43 thoughts on “Interior Design | 2 Project Updates from Robeson Design

  1. I love your work can't wait to use your tips in my home here in Guyana thank you for sharing

  2. Amazing job! Rebecca you're a Design Guru & im pretty sure mr. Client will be calling u for the x- mas decor and also can u plz tell me whats the name of the music at the beginning of this video

  3. I love when you say amazing! I don’t think you need to use any other words. Lol Your personality is AMAZING! I’m so glad I found your channel. I just want to redecorate my whole house right now!

  4. OMG Rebecca, I really, really LOVE your style and work, you are an amazing interior designer !!!

  5. Hellow Rebecca from Greece!!You
    are a fntastic interior designer really, but…let me ask you this:when we are going to see the reveal of this project ?I thi nk that its been a lot of time …

  6. I never knew that I can be alerted with more videos from your channel by clicking on the bell. Just did it!! Thanks for the tip.

  7. Thanks!!! so much for your ideas with lighting and home decorations!!!
    Love your hairstyle and all your clothes are stunning!!!!
    Definitely love Hampton style!

  8. Love your work! I am having trouble finding a ceiling light over my bed (center room light) that lights the whole room and closets but is still stylish. Usually the pretty lights are just too dark. I would love a modern crystal chandelier but same problem. It would be the only light in the room. Suggestions?

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  10. Love your adorable jacket!! And that beautiful black and white top… you bought that in Italy, I memory serves… manefique`!!

  11. how can I contact you?? I have an apartment in Morocco and I wanna decorate it, would it be possible for you to help me, please?

  12. Hi Rebecca – love your channel – where I come from the young one's say that something is ' boss' or 'sound' if it's good!! Ha ha – we just say – it's gorgeous. Also in the UK – people say it's 'Lush' (luscious), 'Soops' (Super) and 'delish' (delicious). I'm sure there loads more in the different dialects too. Off to check your room on the website now… I'm sure it's 'Ace'!!! 😉

  13. As usual, your ideas and designs are breathtaking! Your eyes absolutely sparkle when your creative juices are flowing with ideas! I so enjoy watching you create a humdrum wall or room and turning it into a spectacular space! Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  14. I'm building my first home. please come decorate our dream home! I die everytime I watch your series 🙂

  15. You asked us to comment if we love custom cabinets, beautiful wood trims, big base moulding, etc. Yes, yes I love it so much I had to respond to your request! You wouldn't know it by looking at my house but a girl (ok, a middle aged lady) can dream!

  16. I love! love! love just too sit and watch you in action you are so awesome you never cease to amaze me you are my inspiration. you inspire me and all the young ladies on my job that I share your videos with designing is my passion I have watched a lot of designers but you are foremost the greatest I love you Rebecca Robeson someday I wish I could just meet you in person I remember seeing a video where you were here at the furniture market in High Point I live in Winston-Salem North Carolina.When my husband see me watching your videos he be like oh my goodness I'm in trouble because he know I have a project I'm getting ready to work on and he knows that it involves him!!!😂😂😂

  17. Rebecca you encourage to do more crazy decoration for my design work and specially to my home
    My wife thanx you , from Iraq

  18. Great update, all looks amazing. How dare that bird not have the correct blue! Hahaha 😜🐦👍👍

  19. I love this channel!!!!!!!! Getting ready to move and I need to binge watch all of your videos

  20. I LOVE your videos!!! i just discovered your channel. my boyfriend and I are currently in the process of buying a mobile home. and it's quite plain, your videos have helped me with ideas on how to spruce up our place! 🙂

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