Interior Design Ideas and Tips for a Scandinavian House Design

Interior Design Ideas and Tips for a Scandinavian House Design

The Scandinavian interior design is characterized
by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. The Scandinavian design has been around since
the mid 20th century and it still remains a popular trend in interior design today.
I will share with you 6 tips on how to design a space with a Scandinavian Style, I will
talk about color palette, furniture, materials and some ideas to design like a pro with this
style, so If you want to create a Scandinavian design for your space this video is perfect
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What defines the Scandinavian design? The long winters and few hours of sunlight
in the nordic countries inspired Scandinavian designers to create bright, open spaces, functional
and practical environments. Scandinavian interior design is influenced by a connection to nature which combines natural shapes, abstraction, and the use of natural elements to achieve
warm spaces. I personally love this style because it’s
fresh, simple and clean without sacrificing beauty. This style was born in the Nordic countries and because the winters are long and dark,
Scandinavian interiors are typically painted in light colors to help keep spaces bright. 
So the favorite color that reflects the most light possible is: White! Other colors are
also used, such as light gray with hints of blush pink or soft pastel. The color combination
will depend on the personality of the homeowners: Those who love minimalist Scandinavian style usually
opt for a monochrome palette to achieve a clean look. For people that prefer a touch of color into
the space Pastel tones feature in modern Scandi-style homes, with colours like blush
pink, baby blue, mint green and soft greys used sparingly to add color and warmth. To create a contrast in the space, You can
add darker and natural colours in furnishings and layered textiles to add to the overall
design. Natural light is amplified by any means necessary. The windows of the Scandinavian living room
are generously proportioned Light curtains made of natural fabric are ideal Mirrors are an important element of the Scandinavian
decor, they are placed in a clever way to visually expand the space and reflect any
available ambient light. In the conception of the Nordic style, electric
fixtures are also designed with simple lines and forms, creating light without adding visual
clutter. You can use pendant lights for the kitchen island or above the dining table or
a floor or table lamp with a simple and uncluttered design. Scandinavian furniture design are
with clean lines organic shapes,   and tall legs. This
will create a feeling of spaciousness and airiness. The Scandinavian style uses a sleek,
modern furniture style which is very simple in aesthetic The Scandinavian furniture style is characterized
by the seasons in the north, This results in the need to create warmth and comfort pieces,
so light wooden pieces without unnecessary details are a must have. Maybe you can recognize some famous pieces
usually used inside this kind of interior design style such as the famous plastic chair
by Charles Eames, the diamond chair by Harry Bertoia, the tulip table and chair, the Wishbone
chair by Wegner, the egg and ball chair, the famous Stool of  Alvar Aalto and other famous
furniture of the early 20th century. Ardent lovers of the outdoors, Scandinavians believe in celebrating nature even when inside
their homes. To help brighten up spaces and to bring in
some life, plants are found in plenty of Scandinavian homes Add natural elements to your Scandinavian
interior design in order to have a living element of color and beauty in your interior. Consider decorating your Scandinavian home with indoor plants and fresh flowers To get a complete Scandi look search plant pots with the same characteristic of the space: with
clean lines and minimalist appearance. If you want to learn the best plants to use
in interior design check out my video on that right here! Because the cold climate of the nordic, it’s not surprising that part of the decor comes
in the form of warming textiles like sheep skins, wool and soft cotton. Not only do they provide a feeling of warmth
and coziness, but they also add another layer of texture to a space. Scandinavian homes usually have wooden coffee
tables and chairs. However, the recent trend in the Scandinavian style of decorating combines
the use of metallic finishes and wooden elements. A Scandinavian design makes use of wooden
elements not only on the flooring but also in the furniture and fixtures. Warm woods
are often used on walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and furniture. Decor accents in Scandinavian design are simple in style. As mentioned, a Scandinavian interior design is all about simplicity. Therefore, when it
comes to decorating always choose those decor accents that have simple designs To add texture and a subtle color decorate
your sofa and chairs with throws and pillows that have simple geometric prints. Decorate the walls in a
simple and uncluttered way with Scandinavian-style paintings use a lot of candles with
unique candle holders pieces. Following what we saw until now, let’s build
a Scandinavian space together: To achieve our Scandi space we need:
A neutral color palette, white is the perfect one as a backdrop.
We need to bring a warm feel to the space, so Light Wood flooring is the favorite one. We need to allow the most natural lighting possible inside our space so If it’s necessary
a mirror can be used to reflect more light, But for the nighttime we need lighting fixtures, we need to pick some pieces with clean and
minimalistic design. Our furniture should be clean so we can pick
a sofa in a gray tone, our coffee table can be in a wooden finish, maybe some famous pieces
of a Scandinavian designers? Guys we can’t forget to add texture through
some pillows or blankets. Since we are nature lovers, we need to select
our indoor plants, maybe one? Mmm maybe two? but always in a minimalist vase or made with
natural material. Guys we need to select some minimalist artwork
in a simple frame, maybe some candle holders too Guys make sure you hit the subscribe button
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