28 thoughts on “Interior Design — How To Design A Timeless Old World-Inspired Kitchen

  1. Hmm bland, I would have a different colour on the bottom cupboards/drawers so it gives it some oomph!

  2. While putting all those displays was very slow and careful… which is far from reality. Whenever we use our kitchen we are almost always busy and fast. So I could imagine this kitchen would have so much clutter in a minute.

  3. The designer 's air about the out of date kitchen was off-putting. And, where is the "old world" portion of the update?
    "Meh" all around.

  4. I noticed they always, always mentioned that "the homeowners love entertaining guests". I'm wondering how often do they have guest(s) coming to have to cook dinner for?

  5. Too clinical. The look needs to be softened with either some colour or some variance in texture, probably with both. You really can have too much white shiny surface, especially with three lines of workspace built so closely together. I would need to escape from it quite often.

  6. I love the layout of this kitchen but I don't like all of the white or the countertops. I would have to have softer stools also..but I do love the layout. Maybe its the cabinet hardware I don't like. I guess it's just not my style but overall if the homeowner loves it, that's all that matters ❤

  7. Her laughing at people for having older appliances shows how out of touch she is with our economy right now

  8. Refrig, sink and stove are all in a long line, not the triangle that would work much better. Too much white. Need sunglasses to cook.

  9. I get the reference of old style and the clean look of modern well mixed . I would see myself cooking and entertain there

  10. There is so much white, but love the fact that the brown is so cohesive. Its all different shades of same tone of brown. Otherwise a lot of times the browns in a room are so different!

  11. How is this "old-world?" I guess "inspired" was the operative word here and it was used very liberally. Really misleading title.

  12. Too much white, not enough color, and I was really interested in the 'timeless old world inspired kitchen' and nothing applied to the title.  So I found this disappointing.

  13. Beautiful white kitchen with Ikea cabinets that doesn't look like it came from the catalogue. Great transformation!

  14. I'm surprised that this kitchen is for someone who cooks a lot. It's NOT practical. First, the vent by the stove will not support big batch cooking, frying, etc. Furthermore, the thick board for decorative dishware and art. Really?? How about dust and grease magnet? It's nice to have a pretty kitchen, but also think about what's it for — cooking.

  15. Omg the stove functions as additional workspace: it's Kay's new kitchen! LOVE the pantries. What is the benefit of having convection versus plain electric?

  16. I LOVE this kitchen! I would love to see in this channel an all white kitchen like this one on espresso/dark brown flooring! Is that even possible? Please give me some ideas! 😂

  17. Nice kitchen ! Love the white on white, although many complain about white and it seems to be the new online fad; white is still a classic type look that will not go out of style and allows a person to add colours through their art , plants, window treatment and lighting as they see fit. But, I did not like how the oven is separate from the cook top. I think I would have placed the oven directly below the cook top and I was not impressed with the automated cooktop exhaust ….I think it would be more effective overhead but I understand the idea of having clean lines.

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