42 thoughts on “Interior Design — Colourful Open-Concept Family Home In Vancouver

  1. E V E R Y T H I N G IS perfect. The color is evenly spaced in a sea of white. The pop of green as a backsplash is just right bc it's reflective and not flat. This Art infused space is simply gorgeous. If I cld, Id copy aspects of it for me. (Unrelated, I love the way Canadians say words like "house") Canadians are more cultured., I digress.

  2. I`m in love with these spaces, considered design, and colour is there to compliment the neutrals.

  3. I love your house…it really speaks to my soul. I am a color kook, too, so that helps. I love that you let your children have a room that makes them happy. I've been noticing a few of these bloggers that have very neutral homes have said "NO" to colors their children wanted in their rooms. I feel sad for those kids!

  4. The daughter's comment is quite insightful, along with the designer's response. The wisdom I get here is that smaller, open-plan stye homes create an ongoing sense of connection with others in the family, whereas a traditional large house creates separation. It's a beautiful and uplifting space, which a lovely balance of neutrals and color.

  5. She's such a mom! I liked her. I also liked that the house had personality and interesting details. I'm tired of seeing only neutral pallets.

  6. wow i love your home sweet home..its so peaceful and the view its so relax you have a creative mind so unique more on white color but little bit colorful its fun.

  7. full of personnality, life and joy. "it just makes me happy" she says. That's what a house should be like 🙂 good job!

  8. I really love this home ! Is that a painting above the fireplace, the swimming pool? Who is it by? I,d have loved to have seen it close up, anyway!

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