Interior Design is ONLY for Rich People [RANT/ HATERS] + 5 Budget Friendly Tips

Interior Design is ONLY for Rich People [RANT/ HATERS] + 5 Budget Friendly Tips

the interior design is only for rich people right hey guys it's my unit from Viacom and for today's video I want to talk about something a little controversial and that's the idea that interior design is only for rich people I don't know if it's obvious to do but it's obvious to me I have the best subscribers ever thank you so much but of course having a YouTube channel if I do get my fair amount of haters and negative comments and usually I don't let the comments really bother me but I do get a number of comments calling me like a snob or an elitist or generally making comments like you know this is basically just the divide between the upper class and the lower class and if you guys know me and you've watched my videos before you obviously know I'm not about that at all but I do want to actually bring up the topic and talk about the belief that many people actually might have that interior design is something that only rich people could enjoy or only if you have a lot of money can you have a beautiful home that's actually kind of the opposite of what I talk about on this channel and I just want to say that if somebody makes a negative comment like that on my channels it's actually saying more about them that it is about me because the information I'm giving in the video it's about spotting quality and style at any price point so a little bit about me I grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania and I didn't know anyone who was an interior designer what we were young our home wasn't that stylish but everyone on my mom's side just has a passion for design completely different styles different levels my grandmother had an antique shop my aunt super-creative I used to spend a lot of time with her in New York City and in Philadelphia going to flea markets and of course my mom is like a huge modern eclectic style if you've taken the style Quin but everyone in my family has a very very like kind of cheap mentality so that's kind of the foundation for me of this like bargain thrifty thrift stores flea markets garage sales like that's definitely my background now when I entered the workforce after I went to design school that's when I was introduced to the completely other side of interior design which was working in the high-end worlds and in particular working with a couple of super high-end and very respected furniture lines is and I really was immersed in what you can actually do when you have a lot of money and the beautiful materials and quality and craftsmanship and so what I think is so unique about my videos and my whole entire philosophy is that I usually combine this very thrifty foundation with my knowledge of high-end well I've got all these nasty comments particularly on two videos three silvers you shouldn't buy and ten things you shouldn't buy I don't need to talk about not buying cheap things and it doesn't mean that everything has to be expensive it's just through my experience I've learned where you can go cheap and where you could go more expensive I'm gonna share with you five quick tips about how you can actually make your space look richer without spending a lot of money so the first thing is you want to know your style knowing your style is something that has helped me tremendously and I've used minimalism as a way to do that if you guys haven't already taken the style quiz it is listed below it's my free quiz that I created which is a really good starting point get an idea of what your style is what's the furniture that kind of goes with that what are the elements the colors I'm a naturally eclectic person which means I like things for many different styles and over the years it kind of spurred on my kind of bad shopping habits and it's only through taking away what I knew wasn't really truly aligned with my style wasn't fully my taste is when I feel like I finally been able to create an aesthetic that truly feels like me so knowing your style is really the first step the second step is you want to mix old and new pieces now if you're doing a high-end project you're going to be shopping from amazing you know designers and showrooms finding very unique beautiful and handcrafted pieces if you don't have the budget to buy those kind of pieces you can go vintage the reason I like vintage is that it basically just means it's old and it's gonna be cheap because it's gonna be a Frick store flea market something like that more or less even if you get something that is still a vintage piece that's very value today like mid-century is super in especially in Los Angeles you can get it vintage at many different resources for very affordable prices as opposed if you try to buy something new and you're going to a better craftsmanship because unfortunately today it's just harder to make large furniture you know they cut corners to make it budget-friendly so if you go to a flea market or like a mid-level vintage shop you're gonna be able to find big pieces even accent chairs that you can have reupholstered that are gonna look high-end but you're gonna pay like a fraction of the price the third thing you want to do is you want to focus on better quality fabrics this is just like fashion so if you bought everything fast fashion and cheap and yeah it has like local all xmin ship and fabric you can kind of tell the overall look looks cheap it's same with your home fabrics are something that you interact with you see you touch and there is a pretty big difference between cheap curtains and more expensive curtains more expensive curtains are fuller they are thicker their line they just have more substance on the rods and a cheap one does that you can do that in the mid-range so if you stick to classics like velvet linen silk you've actually still get affordable options somewhere in the middle as opposed to going with something really really cheap pillows also are the same way if you choose a pillow that's like super shiny polyester very low quality very cheap you really can see the difference as opposed to picking something that's a little bit more refined if you don't know how to distinguish good quality and bad quality you can start expanding your mind that's how like repeatedly over time looking at design magazines looking at Pinterest watching videos on my channel the more you start familiarizing yourself with what is like high quality versus low quality the more that you'll develop your eye to be able to choose things that are gonna actually look more expensive even if they're not the next tip you can do would be paying attention to scale scale is something that really differentiates the novice from the professional decorator and that basically means size a lot of times when people buy extremely enormous scaled sofas like a giant you or something a lot of the other furniture that's on the market is actually made for smaller scale pieces so you may find yourself with an extremely large scale sofa and just a tiny accent chair or a tiny coffee table and all those details are part of what makes a room look good and then the last thing that you could do to make your space look more expensive but on a budget is have cool art if you look at any high-end design magazines they always have like cool our design and art are very interrelated but obviously that can get very expensive so but there are many different alternatives and you can go to again the vintage shops are a great resource or paint something yourself on a canvas like I have over my living room sofa that my brother did and one of the best American designers Billy Baldwin said that you should actually never choose your art to match your interior they're two completely different things having art is something that you'll always find in a very high-end home and so you want to have something that is unique personal to you and that resonates and probably something on the larger scale as well so as you can see from these tips interior design really is a lot of different things I feel honestly in my heart that no matter what budget you have you can and do deserve to live in a beautiful space I can help you guys in any ways that's really what I'm here to do and I hope you guys like this video please comment below please also definitely subscribe thank you guys so much for watching and remember interior design is for you if you want it and I'm here to help in any way that I can talk to you later I

