Interior Design for Small Spaces

Interior Design for Small Spaces

how big is your house is it really big is it a McMansion is it somewhere it's super sized I'm Elise Glink and welcome back to expert real estate tips net we're here at the Frank Lloyd Wright unity temple in oak park illinois where we've had Sarah Susana the author of the not-so-big house series talk to us a little bit about why big houses sometimes aren't quite as satisfying as smaller ones it's actually harder to design something that's small if you think about a little Chinese puzzle where you know everything's got its place and you pull out one piece and another piece and then gradually it all comes apart the care with which that was made and the thought that's gone into making it fit together is really what you have to do when you're making something small and beautiful so it's it's a different kind of art than just making big you know make you can make big and it will be not very effective or efficient in various places but it doesn't matter because it's all been so it sort of overcomes its problems by by size this building smaller and better requires the you can't I mean you can build a small house badly but you will hate it so it has to really have that attention from the first step and design all the way through the completion of the project the thing about the way that most people think of the design of the house is that we look at the surface it's another of these you know it's just what what does it look like from the street what we neglect to realize is that you walk two feet this way or two feet that way and it's no longer what that face looks like so we're creating these facades literally just a facade and then there's final siding around every other side and there's no thought about where the windows are placed oftentimes there are no windows on the sides because heaven forbid we might see our neighbors you know if there's a there's a misunderstanding about what a house is it's it's a three dimensional form it's not just this two-dimensional surface there's so much related to this two dimensions versus that the third dimension to be included to think through length width and height and all around and to make it into something that's beautiful that's integrity you

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  1. I understand her.
    I think some people are watching this vid for tips and instruction rather than a loose motivational spiel.

  2. in small roooms and houses is better to keep it clean.. not so many furniture, less is better, few pieces of furniture carefully choosed is the best choice. and colors of the walls can make it little bigger..

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