29 thoughts on “Interior Design — DIY Cottage-Style Home

  1. I appreciate the subtle variations of white. It brings in some dimension and a lived-in look. If it was all 1 shade of white- the place would look too cool and too generic. My 2 cents.

  2. Urban farmhouse/cottage! Calming, comfy, and classic! Lovey job! Thank you for uploading the vid. 😀

  3. I super love your house ❤️❤️❤️ I love white too and my room is full of white and brown too I love cottage style

  4. All really nice except for deer over TV….pillows on couch very pretty! Love kitchen table! Maybe remove one armoire in dining room as two are too many and actually I love white too but a soft warm wood color on the armoire would be better like wood on kitchen table. Maybe the suggested wood armoire could be open with white dishes displayed! Love your taste! Oh and of course dog❤️

  5. I don't even like farmhouse, but her home is beautiful! She does white very well, because sometimes it can look boring & that is restful & tranquil, a place to relax. It reminds me of the feeling of my great-grandmother's house. (Even though it wasn't white! Lol)

  6. I love your home it's very similar to mine even the furniture I bought it from ikea same chairs I love slipover easy to wash one different is I have a lot of oil painting and a lot of antique stuff but I really love your test and home thank you for sharing this vid

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