44 thoughts on “Interior Design is ONLY for Rich People [RANT/ HATERS] + 5 Budget Friendly Tips

  1. I just love your videos. Your so inspirational and I recognize myself a lot with what you are saying. thanks for giving so much tips. 🙂

  2. I've been decorating and designing my whole life and you are 100% correct on everything you just spoke about.

  3. Another video with invaluable info! Ignore the haters! Those videos you made on what not to put in your home changed my life! I LOVE great design but I am clueless and on a budget and your videos help point me in the right direction. Thank you Baiyina!!! 💗

  4. Omg. People actually said those things to you? You are so cool. Those people obviously don't know you or listened to you at all. Dang, jealous!!!

  5. I really like your videos and don’t have a problem with any of you tips. However there really are people who cannot afford to redecorate or prioritize interior design even if they want to. Cheap is not the same as broke. Cheap is going to the thrift store. Broke is not having extra money, even to go to the the thrift store. There have been times in my life where I budgeted $20 for food for the whole week and had nothing left. During that time spending even a small amount on decor was out of reach. Now I have a modest amount of money to spend, along with a little bit of time and I can finally put some more thought into my space. But I recognize that some people are still where I was before. I know from experience how painful it can be when people act like people like you don’t exist. Sometimes those people just want to be acknowledged.

  6. Thank you… Thank you …. Thank you… I have been ignorant all this time thinking interior design for the elite people who have money to throw away/. So I thank you for correcting me. I am a budget and can't afford a designer so my questions are:1. I love mid-century modern and wanted to know where can I find nice budget, kid, cat friendly sofa? And where can I really nice art pieces? Thank you Yolanda

  7. I love that old saying "I'm too poor to buy cheap". I'm not rich but I will not use plastic dishes. You can buy plates and glasses at a dollar store. To me plastic never feels clean. If I feel like I need a piece of furniture and I can't find or afford what I'm envisioning I build it myself. I've built a pew/bench and a couple of tables. My next project is my dream piece–a farmhouse table. Throw pillows are expensive, but easy and inexpensive to make even with quality fabric. Anyone can make a pillow.
    And now–maybe I should be embarrassed, but I'm not–I found an expensive coffee table in an unlikely place. It was exactly what I was looking for and in excellent condition and I paid $5 dollars for it. At the dump. Yes, I said the dump. They actually have a store. When people bring furniture, light fixtures, bikes, doors, windows, etc. that are in good condition they put them in the store. I love it. It has a flea market feel to it.
    Decorating is only as expensive as you make it.
    Thank you for your videos. I love your ideas and style. By the way, I'm rustic elegance. Your quiz nailed it!

