34 thoughts on “Interior Design — A Creative's Airy Montreal Loft

  1. She looks so gorgeous! Love her outfit! The dress, the shoes, the dog, the house…EVERYTHING!! And the white brings freshness and calm that obviously matches her personality perfectly! One of the most amazing homes you've ever shared!

  2. It's beautiful and it really reflects her with her personal objects which is what gives a soul to a space.

  3. Who is this divine black goddess? She exudes grace, glam, sophistication. And her canine baby 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤!! Oh I’m in love.

    Now let me watch the video again and see the House. Her beauty and demeanor distracted me.

  4. I love my African artwork too but I need to add Asian pieces now. I just don’t understand how people are comfortable with so much light in their homes. In the bedroom is a nightmare for me. Beautiful plants 🌱

  5. Your apartment is beautiful, made me feel really calm just watching your video. Beautiful taste and lots of natural light, just gorgeous, very inspiring and has given me some ideas, thank you. Love your 🐕 dog 😄

  6. Hi, Iam sorry girl, but i think The Mask not from Africa but made in Indonesia South Asia, because wrap with batik, Thanks You

  7. Gorgeous home and this woman is absolutely stunning!!! She’s so beautiful and her outfit is amazing. Her dog is beautiful as well!!!

  8. This home is perfection to the max I love it and the dog is adorable .she most be a interior designer :)♥

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