30 thoughts on “Interior Design: Living Room Makeover For A Bachelor

  1. Colorless, the art sucks. The rug has about as much impact as a fart in the wind. It's like looking at a black and white photo and wondering what color everything is in real life. Otherwise, good with a real spare vibe.

  2. I love the new look, just my preference though, i prefer without the rug in the living room for a cleaner look

  3. NO, NO, NO, RUGS.It makes the space smaller.Bland, please girl go to design school, again.You have to have it in you.Just being honest.There is better looking furniture out there.

  4. He's okay with it, but every time a designer comes in and decorates, the homeowner should be amazed, in awe. Things should be 'beyond expectations'. This design is too safe, sterile and common – not specifically tailored for this particular owner.

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