  8. I completely agree with you…you can go expensive without spending a lot. Very cheap things look cheap and break or age fast. I think as far as our homes, we should consider mixing high-end with cheap…and that blend is cool.

  9. Baiyana- you have helped me so much and I may even so far as to go, changed my world! I love, love, LOVE interior design and all that goes with it! I’m so grateful for you and all you provide on YouTube! My husband took your style quiz for me so I made sure he and I were on the same page about all I do. LOL You are amazing and keep all of this up! Never let the shine stop and YOU are more of an inspiration to so many than I know you’re told. My apologies for not letting you know this sooner! I even binge watched a bunch of your YouTubes last week and thought, I need to let her (you) know how much you help me! Thank you love! You are amazing!

  10. Having your art and your furniture not match is a cool tip. It justifies my ocean painting that was my parents that doesn't match my minimalist cyber punk look. I think having a interior designer is for the rich but interior design as you said anyone can do if they work hard. I love your video.

  11. Thank you much for all of your videos. I am convinced that I will be consulting with an interior designer when I move because of your videos.

  12. OK, I have two things to add and one burning question:

    1. Some women, I think, at least in my experience – a particular subset of them that fancy themselves artistic – and I include myself in this group. It took me a long time to realize and accept the fact that I am NOT a designer! Sure, I can follow the directions of an art instructor, and come home with a decent looking finished product, but I didn’t go to design school, and dabbling in art, or even being good at painting or some other medium does not magically imbue one with design powers! I know too many women that will live out their years blissfully unaware of this, and many of their houses look cluttered and dated.

    2. Men. Again, mostly, in my experience – I know there are exceptions, however – the men in my life have all had the same complete inability to comprehend why on earth there is such a profession as “designer.” You might as well ask them to pay for someone to come and light $20 dollar bills on fire. You got a TV. You need a sofa, so you don’t have to sit on the floor while you watch it. So buy a damn sofa. Go to the sofa store, and you just pick one, and buy it. What’s the problem? Need a table to put your drink on, same thing. Just go to the friggin store. smh.

    I recently asked my boyfriend for $99 for design help, for getting started on the ENTIRE KITCHEN REMODEL. He said NO. The cabinet store only charges $99 for a design consultation, and he said no. smh.

    BURNING QUESTION: Please, for the love of god, tell me where you got those earrings??? My favorite color is black, and I cannot, no amount of googling has ever helped me, and I have been searching for YEARS, I cannot find DECENT QUALITY (and yours look very nice!) black – and I mean, 100% black, even the hook part that goes through your ear – earrings. I’ve searched etsy, ebay, everywhere. 😫 I would be thrilled to be able to buy just the wire hooks, so I can make my own! But I can’t even find those in black!

  13. Awesome video! You really know your stuff lady! I am immediately following the scale tip and the curtain/drapery tip!

  14. Your advice is generally right on! I have a background in design and I have learned a few things from you. Design doesn't have to be about $$$$$$$ it is teachable and doable on a small budget. Haters will always leave nasty comments because they can hide behind their anonyimity.

  15. I have been watching your channel and thought I just now found you! WRONG! I watched your sofa video years ago!!! It helped me realize my " marshmallow" sofa I was going to buy will never look good. I think that was the term you used? … P.S. that marshmallow sofa was the same price as the other more visually pleasing sofas😉

    I use to think interior design was only for the wealthy too. But even second hand or budget can be pulled together. Curtains are expensive.DONT JUDE ME!!!… BUT I love the ikea 108inch basic white curtains panels that are 2 for $9.99. I am on a budget and they are long enough, full enough and did not break the bank ❤

  16. My mantra is "pay now or pay later": pay a professional for help at the start and make the right decisions, or don't and repurchase everything a year down the line because you had no guidance.

  17. Great job! I love decorating its so much fun! I took your style quiz and got rustic elegance. Which is pretty spot on because I have a very glamorous but rustic vintage aesthetic.

  18. Your videos are terrific because not only are you knowledgeable but so personable too! Thank you for sharing so much with us "and damn the torpedoes!"

