Interior Design - Decorating weird spaces.. an Underground Bomb Shelter

45 thoughts on “Interior Design – Decorating weird spaces.. an Underground Bomb Shelter

  1. I don't think you showed a good walk through. The color seemed nice. Yes I could live in a bunker like that. Cost? Give some numbers. You didn't show the details of all the changes. Why not.

  2. id like to know what software you used to help decorate the bunker was it sketchup? also id like to see a dome home im trying to build one but nothing makes circles or cylinders i can find. i hope u can help me out….

  3. I just recently discovered your wonderfully creative design channel. Of course I subscribed and joined the design sessions. Can't wait to start on those. I was interested to see the "airstream" design because we're in the process of redecorating our large class A motorhome and there are ideas I can incorporate. We have dark engineered flooring throughout and are currently painting the walls gray with all cabinets and wood trim white. Sure wish you had a motorhome you decorated I could use for inspiration. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us. 💗

  4. I'd go with more Green and blue – green and blue are both calming and you already have lights instead of the yellow. Good ideas for my bunker, thanks

  5. I wanted stone walls! Like the sandstone caves in China where millions live. They seem womb like and cozy. I could live underground, but would need full spectrum lights and plants.

  6. Having worked on subs, this is way too narrow and not at all practical.  Basements and sub-basements make more sense but not at 8 feet wide and 50 feet long and 40 feet underground.  They got what they wanted, I guess, and that's what pays the bills.

  7. I'm converting a fruit room/bomb shelter into a small bedroom here in Utah but it's S.L.C. thanks for the inspiration.😎

  8. You are so rude talking o that sales guy like you did not everyone can have a very high class job lik you can

  9. if it's a shelter ,why do you need so much space for cloths? Bunk beds for everyone too! Water,food,medical,ammo, that's what your space is for!

  10. I could not live in a space like that. The whole point of a shelter is to have food and water with you and yours. Sure you made it pretty but it is not pretty functional. First section Medical Area (N.B.C., bio-hazmat containment, surgical/wound treatment), Food and Water Replenishment Area (Sealed for anti-cross-contamination, Hydroponics, Water purification/recycling) and Living/Security Area (monitors from outside sensors and cameras, communication equipment, weapons and ammo, tactical gear), Sleeping Area (most securable, Air Purifier/Recycler, Bolt Hole). Having my supplies outside of my shelter and the inside looking like a hotel is counter-survival.

  11. This is disturbing…. to spend all that money creating and prettying up an underground bombshelter seems to me to be the height of self-centred, ungenerous, me first thinking. If only the same energy had gone in to creating a healing center for abused children, or an alzeimer patient's community, or re-thinking mega malls to be more human and multi purposed. You have the talent. I hope one day you get a chance like that. 

  12. As always, Robeson Design has created an inspired, attractive, and comfortable space for the client — you inviariably do an amazing job, brilliantly responsive to the individual client's needs and preferences, with each video incorporating the "Wow!" factor.  As I watched this video, though, all I could feel was horror, realizing that this client is surely not unique — there must be any number of private citizens commissioning underground bomb shelters for their families. Assuming these folks are not extremist right-wing survivalists, I can only imagine that they are living in a kind of chronic fatalistic despair, with no great sense of community. (It's easy to envision desperate neighbors, or refugee-survivors from farther away  — people without shelters, holding the hands of their small, terrified children — beating frantically on the heavily secured entrance to this small shelter, while the grownups within make a beeline for the gun safe.) If we are really this close to a thermonuclear holocaust, why are we not all putting every last resource we have, along with our hearts and souls, into working for worldwide peace?

  13. I could live like that because it has good style and it looks like the length looks good enough to breathe

  14. I could not live underground….but everyone has their own style of homes they like. I think the mural is a great focal point and another way to escape from the enclosed space. I love that you brought lively summer like colors into play. 

  15. I never thought a bunker could ever look that good!! Amazing design, I can't wait to see how it turns out! 

  16. Greyson looks good anywhere – even on a toilet ;D! I'm a prepper wannabe – love this! Even better designed by YOU!

  17. If you're going with the expense of decorating this shelter for more comfort, I would suggest using curved LED screens in ceiling to simulate "skylights" playing night and day sequences with sunny skies and stars at "night".

  18. whta is a bomb shelter i live in a place were i have never heard of one in idaho i dont think there will be one I:

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