41 thoughts on “Interior Design Firm Installs a Project On Time and Under Budget! | Del Mar #0 |

  1. For Rachel's migraines ~ I have an RX for Maxalt 10 mg tab. After almost 40 years of migraines, I finally found a medication that gives me no side effects, and works usually within 20 minutes.

  2. Obsessed with your channel!! Can you tell me the name of the paint you used in the main entrance area please?

  3. I can’t figure out what I like about you the most, Rebecca. It’s between your personality and style. They’re both amazing!!! The young ladies that work for you should take notes for you have so much positive energy and LIFE!!! I want to be like you, when I grow up. 😉 Blessings to you, God’s child 🙏🏾

  4. And what makeup do you use Rebecca that stays on that long? I love love the iron work and all your designs in this house right down to the commissioned paintings. Gloriously fabulous every lil detail!!

  5. I grew up in a house hidden switch plates. Not always s so cool when you can't find the switch. Hahahaha

  6. I now know that blinds should be hung all the way up, to not break up the wall. What about blinds?

  7. 12 days????? I don't know how y'all did it. I guess it's a good thing your husband can take care of himself.

  8. mrs robeson im from greece and i watch your videos,i know that will never have a house to decorate it for me so i see the homes that you decorate and im dreamin, thank you and i wish you to be so creative always and fun

  9. I love you, i love your talent and you personality . I am learning so much for my new purchased home. Thank you Rebecca

  10. Where can I find the hanging pendant lights in the bedroom of the Del Mar House Install? Do tell. Thank you!

  11. Rebecca, I have been watching your videos for years! Today, I just got an idea: you are more like an interior engineer! You incorporate a lot of structural modifications into your design to modernize a home which dramatically increases a home's value! Spatial visualization is a gift! You got it! Please keep posting! Oh, two thumbs up for Luis and Grayson!

  12. I love your videos, it is so much fun to watch, and the music, owwww! what exactly sound that is this?

  13. You ALWAYS amaze me! WOW! You make it look easy, but the skill and talent behind your designs are unbelievable.

  14. Fabulous house and waiting to exhale on the reveal!! Sorry your staff ladies were under the weather, however Ms Robeson you've never looked better. 💋

  15. Note to self: On the next renovation PAINT the electrical plates matching the wallpaper. SO COOL!!!

  16. Rebecca you're a beautiful talented woman, please STOP with the cosmetic tweaking before its to late. It's destroying your beauty.

  17. It is very clear how much you love Luis. When you were talking about him I could see it in your eyes…..so sweet. You are one amazing lady!! and Can't wait to see the whole entire house!

  18. You are amazing. Beautiful work. You have absolutely everything exquisite taste. Your team is very hardworking too and ensures that the end result is fabulous.

  19. Rebecca, you are my hero. Before i make a final decision on anything i decorate i ask what would you do. 😁 If i cant invision something, i come watch some of your videos and leave with my answer and motivation. <3

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  21. You have such a gorgeous body and I love your clothes which is just my style.  I really like your sense of humor and you don't act like you have a stick up your butt LOL like so many do.  Your work is gorgeous and I really only like Victorian/shabby chic and Farmers house looking décor.

  22. Hi Rebecca,
    I wish you could redo my house. My house is small and older but, I love everything you do. I'm in Chula Vista, CA. 💕

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