  19. Your videos are very informative and eye opening. You are doing a great JOB! Be you! thanks for sharing.

  20. I had a friend who was living way below the poverty line where I live, and her home was one of the cleanest, most comfortable and her own style (South American art mainly)was really reflected in the art she had on the walls, the colors she painted her house etc. Her home was really lovely to be in.

  21. I just found your YouTube Channel today & I subscribed. The first ones I watched was the new washing machine you bought and the 3 different sofas🛋 not to buy.
    I love your washing machine, I bet it's so much better and cheaper than having to go to a laundry mat all of the time. I also really am glad I saw your video about the sofas that you shouldn't buy. I almost bought one of those HUGE sofas. I have 2 living room spaces in my home that I need to find sofas for. Thank you for your video, it makes so much sense and I have a better idea what to buy. It sorta feels more freeing in my mind now. Before I was so dead set on big matchy-matchy sofas/love seats/ chairs. It was stressful because I couldn't find anything I liked. Now that I saw your video it makes more sense to me. Thank you so much. 👍✌☮

    I can't wait to continue to binge watch your videos.💻🤗

  22. You are so right! We poor people need also beauty around us! I decorated a room with linnen from thriftstore and a little paint to put everything together, the most expensive thing was a William Morris wallpaper but it was worth it! So happy! Now waiting for linnen courtins from an online auction, around 10$. To find high quality has becomed a treasure hunt for me. Thank you

  23. Truth is, I can hook up a space utilizing only Ross, or only TJMaxx, or only Marshall’s, or only Homegoods. I’m pretty convinced I can do so with IKEA or Target or Family Dollar or Goodwill as well. It doesn’t take a ton of money to be stylish or implement style.

  24. The 3 sofas you shouldn’t buy video helped me so much! I was so sure I should get a sofa and matching loveseat for my new house like how the model was set up, but after watching you I chose two chairs instead of the loveseat. Never would it have occurred to me to do that but it’s such a better use of space and furniture for me and my house. Keep on keeping on!

  25. Saw those negative comments and thought they were totally disrespectful!
    A couple of tips you didn’t mention here is;
    1, SALES. You can get more expensive items at a reduced cost in the end of season sales, I have curtains that I bought nearly 20 years ago that I am still using for a huge fraction of their cost as they were on sale.
    2 , Prints. If you buy a print of a picture you like then it will be much more cheaper than the original. If it’s in a cheap frame I reframe it into a nicer frame, still at a fraction of the cost of the original.

  26. Hi Baiyina- just discovered your channel not too long ago and love it! Yes- design is for everyone! I collect different lines of pottery – both vintage and new. Would love to see how you would recommend styling it. Thanks

  27. How do you feel about redoing or making items? You mentioned making art but what about homemade curtains or slipcovers for old furniture?

  28. I support and confirm your philosophy of design and thank you for your helpful videos. You are practical and real — and I appreciate that! Developing a good eye and taking your time to source nice things, no matter where they come from, is a skill that you are teaching me. I take your advice to heart and it has probably saved me from making some bad purchases and saved me money in the long run.

  29. My house brought to you by thrifting,craigslist and Ross lol. But watching videos like yours has helped me make my home more comfy and beautiful.

  30. I have had money and lost money and got it back again. I always tried to make my home nice.
    Interior design is like dressing your body, you buy the best that you can afford and fits your taste.
    People complain and get jealous about everything. (Even when I was at the bottom) I think your videos are great

  31. I never got the impression from your channel that you’re some type of elitist – I wouldn’t watch if that was the case. I appreciate your aesthetic and that you draw from many different sources for inspiration. 💫

  32. I took your style quiz and I must say you hit the nail on the head. The results are so accurate.

  33. Negative comments are different from negative criticism. I'm glad you are not letting the negative comments stop you. I have learned so much from you because you are very generous with your knowledge. It is appreciated. You are very clear in your approach. Thank you.

  34. I loved those videos you mentioned!! We can all have goals and maybe a nice wool rug is one of them… It is for me . I cant afford the person rug yet but I know it's something I can work towards.

  35. First of all you don’t need to justify your personality. If your viewers can’t see your bright and sincere personality it’s there problem not yours. I find your videos to be well informed and the best part you are very generous with sharing your talents and skills. Be you and never change you are perfect just the way you are. 💐

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