’m in the bungalow such a feeling comes then [Music] There are times when we are in any room or when we’re going to the living room or sitting on the wooden floor while we’re all having fun telling stories the feelings of that time are different [Music] I can walk on wood, like in Family space one of the fillings I wished the ceiling of my room would be wooden that’s why I made the ceiling by wood so that I feel like I’m inside a wooden house [Music] The wall you see behind me is done with sand stone never had it done before after my wooden floor is finished then I thought that when the wall is sandstone, it matches well with the wood and the place would be great [Music] In my family space, I have mostly tried to preserve our indigenous heritage and it is only when we have this nature or this environment that I feel I am with my nature for which I made my sofa with cane that we always used to see inside our house now I’ve tried to sort those things inside of this space [Music] This is my master bedroom here I left light furniture so that I can move on and keep all the things that I need that’s what I need when I come home to make my room look more gorgeous in my own eyes so I used wallpaper [Music] In the master bedroom, I actually fitted sand stones because I was told that the atmosphere or the cold one I get that’s why this stone was actually installed [Music] I have one son and one daughter their bed rooms, I have tried to arrange them with the concern they like [Music] And the daughter’s room … the girl is with me she says that I like white and black so my bedroom has to be white and black the wallpaper should be white and black I have tried to fulfill my daughter’s expectations as much as I could I wanted to have a soft and clean feeling inside the room [Music] I tried to decorate my home with my plans and my favorite things things I love… or that looks good to me… I decorated my house with those things [Music]

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  1. Nice decoration. Awesome video making. Thanks to Hira Hayder for his tremendous work. Want to watch more like this.

  2. Woah!!!!😲😲😲 What the hell!!!!😱😱😱 How can someone's house be like a real life royal palace!!!!🤴👸👑👑 And by the way its in Bangladesh!!!!😲😲😫😫 ahhhh~ I wish I could go there!!!😣😢😢😭😭😧😵

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